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  1. Breads
    Ingredients ½ cup (55 g) coconut flour 1/3 cup (55 g) ketentohumu 5 eggs of medium size (65 g / egg) 1 tablespoon apple / grape vinegar ½ teaspoon carbonate ½ teaspoon of salt 1/8 cup water 3-4 tablespoons of thyme ½ cup black olives 1 clove garlic Preparation Set oven to 160C...
  2. Breads
    Hi Everyone, I recently tried this recipe from Bob's Red Mill, but I veganized it. This bread was super tasty! It's more like a loaf, we just put some vegan butter on it and ate it like that. It was dense, chewy and had loads of flavour from the dates and cardamon. Hope you enjoy it :)...
  3. Breads
    Kugelhopf is a yeasted sweet bread popular in the Alsace region of France and also in Germany, Austria and certain other countries in Eastern Europe. This bread is the savory version of it made with vegetables and cheese. Here is the recipe link -...
  4. Breads
    Hi, not being on facebook, I have just come across pull-apart-breads. I mean the kind where you slice a whole loaf of bread crosswise not quite to the bottom and stuff the gaps with cheese (and ham). Like in this picture...
  5. Transitioning to Vegan
    I can't eat gluten and all the gluten free products in the supermarket have all these weird ingredients in them. I live in the UK and was wondering if anybody knew of any healthy gluten-free plant-based bread that isn't expensive and is accessible? Thank you sooo much - and Happy New Year! :)
  6. Breads
    Enjoy this delicious lighter and spicier version of pumpkin bread. Healthy substitutions include almond milk, applesauce, and extra spices. You can even add chocolate chips or walnuts and still keep it light.
  7. General Food Discussions
    Brazil Researchers Solve Bread Mold Problem-Bread Can Now Be Kept at Room Temperature for Two Weeks Without Growing Mold, and Using Natural, Chemical-Free Preservatives...
1-7 of 8 Results