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  Topic Review (Newest First)
09-10-2005 12:34 PM
canadianSKA props
09-10-2005 01:51 AM
epski Congrats on going vegan.
09-09-2005 03:28 PM
4EverGrounded This cake recipe has some pretty good reviews and the ingredients are things that are in most omni's kitchens anyway.
09-05-2005 12:05 AM
naturalsusta OhSewRetro,

That's so nice of your mom. Hey, here's a vegan chocolate cake I found

I haven't tasted it before though. I hope it tastes good.

09-04-2005 08:01 PM
OhSewRetro Thanks!

Last night my mom told me how crazy she had acted and apologized over and over for about an hour. My birthday's this month and wants to make me cake but doesn't know how to make it vegan. Heh. I shall refer her to VB one day.
09-03-2005 03:46 PM
ingenting I bet it's not what your mom would like to see...and it is quite some work...but in an hour and a half you can make your own seitan (if you're *that* passionate about getting seitan)! yaaaaay! (ignore my hyperness, it's almost 12am)

I made some today

All you need is a pack of whole wheat flour which, I think you can get at just about any supermarket, and some water...and you're set!

quick recipe for about 1/2 a pound:

1 pound ww flour

1 cup water

some veggie stock (enough to cover the seitan pieces in)

mix flour with the water, so it forms a dough.

If it's too dry and crumbly add an extra splash of water.

Kneed the dough on a flat surface untill it kinda springs back...(when you poke it)

Fill a good sized bowl with some warm water, place the dough in it and let it sit for about 15-20 minutes.

Then, start kneeding the dough (carefully) untill the water turns white-ish.

Pour water out, fill it up again, kneed untill it's white-ish again...repeat this untill the water's clear (it took me about an hour)

Sometimes the dough might fall'll just have to stick everything together.

In the end you'll have this weird silly putty...gummy..weird stuff which is 'The Seitan'.

make little pieces of the seitangummy (you could shape them into 'nuggets' I guess)

get the stock to simmer, place the seitan pieces in it..cook for one hour...then if you're going to use it right away, remove the seitan from the stock...let it drain in a..drainer?

And prepare as you wish...(I'm sure there's some good recipes on and probably on this board!)

Note: when 'rinsing' the dough you might get some 'bran' stuff ..what I did was pour the water through a sieve...and saved the 'bran' to use in muffins/pancakes/cookies/smoothies etc.
09-03-2005 03:39 PM
Irizary I can get the gluten flour to make seitan from regular stores (especially with bulk sections) and make my own - it's not too hard.
09-03-2005 03:33 PM
rabid_child Seitan you really have to get from a health food store, and not all health food stores have it either. Though sometimes you can get the marinated Seitan at a well stocked regular grocery.
09-03-2005 03:17 PM
OhSewRetro Thank you! My mom knows I am getting all the necessary nutrients and all, but she's really calcium-crazy. It's not that she thinks I won't be getting enough calcium because I showed her the soymilk has a ton, so does the bread and tofu. The not-eating-dairy/vegan thing is what's pissing her off. She freaked out when I wanted to try a new bread instead of the one that has honey in it (she said a bee is an INSECT, just eat the bread!). GAH. I've realllly wanted to try seiten, I've looked at three diff. stores, including Trader Joes for wheat gluten flour or seitan and no luck.
09-03-2005 02:24 PM
Irizary Sorry that your mother responded in that way. She has some poor parenting skills to be calling you names like that. It must be very upsetting.

I agree with the advice to just keep informing yourself, and to try to be the mature one in this situation; and stay strong - you are making the compassionate choice for animals.
09-03-2005 02:10 PM
Originally Posted by jeez-loiux91 View Post

Hey, check out and you will feel reassured in your decision. It lists everything bad about milk and the hormones in milk, and it has proof that calcium is NOT NECESSARY, although some retard officials are advertising it that way to make money. Sounds like your mom is brainwashed, but you are obviously a smart chick, and you will easily overcome the retardedness of the whole deal.

Actually, calcium is a necessary nutrient. One can get it from non dairy sources, but you cannot go without it, especially while you're growing.

As someone else mentioned, Seitan is wheat protein, not soy protein, so that might work for you. Peanut Butter, nuts, legumes, beans are all good sources of protein. Not to mention if you read some labells you'll find protein is in EVERYTHING.

