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  1. General Food Discussions
    Hey all!:) I want to make some vegan black bean burgers for dinner tonight and I wanted to see if there are some recipes you all follow, love and wouldn't mind sharing. I don't have a ton of ingredients. :/ Also, I was thinking about using tofu as an egg replacement, thoughts??
  2. Main Dishes
    Here's one of my recipes that won an "Editor's Choice" award and is also one of my family's very favorites for dinner. It is a vegetarian recipe but could easily be converted to vegan by using vegan cheese products. A bonus - it's also low in sodium and has a super easy enchilada sauce recipe...
  3. Salads
    Here's an easy and yummy salad recipe that is a great side for veggie burgers. I also put in my daughter's lunchbox and she loves it! Also, it's low in sodium.
  4. Appetizers & Dips
    Try these two great hummus recipes. You can spice up the Spicy Black Bean Hummus recipe even more by adding more of the spices, more jalapeño, or even a hotter pepper.
  5. Main Dishes
    I love mash topped pies and bakes and this is one of the most incredibly delicious pies I have tasted. I wanted to use ingredients that would provide tastes and textures that would make this something of a special dish. The finished dish is a dish packed with protein that has a wonderful...
  6. Sandwiches & Burgers
    OK, so this is my first ever vegetarian burger! It uses no eggs, so depending on the kinds of condiments you use, it is completely vegan. On the positive side the mixture will be very sticky, so you will have to oil your hands to work the patties into the shape you want. The patties are made...
1-6 of 6 Results