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  1. Animal Rights and Welfare
    Hi y'all, Animal Place, one of the oldest and largest farmed animal sanctuaries in the U.S., is organizing the free online Farmed Animal Conference E-Summit (FACES) August 3-9. Registration is required: FACES speakers include Peter Singer (Animal Liberation and the...
  2. Vegetarian Support Forum
    I don't even know where to begin... My story is embarrassing and I am so ashamed of myself. I would really appreciate any advice from my fellow vegans out there regarding my terrible situation. So basically my boyfriend told me he would be interested in seeing me wear a faux fox tail toy (I'm...
  3. Animal Rights and Welfare
    In this video, we address the responsibility each consumer has to the source of their food, and the power every person holds at the point of purchase in a store. It is each individual's responsibility to prevent the suffering of sentient beings with every grocery bill. Let us know your thoughts.
  4. Vegan Support Forum
    I'm a college student and I'm researching why people make the decision to go vegan. It's just for a report, nothing official. I'm vegan myself and I started because of environmental concerns and ethical reasons (animal cruelty). Thank you :)
  5. Vegan Support Forum
    I made a video which is compilation of some of the best speeches mixed with horrible videos how animals are being treated in animal agriculture. Tried to make it very powerful so when some of the non vegans see it, they start to think about things differently! Would also appreciate your feedback...
  6. New Member Introductions
    just found out about this campaign! I hope you'll join! visit for more information! Today I am voiceless… To promote Peace over Violence. If we Love animals Why do we pay people to exploit, mutilate & kill them for food & products we do not need? Choose...
  7. Action Alerts
    Hi everyone! has launched a new website called! It is a site that allows people to submit questions for the presidential candidates (USA) to potentially answer! It may be a good place to make people more aware of the negative effects animal food production has on...
  8. Animal Rights and Welfare
    Hi everyone, Here is an information that deserves to be shared widely among activists. Are there folks who would like to organize a march in the US? _________ Invitation to participate in World Day for the End of Speciesism - 22 August 2015 Dear animal advocate, In our societies our...
  9. Activist Discussion
    Hey, there, wanted to share this footage with you all - despite its low production values! It was a mini-protest: just another person and me. But we had a lot of fun. :) Being a two-person show, I thought for sure Chick fil-a would just ignore us. But their uptight manager came out right...
  10. Activist Discussion
    Promote CRUELTY-FREE Living. They Call me DurianRider!! vegan- gay- video games
  11. Activist Discussion
    if you've every wondered "what can i do? how can i make a difference?" this is the video for you. in this interview, vegan activist Gary Yourofsky speaks about how to be an effective animal activist and deal with the mental and emotional toll of awareness.
  12. Animal Rights and Welfare
    Hi! I am going to have a mini-protest in honor of the opening of a new meat-centric fast food joint near me (I would be more specific, but will err on the side of anonymity). I will have a sign, but not, say, a blown-up photo of chicken carcasses; I have found while protesting other stuff that...
1-12 of 14 Results