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04-13-2015 02:35 AM
Nora I think healthy foods will make you feel better and look better. Raisins are one of the top antioxidants because they contain phytochemicals as well as adding iron and potassium to your diet. (Phytochemicals are plant chemicals that contain protective,disease-preventing compounds.) They also provide two kids of fibre... soluble and insoluble.

They are cholesterol-free, low in sodium and virtually fat-free, making them one of the best snack foods you can choose and second only to prunes which offer twice the level of antioxidants. I think these super foods will also let you help alot in maintaining your body shape, beauty and itself anti-aging products.
02-15-2015 07:19 PM
Kiwibird08 I tried wearing makeup like all the other girls did in high school for a good year or so. The eyeliner/mascara would always end up under my eyes within an hour of applying it, the eye shadow would go in the creases of my eyes, no shade of foundation was the right match for my skin tone (or cheap brand anyways), it made my eyes red and itchy, my face break out, I couldn't touch my face unless I wanted to smudge the makeup and was just more trouble than it was worth. I don't know why I had so much problems no other girls seemed to have, but it made me look worse rather than better. Besides some lip balm and perhaps the occasional spot of concealer, I haven't worn makeup since. Funny enough, one of the things my husband really "appreciates" about me is the fact I don't wear makeup or do 'fussy' things with my hair. And while I'm only 26, I notice many of my friends who have been wearing makeup daily since middle school look a whole lot older than I do. I still regularly get mistaken for a teenager. They are already getting wrinkles and dark rings under their eyes.
01-29-2015 07:30 AM
melimomTARDIS I wear makeup, but honestly not very much. I use a cheap cruelty free brand (LA looks) for under eye concealor, and a blush by the same company. In addition I wear lip balm, with a tint in it.

On special occasions I wear lipstick and mascara in addition to what I mentioned above.

But My daily face routine is just wash with soap (I use dr.B's tea tree, just a drop) face lotion, blush on my cheeks, concealor under my eyes, and lip balm. I reapply lip balm throughout the day.

I like a fresh/healthy look.
01-28-2015 11:11 PM
ReturnOfSaturn I love make up. I wear make all the time. I wear a full face almost every day. It's magical putting it on. It so therapeutic 'cause it's my me time. I do occasionally go without make up so people can remember what my regular face looks like, but 90% I wearing make up looks inspired by drag queens.
12-07-2014 06:45 PM
Naturebound I am 42 years old and have never worn makeup on a regular basis. In fact the only times in my life I wore it was to my sisters wedding in 1995 and when I was in several dance performances in the late 1980s, early 1990s. I think I wore it to my high school graduation too in 1991. That's about it. I don't have an issue if others want to wear it, I just dislike the way it looks and I have been fortunate to have excellent skin and good color. I have zero wrinkles in my face at 42 years old. I am still mistaken for much younger. I don't even wear hairspray or use commercial shampoo or dyes. I stopped all that in Februrary 2011 when I went vegan. I use essential oils, warm water, and occasionally Dr. Bronners Castile soap for my hair, face, body (and even dishes and other cleaning) or on rare occasion I might add vitamin E oil to my hair if it is really dry. On occasion I get dry skin and usually for me it means my hypothyroidism is acting up, or the air is very dry, or I am not eating enough fats in my diet. I am on an osteoporosis med that lists skin problems as a side effect so I watch for anything unusual but so far so good. It takes me about 20 minutes tops to get ready in the mornings lol.

I will admit though, I feel "naked" without my little earrings in.
12-07-2014 01:39 PM
Marjoram I love makeup! I'm in the gothic subculture so yeah it's a way to express myself and my individuality, I can't wear makeup that looks natural. Plus I have natural pale half Irish skin. Over the years I developed an allergy to the sun, my Md said it's not uncommon nowadays, he saw a lot. I get swollen angry red itchy patches and need cortisone cream to cure it (no am not a vampire I hear it all the time lol). So yes fps max I can find when I go out in summer and minimal sun exposition.

the thing is, I ALSO developed an allergy to makeup I thought it was my stuff being too old and maybe contaminated so I bought a whole new set, tried different products, spent lots of cash... nada! I get eye infections in no time (and yes I havea good cleanser routine) and I never was fond of foundation, being proud of my white skin. But the eyes was a must for me.

