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  1. Vegan Support Forum
    Hey guys, I have been a member of a lot of Vegan Facebook groups for a while now. Lately though, I have noticed that there is a lot of passionate (for a nice word) posts and comments. Some are really getting out of hand. People getting kicked out, swearing, etc.... Are these posts good for...
  2. Animal Rights and Welfare
    And to aid any investigation. (in French, with over 18000 signatures).
  3. Vegan Support Forum
    I have just unfriended yet another friend on facebook for being insensitive to vegetarians/vegans. She got all bent out of shape because she posted a picture of a rice crispies Turkey with the caption "Vegetarian Turkey" and I posed "It's not vegetarian if there were marshmellows in it". She...
1-3 of 3 Results