As far as your mom goes, getting into yelling matches is not productive. I suggest you do some research into how you will be meeting your nutritional needs (parents seem to be concerned about protein, iron, and calcium most, though preparing info on B12 isn't a bad idea either), and then have a calm conversation with her, asking her to express her concerns rationally, and be prepared to explain to her why/how you will make this work (preferably without it being a great expense to the family or an inconvenience to her). Try volunteering to cook vegan meals once or twice a week for the whole family. Point out the meals you're already eating that are vegan (i.e. spaghetti and marinara sauce) or meals that could be easily veganized (i.e. chilli).

Good luck.
09-03-2005 01:11 PM
ingenting ohsewretro -

I'm sorry about your mom acting that way

It's probably quite a shock for her and she probably needs to get used to the idea a bit.

At least, my mom was like that. At first she threatened to throw me out of the house!

Because she didn't want me screwing up my body in *her* house.

I think she even cried at one point.

I kept on going though, because I knew that it'd make me feel a lot better.

And though my mom sometimes gets a bit upset (like when we're in restaurants and all I'll have is a salad and a baked potato) she now sees how much better I'm feeling. I look 039840392 times healthier than before, I have more energy etc.

In the beginning when she didn't really like my idea, we made this deal.

I'd eat 2 cups of dairy product (milk/yoghurt/etc.) a week. And the rest I could eliminate from my diet (next year my life!) (eggs and other animal (by) products).

I think I did this about 2 or 3 months. After that I went to 1 cup. And then I told her again that I wanted to go vegan. And that I still felt quite healthy.

And though she still didn't exactly like it, she took it a LOT better than the first time I mentioned it.

So basically I'm just saying, give her some time to get used to the idea...and maybe you could make your own little deal..for the time being?



And, not sure if it's already mentioned, but have LOADS of 'back-up articles'!

E.g. why milk isn't as good as they say (or said) it was (I think there might even be some newspaper articles on that).

The pros and cons (and how to solve the cons) of being vegan.

Stuff like that, so that when she asks you something or says something like 'you need milk for your bones!' you can say ' but it is proven that calcium from plant sources is easier absorbed by our bodies' etc.
09-03-2005 12:50 PM
jeez-loiux91 Seriously, everyone should try to look at It shows just how unnecessary and harmfull milk is, and is a great reassurance to all new vegans and vegetarians. And, considering the topic, I hope above that everyone on the site has already seen, which is also a very resourceful and interesting (not to mention helpful) site.
09-03-2005 12:46 PM
Azalea Congrats, and good luck!

BTW- Seitan is based on wheat, not soy.
09-03-2005 12:42 PM
jeez-loiux91 Hey, check out and you will feel reassured in your decision. It lists everything bad about milk and the hormones in milk, and it has proof that calcium is NOT NECESSARY, although some retard officials are advertising it that way to make money. Sounds like your mom is brainwashed, but you are obviously a smart chick, and you will easily overcome the retardedness of the whole deal.
09-03-2005 12:18 PM
OhSewRetro Thank you so much everybody!! I got some silk vanilla today and made a smoothie.

And about my mom being okay with it, let's just say I was very wrong. We got into a huge fight about it and she said a lot of things to me that started with the letter "f". She things I am going to screw up my body by not getting enough calcium, though soymilk has 30% and the bread I like has 10% a slice (sandwich, glass of soymilk, voila 50%). She also thinks I am extremely "stupid" and everything about veganism is pure "stupidity" and that by being vegan I am disrespected her for some reason. Except there were un-nice words mixed in. She even called me a b*tch in the middle of the store. Just because I'm not "normal" and there's nothing wrong with milk.

I feel horrible right now...I was so happy about this and I can't believe that was the reaction...
09-02-2005 04:28 PM
Brandon Congratulations and good luck!
09-02-2005 04:26 PM
secondcup woo-hoo! mucho congrats!

As far as protein goes, there are soooo many options, and you don't have to eat a block of tofu or a can of beans everyday! Actually, most meat-eaters OD on protein, getting sometimes three times as much as people actually need, so you don't really have to worry as much as you think! Anyway, good sources are whole wheat bread, ww pastas, ww anything (even cereal), oatmeal (best food ever), and other kinds of soy like TVP (for tacos!) or tempeh. Also, there are many, many types of beans and recipes that you can use them in.

Basically, if you keep alternating proteins then your diet will never be boring! Oh and don't forget nut butters! Peanut is the basic (unless you're allergic like me) but there are also almond, cashew and others. Make your own if you can, they always taste better when you do. And don't forget hummus, which is a staple of my diet.

Oh and by the way, I know what type of soymilk you're referring to... it's sugar-free or something, right? I have it, and it has a very soy-ish taste so probably not very good to get if its your first time trying soymilk. I recommend vanilla Silk, since it does not has as strong a soy taste as most other milks.

