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  1. Transitioning to Vegan
    Hey guys, I've been vegetarian or pescatarian for the last 6 years, and decided to cut to veganism for the second try. I was vegan for 2 months a couple years ago, and while I've stuck it out longer this time, it's getting difficult for me. The main thing is that I get back pain (like it's my...
  2. New Member Introductions
    I'm a Vegan homebrew enthusiast and I'd love to find out who is brewing on this forum and share some techniques, recipes and books.:)
  3. Pasta
    Hello, everyone! I just wanted to share our new recipe for an awesome pasta dish that is sure to satisfy! It's super healthy and easy to make. Please let us know what you think. :)
  4. Frugal Living
    Here's my ultimate list of vegan companies that provide coupons, sometimes their even free coupons! Most of the time I write the companies on facebook with this message: "Hello, my name is (First name Last name). My family really loves your products would you mind sending us some coupons thank...
  5. Transitioning to Vegan
    Since I still live at home for the time being, I don't buy most of the food, but I'd still like to go vegan before I move out. I pretty much eat vegan through breakfast and lunch, but dinner is something that I have a little more trouble with. I love rice, so if anyone has any suggestions for...
  6. Vegan Support Forum
    This past month I have simultaneously moved to college, become vegan, and realized I am calorie deficient. This is quite overwhelming. Based on my height, weight, age, and activity level I am supposed to be consuming around 2,200 calories a day. After inputting my food intake for a few days it...
  7. Vegetarian Support Forum
    Hello everyone! To cut a long story short although I'm better now due to a rare intestinal disorder which put me in bed for a year I can no longer eat meat, drink coffee and alcohol as well as a few other things like too much milk. This has made me into an involutary vegetarian, or one where I...
  8. Frugal Living
    Here, I have compiled a list of recipes/photos that will encourage non vegans to try some cruelty free foods. These meals are inexpensive, filling, nutritious, low fat, and are Vegan boyfriend-approved. Vegetable Lentil Burgers Above are Vegetable Lentil burgers I made back in 2012...
1-8 of 9 Results