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  1. General Food Discussions
    Okay so I'm going vegan and found this app called the 21 Day Vegan Kick Start. And I just want to know if anyone here has used it, and if the recipes are really that healthy. I think it looks good but i'm still learning about how much of everything I need to stay healthy, what are your opinions???
  2. Diets & Losing Weight
    I am just wondering if you use health apps/devices to monitor your food intake. I personally tried myfitnesspal, but I can't adhere to it. What types of features do you look for when you consider apps/devices for food consumption? More importantly, what keeps you motivated to use it? Is there...
  3. Computers and Technology
    Hi. I didn't know where to post this thread so I came to the computer one. Hope I'm in the right one. I'm a vegetarian and I was travelling and in some parts of my trip I had some problems to order or to tell people that I'm vegetarian so I develop a small and simple app to my android to show...
1-3 of 5 Results