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  1. Growing Your Own Veggies
    Cold frames function like a mini greenhouse because they are small enclosures, usually low to the ground, and protects plants from the cold. Cold frames have a transparent (plastic or glass) top, allowing sunlight to enter and trap inside. This prevents heat from escaping, which creates a...
  2. Growing Your Own Veggies
    persimmons picked in late October 2014 Although it may be too late to grow these vegetables outdoors, you can always grow them in containers and take them indoors at night. And although you may not be able to sow these seeds now, this list is a reminder of those cold weather vegetables that...
  3. Growing Your Own Veggies
    farm hack Gardening is easy as throwing out seeds onto a patch of soil-- really, you do not need any raised bed, but I believe Growing in a cardboard box seems almost as effortless, especially compared to other raised bed ideas. Save or collect boxes to create raised beds. I usually have...
  4. Growing Your Own Veggies
    It's amazing how much trash goes to the landfill, but think how much trash could be reused for gardening, or making homes. Car/truck tires can be layered to create a whole HOUSE! Earthships are made of tires containing dirt and rebar for support. In this post I will be specifically...
  5. Growing Your Own Veggies
    Growing food in January usually requires a greenhouse or growing indoors--especially for those who lives in colder climates. Weather in my area was mild, actually staying at 50-70 degrees throughout October to December. Today we experienced the coldest temperatures so far, dropping to 8 degrees...
  6. Growing Your Own Veggies
    Ice Cream banana Paw paw Cold Hardy Chicago Fig Cold Hardy Kiwi Goumi Jostaberry .....For Complete list with pictures and detailed information on growing Cold Hardy Fruit trees go to: List of Uncommon Cold Hardy Fruit Trees (Gardening Zones 3-7). -Cassie K, Vegans Living Off the Land
  7. Growing Your Own Veggies
    CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR ADDITIONAL PICTURES AND DETAILS ON CONTAINER GARDENING: Grow Veggies & Fruit trees in Containers (Limited Space & Urban gardening) Photo: the Micro Gardener Dwarf mango photo: Daleys Fruit tree blog
1-7 of 7 Results