But, the cappuccino flavoured soymilk tastes really good if you eat the Puffins brand cinnamon cereal, and dump some ground cinnamon on it. Because basically, the cereal is a little dry and the soymilk is a little bland, but mix 'em together and add extra cinnamon... voila! There is a peanut butter sort of this cereal, and a honey one (if you eat honey, that is) but I have not tried either because of allergies, sigh.

Ohh and if you happen to be lucky enough to to be allergic, there is an AWESOME-tasting small brand of peanut butter made in Greenwich Village that you can order online or buy it in Stop&Shops if you live close enough to the City. All of the types are totally vegan and come in flavours like dark chocolate and cinnamon swirl, mmm. I tried the dark chocolate one before I developed the allergy, and it is sooo good. I think the jars a bit expensive but SO worth it. is the address, in case you want to know.

heh, sorry I kinda wrote a lot.
09-02-2005 04:04 PM
Tofu-N-Sprouts Possibly over-estimating your protein needs - unless the cottage cheese was ALL you were eating all day? (I hope not!!)

By my calculations there's about 45 grams of protein in a block of tofu and about 35 - 40 in most cans of beans (using several online nutrition sites and the food in my own cubboard for estimates).

As for the amount of protein you NEED - Estimates vary widely and depend of your age, activity level and other factors - I have a teen-age daughter that plays active sports, her Doctor reccommended 35 - 50 grams of protein a day... have NO idea if that's accurate, someone else with better resources may come along and correct me...

But yes, you could actually get 'adequate' protein from a block of tofu or a can of beans and have met all your protein needs for the day. However: I doubt that would satisfy you and make you feel full all day - and you wold be lacking in a lot of other vital areas - you need a VARIETY of fruits, veggies, legumes, and whole grains to make up a nutritionally sound diet.

If your diet contains items from these food groups you'll be getting more than enough protein without resorting to the cottage cheese or even to "a brick of tofu and a can of beans". (FWIW: The cottage cheese you were eating might have 25 to 30 grams of protein in a cup but also will have cholesterol and saturated fat - things you may not want in your diet...)

There's a ton of things that have adequate protein without necessarily being "soy"...

A whole grain cereal for breakfast with some flax meal on it and almond milk - lots of protein there... Whole grain toast with nut butter? Great source. A bean and rice burrito, a whole grain waffle and some soy yoghurt and fruit, vegan 'French Toast' made with almonds and almond milk (there's a great recipe here on VB)... the possibilities are endless and you can get a ton of protein without much effort at all..

Anyway, find a good online nutrition site ( or ) and track how much protein you actually are getting in a day - you may be suprised. Fruits and veggies have quite a bit ctually even without the grains and beans and such in your diet...

It's also a good way to track what other nutrients you may need more of - and it might help your Mom understand you ARE getting the nutrients you need.

Good luck and congrats on your Vegan journey. Hope we can be of some help to you. If you have more questions, please ask...
09-02-2005 04:02 PM
SeaSiren Almost everything has protein in it, so it isn't hard to get enough. Some high in protein are, beans, nuts, nut butters, and soy products which include tofu.

I personally prefer Silk Lite myself. Silk Chocolate is excellent also. If you have been drinking cows milk by the glassful, it may take a little while to transition to soy milk, but you'll find you begin to crave it.

Oh, I didn't like the cappachino flavor either.

Congrats & good luck!
09-02-2005 03:18 PM
OhSewRetro I've been lacto-veggie for a long time and I've been trying to ease into veganism for the past month or so. To have more of a variety and other options besides dairy I've been experimenting with a lot of new products. I tried tofu, discovered that falafel is very very YUM, and got many new vegan-friendly foods.

Today is the first day dairy-free and I feel so great!!

My mom realized what I was doing when I went to the store and bought cappachino flavor soymilk (which by the way tasted really bad, any good brand suggestions, preferably w/ a decent amount of protein and not too much sugar, or would I have better luck with almond/rice milk?). We kind of got into a fight about it, but she's actually cool with it (but still thinks I'm weird).

And about protein, I know soy products are great sources, but my mom doesn't want me to OD on soy. I don't want to eat tofu or seitan EVERY day either. I used to eat half a thing of cottage cheese everyday for protein, so I need a variety of foods that have a lot of protein. Just so I don't have to eat a whole can of beans and a block of tofu everyday for breakfast. For my calcium, I'm guessing some sort of milk that doesn't taste bad and has protein (soy/rice/almond).

Yeah, I've done a lot of research but it's simpler read than done. Or maybe I'm overestimating my protein needs...

Well I'm just ecstatic that I'm finally vegan!

Lol sorry that was so long.

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