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04-04-2004 06:39 PM
NDvegan85 I have read that the BMI isn't very accurate for tall people because the height is squared in the formula so it's too high for tall people and too low for short people. And then there's also that muscle weighs much more than fat. And that everyone's body type is different. Lots of stuff besides just numbers.
04-04-2004 03:40 PM
synergy My weight has fluxuated wildly my whole life... Once I moved in with my boyfriend and we both didn't know how to cook, atel ots of junk food and quit smoking, we both gained a ton of weight. I gained about 40 pounds in a little over a year. That was 3 years ago. I lost about 15 pounds last year, and about 5 more since I went veg about 3 weeks ago! Yea veg*ism!!!

I still need to lose about 10 pounds I'm 5' 3' and weight 140. 130 is a good weight for me because I am a tumbler and have a ton of muscle. My BMI is about 26 or 27 right now, but I really don't think that scale is accurate since it doesn't take muscle into account.

By the way- my boyfriend lost a ton of weight too, and is down to his old range- but he did it by starting to smoke again. I'm doin' it the hard (but healthier way)
04-04-2004 02:12 PM
pghmountainbkr not completely veg*n




not much fat - maybe 5 pounds of winter weight stored which will disolve in a few weeks (once it stops raining!).

This is why the BMI approach doesn't work.

According to the formula, I have a BMI of 28.0 which is significantly overweight bordering on obese (30.0). If you saw me in person you would know this is the farthest thing from the truth. Most of the weight I store is muscle from biking. I would have to drop 20 pounds to be considered "normal". 175 pounds would not be very healthy for me.
04-04-2004 01:14 PM
SweetShorty132 and i'm about 5'4"
04-04-2004 01:13 PM
SweetShorty132 i'm almost 15 and i am about 92-94 Lbs.
04-04-2004 11:57 AM
Trunks I'm 5'7 and weigh 130 pounds. That's a bmi of 20.4 and I think I am normal weight.
04-04-2004 11:50 AM
stellar26 I'm 5'7" and weigh 125lbs- that's a BMI of 19.6. This means that I'm 'normal' and of average weight. I think I'm rather flabby and would be interested in losing about 10lbs and firming up. I desperately need to start going to the gym!
04-04-2004 10:45 AM
Jennifer I'm 5' 6" and weigh 130 pounds with a BMI of 22. According to the charts I'm just right but I would still like to lose 5 more pounds. It's intersting but I have lost weight since becoming a vegetarian. I had been a vegetarian for about 6 months when I started going to the Gym 4 days a week. I have gone from 166 pounds with a BMI of 31 to the weight I am now. I think both being a vegetarian and working out has contributed to my weight loss. I feel better then I have ever felt in my life and I cannot imagine ever going back to being an Omni.
04-04-2004 09:49 AM
Originally Posted by SunshineDreamer View Post

I'm 5'2" and I weigh about 94 or 95 lbs... I voted just right, but I'm not sure. Is that a little underweight or is it ok?

Same here, 5'2", and around 96 lbs. I voted just right too, although my doctor did tell me last time i saw her that i was borderline.
04-02-2004 03:34 PM
vegan_hottie07 I'm 5'5" 118 pounds, heh, theres not a ounce of fat on me...besides my butt I have huge leg muscles from soccer and running, I'm small framed and...well small. lol
04-02-2004 01:19 PM
Dr. Schmeebis I just wanted to chime in as an overweight vegan. I used to be really heavy; about 52 pounds more than I am today. But a balanced vegan diet that includes many raw foods, along with running 5 miles three times a week, has done wonders for me.

Even when I'm busy, and can't run as much, I can still lose about 2-3 pounds per week. The only bump I had along the way was a period of about nine months, during which my girlfriend of the time and I lived together. She was sendentary, and didn't ever want to go to the gym, so I sort of matched her lifestyle. She was maybe only 10 pounds overweight, and very pretty, but she wanted to lose weight too. I didn't gain weight, for the most part, but I stayed steady for too long.

Last week we went out for dinner for her birthday. The first thing we said when we saw eachother was how much weight we both lost. It's really noticable on her because she's just over five feet tall. Sort of ironic that now that we seperated, we are leading more healthy lifestyles. I have lost about 15 pounds since we stopped dating, so that's one way in which it was for the best.

Peace and pieces,

Dr. Schmeeb'
03-13-2004 10:14 PM
Originally Posted by Starblossom View Post

I've been doing strenght training lately, mostly just for myself but also so I can prove to people that vegetarians aren't "weaklings." My arms are getting to look nice and buff, hehe

Just point anyone that doubts to this link: Vegetarian Athletes

There are guys that look like Arnold Schwartenegger (sp?) did that are vegetarian. Bill Pearl is a 4 time Mr. Universe and vegetarian.
03-13-2004 01:02 PM
lizzybean im obese by our societys standards. im 5'8" 213 lbs. my bone structure is big and im extremely muscular. since going vegan almost a year ago after being vegetarian for 15 years i have been able to maintain my weight. i have metabolism and sugar problems as well as hormone problems and because of these things i was gaining up to 10lbs a year. yaaay veganism!
03-13-2004 12:52 PM
AliasSpy I chose "just right". I'm about 5'3" and 115 pounds, not sure about my BMI, though. I think I was underweight before, but I gained about 10 pounds this year, though not in muscle, so I actually do need to get in shape.
03-12-2004 11:41 AM
Bobsy I voted for 'just right'.

