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  1. Breakfast
    Recently, we were having Sunday brunch at my sister's house after church, and I needed to come up with a healthy version of a hash brown casserole to take. This is the wonderfulness that ended up happening in my kitchen! Recipe found here--->
  2. Breakfast
    Need a super quick breakfast plan of action? Try this easy vegan breakfast board! You can assemble it in about 15 minutes or less. Watch the video>
  3. Transitioning to Vegan
    So I've slowly been working towards vegan but there are two main problems I can't get past: Breakfast and snacks. I do great with lunches and dinner but for breakfast I ushaly eat things like ego blueberry waffles and pancakes just like junk food kinda breakfast. and snacks I've been lessing...
  4. Vegan Support Forum
    Hi, My friend and his wife are vegans and I am trying to be a vegan in 2016. I am starting out by eating a vegan cereal called Jungle Munch for breakfast (baby steps!). Check out my video review: If anyone has any more tips for other vegan cereals that I can try out, please tell me!
  5. Energy Foods (Bars, Smoothies)
    Hello everyone, I am excited to share with your our recent article about smoothies that will make your breakfast more appetizing through our smoothies. you can read the full article here.
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hallo! I'm a new member and I've come here for some advice: I'm currently straddling the misty no-man's land between being an extremely good vegetarian and a very bad vegan. My issue is eggs: I want to get off 'em, but am at a loss as to what I can take for breakfast that is warm, nutritious and...
  7. Breakfast
    I was never crazy about oatmeal until until I started eating it raw. Technically rolled oats are not completely raw because they are steamed during the rolling process. Anyway, I just love "raw" oats with plant milk and a mix of fruit, nuts and/or seeds for breakfast. Is it just me? ;)
  8. Breakfast
    Talking about breakfast pancakes are something my family loves to eat. Here is a whole grain pancake (egg less) recipe. I have added milk to the batter, but if making it vegan use any non dairy milk and it should work great. The recipe is here -...
  9. Recipes
    Hi people, I love chi pods but, to me, they are a little on the expensive side. So yesterday I experimented with making my own and was super surprised at how simple it was. Its, 1 part chia seeds to 3 parts liquid stirred over a low heat for 5-10 mins. For the liquid you can use whatever...
  10. Breakfast
    Anyone know of a liquid egg substitute that I can use like I used to use liquid egg whites. I have only seen powders and I don’t really have the time to deal with that in the morning. I really miss my “scrambled eggs” with all the goodies, mushrooms, olives, spinach, etc.
  11. Transitioning to Vegan
    Having a hard time going vegan? These are some delicious breakfast ideas! I'm in transition and this simple recipes truly excite me! Which is your favourite? -video by Sonia Novem
  12. Breakfast
    A healthy on-the-go power breakfast with sweet pumpkin, rich maple syrup and warming spiced.
  13. Desserts - Cakes
    Recipe for a chocolate cake with no milk and no eggs. It's perfect for breakfast or with a cup of coffee or tea. Visit the channel:
  14. Transitioning to Vegan
    I've been a vegan for about a month now, and I used to have a lot of processed foods with my meals but I cut all of that out recently. But now I never feel full when I eat. For breakfast, I usually have a bowl of puffed millet, about 30 almonds, an apple, a carrot, and sometimes a sandwich. But...
  15. Breakfast
    A comforting, warm, delicious and healthy breakfast made with market fresh veggies and crispy golden tofu.
1-16 of 16 Results