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  1. Desserts - Cakes
    I recently made a recipe for a vegan cake using aquafaba instead of eggs! It is also gluten-free and refined sugar free, using coconut palm sugar instead.. The lemon and cardamon taste great together, recipe can be found on my blog: where I post lots of vegan, gluten-free...
  2. Desserts - Other
    Hi You must try this easy recipe with cashew cream and blueberries on top:) 1 cup soak cashew 5-7 dates 1/2 teaspoon vanilla water Mix all to a smooth cream. Add blueberries on top in a bowl. See video Youtube: Rawnaturallife
  3. Desserts - Other
    This was my first attempt at making Mango cheese cake with agar agar. Since we do not consume gelatin, i always stayed away fro trying out desserts like this, but I have to say I was very happy with the outcome. I used agar agar strands which was a little hard to measure, so next time I will be...
1-3 of 3 Results