I'm learning to live without makeup, been a year already and it still annoys me, I miss it even if I don't consider it essential to be beautiful at all, it's was a way to express myself. I admit I still try out makeup when I go out but always regret it. I still hope the allergy will go away one day, so I try every 4 months or so. So far nope, still getting infections in my eyes no matter the brand. /sadpanda
12-07-2014 12:56 PM
brookgirl I've only ever worn eyeliner. I'll still wear it once in a blue moon (mostly when I'm going to a show or a bar) but I haven't worn makeup on a regular basis since I was sixteen. It's an expensive hasslethat makes my skin feel disgusting. I exfoliate, and every once in a while I'll use a clay or peel mask. I just don't understand the desire to wear it. My sister made me get my makeup professionally done for her wedding, and I felt like I spent $130 to look like a clown.
08-25-2014 05:39 AM
sammymom07 I really hate wearing makeup too it makes me feel uncomfortable. I have a simple care routine to have a beautiful and glowing skin. I wash my face 2 times a day (morning and before bedtime). I use a light moisturizer and sunscreen to protect my skin from the heat of the sun and other skin problems due to sun exposure. I am also using a natural facial mask to hydrate my skin.
06-13-2006 10:27 PM
MZCsmpsns I almost never wear makeup. When I do, I just wear mascara and maybe a tinted lip gloss. I'm sure any tips I could give to looking your best while still being natural have already been said, but, WTH, I'll say them anyway... First off sunblock! I intentionally spend about 30mins-an hour a week getting some sun on my face (w/sunblock on) to add a slight glow to my skin (dunno if that's good or bad to do, but I hear it's good for your face/hands) Also, lots of water, plenty of sleep, and definitly moisturize (including your neck and chest!) And wearing colors that flatter your skin tone can make a big difference. A good hair style can also make a big improvement.

I hate seeing people who are caked in makeup...especially when you can tell that they'd be super pretty w/out it. I always think to myself "what a waste of time and beauty"
06-12-2006 01:16 PM
ElliottsMom I only wear makeup on special occasions (weddings ect). I have baaad skin so I exfoliate in the shower and use a gentle cleanser (tidal Wave) then use a light moisturizer w/ spf.
06-12-2006 01:06 PM
ReginaCeltarum Too much make-up us definitely unnecessary, but wearing it in moderation isn't bad. I have incredibly dark under eye circles i need to cover up.

I just try to look like a normal person- the normal people who don't need make-up like I do.

No blush at all. Just a light foundation, plus two very necessary layers of under-eye concealer, and powder. I wear modest mascara and eye make up too.

I have seen a lot of people wearing way too much make-up, looking like they belong on a stage somewhere and not at school, office, etc. But not everyone who wears make-up wears too much and looks like a clown, is all i am saying.
06-12-2006 12:56 PM
Chrysalis Speaking of too much make-up, I saw a girl the other week who must have been wearing 2 bottles worth of mascara and eyeliner, and clown-like blush. Eek! Natural is definately better. I hope to have the money one day to have my acne scars removed, so I can be free from make-up forever! Except for tasty lipsticks of course. hehe.
06-11-2006 03:33 PM
rainbow_clouds I never wear makeup. I did in 9th grade and I wore too much (I think) and I probably looked like a clown. I have no skill applying that stuff and picking out colors, maybe I would if I was more talented in that respect. When I did in 9th grade I started to feel bare and naked without it and didn't like to be seen without my makeup. I'm glad that faze passed, because I hardly have enough time as it is in the morning, I don't need another half hour to put my face on.

My boyfriend hates makeup on woman.
06-08-2006 07:56 AM
Originally Posted by gas4 View Post

Makeup or not, smiling will make you beautiful. You can't judge someone on their looks when they're smiling at you.

Unless they have really funky teeth

06-08-2006 07:27 AM
Shantih I wear make up...I can't say it bothers me that much. I get it from a shop in London which has only cruelty and animal free products. I only really wear eyeliner and mascara, and they don't fade or smudge, so I just put it on before I go out and that's that.
06-08-2006 07:26 AM
lolly_lollykins I always wear makeup, I feel bare without it. It's a confidence thing too, I wont go out without it!
06-08-2006 04:18 AM
karenlovessnow I applaud those of you who hate to wear make up and are comfortable enough in your own skin to go 'au naturale'.

For those of you who are not so lucky, I share your misery!
06-08-2006 02:13 AM
m.t.ness I think a lot of it has to do with your coloring. Fair-skinned people with fair lashes and eyebrows have it the worst it seems. I'm lucky in that although I have fair skin, I have very dark lashes and brows, so my features don't "disappear." As it is, I feel that I look fine without makeup, hence I don't wear it, but I wonder if I'd feel differently if I'd gotten a different prize at the color sweepstakes.

