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  1. Vegan Support Forum
    This past weekend I was eating out at a restaurant and I ordered a veggie burger with no cheese. The waiter had checked and said there were no animal products. However when she delivered it, she said she realized later that the bun was toasted in butter. She offered to switch it out, but at that...
  2. Vegetarian Support Forum
    Here's a link to my blog about my incident with animal product infused rice. It's really irritating, there is no reason to season rice with animal broth, fat, or seasonings. Am I getting a food (meat) allergy? Please read here:
  3. Transitioning to Vegan
    Okay, so I am just getting in to veganism so I'm definitely a newbie, and while I am committed to this lifestyle for the good of animals (ethics) I am having trouble transitioning into it, in other words, difficulties. While I know it is entirely possible to be vegan in this world, it seems...
  4. Vegan Support Forum
    Hello all! I have been vegetarian for the past 9 years (almost half my life) so have no issues concerning the consumption of meat. However, as a child I had an egg and dairy allergy and for about a year lived as a de facto vegan without even knowing it. When I finally was able to eat cheese I...
1-4 of 5 Results