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  1. Growing Your Own Veggies
    Original post @ Radish harvests in the fall -Cassie k,
  2. Growing Your Own Veggies
    If you have been following the garden updates, you may know I began planting in mid-March. We transplanted Cauliflower, Brussels, Broccoli, Garlic, Shallots, Onions, and Cabbage to the garden about a month ago. At the end of March, we planted Spinach, Lettuce, Collards, Radish, Kohlrabi...
  3. Growing Your Own Veggies
    Growing food in January usually requires a greenhouse or growing indoors--especially for those who lives in colder climates. Weather in my area was mild, actually staying at 50-70 degrees throughout October to December. Today we experienced the coldest temperatures so far, dropping to 8 degrees...
  4. Growing Your Own Veggies
    Greens (lettuce, cabbage, spinach) and root vegetables (beets, potatoes, turnips) are the best choices for shady gardens. To clarify, the greens and root vegetables perform better in full sun during the colder months, while they perform better in the shade during hot Summer months. Steve...
1-4 of 4 Results