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  1. Desserts - Other
    Hi You must try this easy recipe with cashew cream and blueberries on top:) 1 cup soak cashew 5-7 dates 1/2 teaspoon vanilla water Mix all to a smooth cream. Add blueberries on top in a bowl. See video Youtube: Rawnaturallife
  2. Desserts - Cakes
    Hi guys I've just added our vegan Sticky Toffee Pudding recipe to the website and would love some feedback. I think I've lost the same amount of weight in drool as I've gained just by looking at some of the images on the recipe. Happy Food's vegan cook and presenter, Carrie Mancini, has...
  3. General Food Discussions
    Has anyone ever bought or made pastries or desserts with flower petals? Thoughts on them?
  4. Raw Foods
    Okay, so I have a sweet tooth...and I do love dates, btw, however , I had a guest for lunch yesterday and used the rest of them for the dessert...So, I see all these cookie dough recipes using cooked chick peas. I wanted to try using raw soaked chickpeas. While they have a very green flavor by...
  5. Desserts - Cookies
    This is a recipe from my blog, I thought I would share this because a lot of people think vegan foods consist of grass and pond water. I love taking foods that aren't typically vegan and making a vegan version. I found that this usually motivates people to consider...
  6. Desserts - Other
    This peppermint vegan fudge is creamy, sweet, minty and so simple to make! Made with vegan marshmallows and crushed candy canes. So YUM! Perfect for the holidays and for sharing - if you want to ;)
  7. Desserts - Other
    Creamy, yummy candy bark. Made with only 2 ingredients + your favorite toppings - and its not white chocolate either! A perfect treat for Halloween :)
  8. Desserts - Other
    Dreamy and creamy chocolate heaven - without the guilt from typical restaurant style dessert drinks! Vegan, dairy-free and topped with coconut whipped cream along with chocolate chips!
  9. Desserts - Other
    These crunchy caramel gooey cookies smothered in chocolate require no baking! That's right! Use your favorite vegan cookie - homemade or store bought and follow this recipe. You will love these.
  10. New Member Introductions
    I thought it would be cool to be able to chat with fellow vegans since I seem to be the only one in my town! I also thought it would be a great way to reach my target audience for my new blog. Feel free to check it out! It would mean a lot!
1-10 of 12 Results