I'm 5'4", about 123 lbs, and my BMI is 21. I have a small frame, so technically I should weigh less (according to the charts), but I feel comfortable at this weight.

I actually gained weight when I went vegan, though I attribute that to my being overexcited by all the new foods I was discovering Then I read 'Becoming Vegan' and started eating healthily and slowly lost the extra stone I was carrying, over a few months.

I've actually gained a few pounds in the few weeks I've been hamstering, but I feel slimmer and look slimmer (and feel far healthier), so all I can assume is that it's increased muscle mass that's weighing more!
03-12-2004 10:16 AM
vegbassist I'm underweight, but I have always been underweight. It's just how my body is. My BMI was a little over 17.
03-12-2004 12:53 AM
Chrysalis I fit the vegetarian stereotype perfectly and it's kind of a piss off cuz then people can point at me and be like, "oh look at that girl, she's pale and skinny because she's vegetarian!" grrrr. For the first 14 years of my life i ate meat and was skinny so it's not like I can help it. Anyways, I think I have a perfect body weight.

I've been doing strenght training lately, mostly just for myself but also so I can prove to people that vegetarians aren't "weaklings." My arms are getting to look nice and buff, hehe
03-12-2004 12:06 AM
Exitof99 In the note of being skinny, which I am (although I am not vegan), they did a study where a person/persons ate a limited diet (undereating) for many years. In the end, the person(s) was healthier than he should have been.

I've also heard some mention from some yoga people that some people that you shouldn't eat everyday, but every other day so your digestive system can rest.

I on the other hand eat constantly and everything in sight, I'm a serious over-eater in a 133lbs. 5' 10" frame (underweight by those charts). I can't gain weight, my body won't allow it. Over eating just means I'm more poor at the end of the day.


Oh... I weight the same I did in high school 15 years ago!
03-11-2004 11:58 PM
Lenore I have no idea what I weigh, since I don't believe in keeping track of it. But I wear an "average" clothing size, and even though I wouldn't mind being skinnier, I know logically that I'm within normal range.
03-11-2004 10:04 PM
Rawmama I'm about right i think i haven't worked out my BMI though, after having two babies only 1 year apart i am looking at toning up abit though
03-10-2004 09:40 AM
Originally Posted by Oatmeal View Post

Well she is petite... and those are just numbers anyway. She has the perfect body.

Thank you

You are not too shabby yourself
03-10-2004 09:37 AM
Originally Posted by bluegrrrl79 View Post

Actually your BMI is 16.1-16.9 That's pretty underweight, please be careful!

My BMI is like 19.6 I think.

It is???

Dang, I had no clue. Mhh...good thing I gained a few pounds lately.
03-10-2004 09:12 AM
VeggieKitten According to charts and such, I am supposedly underweight. But I'm also petite and small boned and would look weird if I weighed as much as I supposedly should. Currently I'm 5'5", 108 to 110 lbs and a size 2. I've been as little as 100 pounds around the age of 20, which I think was a little too underweight, and as much as 118 when on a serious weight training regimen. I like my weight as it is now.
03-10-2004 09:03 AM
GhostUser Like most 18 year olds I would like to drop about 10lbs or so. But I'm rather comfortable in my skin, so I don't obsess too much. I'm healthy, and rather happy, so I'm not really worried about my weight.
03-10-2004 08:38 AM
dstringf I'm still classified as "overweight" but that doesn't have anything to do with eating veg*n. In the last two years of being vegetarian, i've dropped close to 70 lbs, so overall I'm doing a lot better.
03-10-2004 03:14 AM
Originally Posted by bluegrrrl79 View Post

Actually your BMI is 16.1-16.9 That's pretty underweight, please be careful!

Well she is petite... and those are just numbers anyway. She has the perfect body.
03-10-2004 01:29 AM
Blue Plastic Straw fatty fat fat
03-10-2004 01:11 AM
epski Governmental standards for BMI and so forth are based on the general population, which - surprise! - generally eats more meat than most of our members. If we fall well below the BMI, that is not surprising to me in the least.
03-09-2004 11:49 PM
trixie This is interesting...according to the BMI I'm underweight (5'10", 117-119lb) but I certainly don't LOOK emaciated. I eat enough and have considerably more energy than I did as a non-vegan. So, I don't really know what to believe...
03-09-2004 12:40 AM
Originally Posted by bunnyfish79 View Post

Oh, maybe I should have just listed my BMI, I have no clue what it 17 or 18 something. Hmmm

Actually your BMI is 16.1-16.9 That's pretty underweight, please be careful!

My BMI is like 19.6 I think.
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