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  1. General Food Discussions
    Alright guys, I've got a challenge; I'm developing a new (very exciting recipe) however I need a vegan substitute for egg yolks. Note that I do not need a substitute for white as the recipe I'm trying to vegan-ize only requires the yolks. Keep in mind that the reason egg yolks are such good...
  2. Vegetarian Support Forum
    I am skinny. I'm totally new to this forum, first of all. I joined because I've been losing weight little by little over the past few months. I was vegan for about nine months during this past year before I got sick, realized I had lost about ten pounds, and transitioned back to vegetarian...
  3. Product Reviews
    So that's basically my question. Chocolate doughnuts seem rather inoffensive. Please! Let me out of my doubt.
  4. Breakfast
    World's First Vegan Sunny Side Up Egg Category: Breakfast This recipe is suitable for a: vegetarian/vegan diet Preparation Time: 8 minutes Serves: 1 Ingredients: ----------------------------------------------------- VEGAN FRIED EGG RECIPE Developed by Rockney Shepheard Oct 20th, 2009...
1-4 of 4 Results