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  1. Vegetarian Support Forum
    Hi! I'm a relatively new vegetarian, and on the day I decided to become one, I got both my girlfriend and my best friend, and eventually my mother to join in. Feels really good. I'm having some problems though. I've always had an ability to sense what my body needs, and based on that I pick...
  2. Vegan Support Forum
    I've just started transitioning to Vegan a few days ago. I would say I eat HCLF but even after eating, still feel like I need more food. I was a vegetarian for a while, very healthy - whole food. I'm not sure why and what I have to do. Thanks ;)
  3. Vegan Support Forum
    Okay, folks. I need some guidance. I've been a vegan since December with no issues till now. I went vegan for the fluffy animals(and the not fluffy ones!) and expected it to be harder than it was. It wasn't hard. I felt miles better, and I think I was really sensitive to dairy, or eggs, but...
1-3 of 3 Results