Apart from a brief period of experimentation with cosmetics when I was in junior high school, I have never worn makeup. I hated the way it felt (heavy, greasy), it's too "high maintenance" for me, and then of course I have the philosophical issues with it as well. My husband says he'll divorce me if I ever start wearing it! I frankly love to see women without makeup (even pale ones!)... wrinkles, lines, our lives are written on our faces like maps and I think it's wonderfully sexy. I was thrilled when I started getting laugh lines as my face didn't look so young anymore!
05-30-2006 10:26 PM
Originally Posted by butterflywaters View Post

My husband thinks makeup makes people look like clowns and tells me that's one reason he wanted to marry me, because I don't wear makeup. I don't like makeup on me but it does work for some.

Lol...I've met lots of guys who say that too, and they praise me for not wearing makeup. That's when I say to them, "uhh...but I DO wear makeup." They never believe's kinda funny. I wish I could be one of those 'beautiful without makeup' girls but i have not been blessed with good skin. acne scars and abnormally dark eye circles, anyone? Yeah I am bitter...
05-28-2006 12:09 AM
Ayrlin I hardly ever wear makeup, it feels funny and makes me itch.

I am lucky enough to have nice skin with a light olive tone ,I do however love tinted lip balms.

I'm 29 years old and am a bit paranoid about getting wrinkles I swear I am getting some little lines around my eyes. but other than that I am overall quite happy with my skin and feel no urge to hide it.

I make my own face products from normal stuff found in the kitchen like vacado's, olive oil, strawberries and yogurt to make masks and oatmeal as a facial scrub.
05-27-2006 11:51 PM
Blazin_Gwen I like wearing make-up, and when i go out on a date or if i'm going to a bar or concert i don't like to be without it. Make-up makes me feel beautiful and without it i feel plain and boring. People tell me i look good without make-up tho.
05-15-2006 10:25 PM
jenpayne71 I'm new to this board but was doing some research and thought I would let you all know that there is a skin care line and make-up products that are certified vegan. The company is Arbonne International. I'm a consultant and until I started researching more about this industry, I didn't realize all the junk they put in cosmetics. At least with this company you know that no animal products are used in their cleansers and cosmetics, nor do they test on animals. If anyone wants to know more, contact me. Jen
05-09-2006 10:44 PM
ReginaCeltarum Hi- Kind of late to the thread. I do wear make-up though, mainly under-eye concealer, because i have really, abnormally dark circles. Is there anything that helps that? Three layers of makeup under my eyes is a pain. Like something herbal or something, or anything to eat anyone noticed that helps? Thanks.
05-07-2006 11:49 PM
gas4 Makeup or not, smiling will make you beautiful. You can't judge someone on their looks when they're smiling at you.
05-02-2006 02:01 AM
Originally Posted by LittleMary View Post

I don't wear make-up. I have very dark, reasonably long eye lashes, but they're less visible on the lower eye lid. I was thinking of getting some of that colourless mascara stuff, do you think it's worth the buy? Does it actually do anything like?

I love it. But if you wanna just try it out without shelling out the dough, try using a little tiny bit of vasaline. Just use an old clean mascara wand (or something simmilar) and apply a little. If you like the look, buy the clear. Its much easier to use.
05-02-2006 01:59 AM
cafebabe I've never liked wearing make up. I use that time in the morning to sleep. I drink lots of water and eat fresh fruits to keep my skin looking good. I do have a face washing regimen I do twice a day. As for any kind of make up, I use clear mascara and lip gloss (or lib balm, whatever's handy), during the day. Sometimes when I go out at night I'll use eye-liner and black mascara and a deep lipstick. I'm a pretty low maintence girl. I seriously get ready for school in 15 minutes every morning and five of that is trying to squeeze in a little more shut eye, I shower at night.
04-29-2006 09:51 AM
skarrlett For me, I think it's just a habit. Right after I brush my teeth, I put on mascara. Then just before I head out the door I put on a bit of lipstick and pressed powder.

I'm thinking that I may try and go without. It certainly would be less of a hassle.
04-29-2006 07:00 AM
GhostUser I wear lipstick only on a daily basis. I have not worn foundation in over 10 years. I did put on a little eye shadow last holiday and that's the average, about 2 times per year, for the eye shadow.

My husband thinks makeup makes people look like clowns and tells me that's one reason he wanted to marry me, because I don't wear makeup. I don't like makeup on me but it does work for some.

I actually have a makeup fund in a jar on my counter that I donate to regularly, after I reach $20 I send it to an anti-vivisection charity.

Eco-Bella has the best lip stick I've ever tried, in my humble opinion.
04-29-2006 06:46 AM
LittleMary I don't wear make-up. I have very dark, reasonably long eye lashes, but they're less visible on the lower eye lid. I was thinking of getting some of that colourless mascara stuff, do you think it's worth the buy? Does it actually do anything like?
04-09-2006 11:50 AM
GhostUser Thanks for the tip, April!
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