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07-20-2009 06:10 PM
GhostUser I have friends like this...when you invite them over for dinner or to a party they always say can I bring a meat dip or whatever....or they will
07-20-2009 06:37 AM
rabid_child When my bf and I started dating (read: I started feeding him), the healthy food I was shovelling into him DID make him sick. His diet consisted of frozen pepperoni pizza, boxed mac and cheese with that weird cheese pouch (cause he never had milk/butter around to mix), the occasional cheese-stuff-hotdog, and takeout. He'd come over to my place, and, well, we all know what a nice vegan dinner looks like!! The sudden shock of fiber, and dare I say nutrients, would send him running to the can! While the food was "to blame" he knew it was cause his usual diet was crap, not that the stuff I was feeding him was bad. Now we've been together for 4 1/2 years, we live together, and he gets a nice big veggie meal every night for dinner and it suits him just fine! If he goes out and gets fast food or red meat though, THAT makes him sick. WIN!
07-20-2009 02:54 AM
reynaldlance No offense to you, but I've been to the stage where your B.F. is now! I use to love meat because I thought that its the only food that can satisfy me, until I developed some kidney trouble and my doctor told me that too much meat can aggravate my kidney trouble, so I shifted to being a vegetarian. yes i was struggling at first, considering that I was a meat eater once, but with continued acts, I slowly felt the results of my being a vegetarian.

The best part is I lost weight, I much slimmer now than before, but I feel great, and most of all I dont feel any dizziness now and When I jog I dont feel stressed and the best part is I surpassed the stamina of my jog partners. Hahahaha! My secret is veggie eating and exercise!

Tell your b.f. my story it might motivate him. Im slimmer now but my friends say I look way better than before! hahahaha!
07-19-2009 02:40 PM
zoebird ok, funny story that happened to my husband--

he was having severe anxiety in december from stress at work. he had a panic attack, and called an ambulance thinking that he was dying (and yes, he is dramatic. LOL).

so, this woman, hwo eats the SAD junk food said to one of his coworkers--"it's probably all of that *weird* food that he eats."

at work, he eats chicken once a day, about two bags of frozen veggies, a piece of fruit and nuts. so, i believe one is a "meal" of chicken, veggies, fruit, and nuts, and then two "meals" of veggies, fruit, and nuts. you know, WEIRD food. oh, and often a tablespoon of some kind of oil (hemp, olive, coconut). fats help to fill him up.

so, he eats very healthy. and this woman was like "that weird food is what did it!" what? veggies? fruit? nuts? oil? maybe it was the chicken. . . LOL

yeah, it's weird when people are like that, or when they consider "diet food" to be healthy or something to be healthy because it's "low fat" or "fat free!" yeah, most of the time it is pure junk.
07-18-2009 04:16 PM
whatisreal I understand what you are saying and agree with you, generally speaking...

However ~ there is the notion of BADLY GROWN FRUIT; I have been on a no animal product diet for almost a decade now and I think it was the best decision I will ever make in this life. Except I can not really eat too much fruit these days without getting sick, even the "organic" stuff is unsettling.

PESTICIDES, even the organic pesticides I think are dangerously unhealthy(not to mention the bad ill and unethical effect to insects). I know I am really sensitive to alot of the commercially available synthetic fertilizers. And I really do not like MANURE grown food either. I wish there was safe synthetic fertilizer "out there" (readibly available) and I wish there was a better sense of what is organic... I think the standards are so lax on organic that fruit trees which have for like ten years been growing non organic can be labeled organic if they have been so called "organic" for teh past five. To tell you the truth I do not really know if much that is labeled "organic" really is organic,,,

Whatever happened to "give me the spots on my apples and leave me the birds and the bees" .

I like fruit , however I had to stop buying a lot of it because I get sick from it.
07-18-2009 01:00 PM
ghostlykisses That kind of thing drives me nuts too.

My ex husband always said he did not like vegetables. Well when I saw how his family served them I knew why. Horrible over cooked canned stuff. Nothing fresh or well prepared.

My ex also said fruit made him sick. Ummm well yeah if you eat a diet devoid of fiber and then inhale a pound of grapes or a couple liters of fresh apple cider in a sitting your going to have some intestonal distress! I wanted to slap him with an empty cider jug!

Oh I have a question...does your man smoke? My husband (not my ex) smokes and it has totally destroyed his taste buds. If a dish is more naturally flavored he has to cover it in some sort of sauce (barbeque, ranch, salad dressing, hot sauce or garlic seasoning so strong we all gag from the smell) or he will not like it. My husband can sit there and eat the most nausiating foods because I don't think he can taste anything.

Maybe you could help him make some simple changes. Maybe you could start by getting some of the whole grain white bread. No it is not perfect but it will at least have more fiber than the gross old school white bread. Instead of pringles maybe you could find a more natural chip he likes or bake him some homemade fries as a treat. Small painless changes might help get things moving in the right direction.
07-16-2009 12:00 PM
rosiem I would book him an appointment with a nutritionist/dietician. Maybe having someone with a fancy degree say the same things you have been saying might convince him?

Because, wow. That is really unhealthy. Zero fiber, zero vitamins, not a lot of minerals, pretty much no complex carbs, and probably enough saturated fat to give an elephant a heart attack. Yikes.
07-16-2009 09:56 AM
Alicia Avocado I know what you mean...the funny thing about it is that his body is probably not used to the healthy foods at all, thus, he has to 'break in' his body to unprocessed natural foods that he needs for optimum health. Even after eating fruit/veg in small quantities daily for a week he would then notice it is not an issue anymore and he will actually feel more energy, and more 'full' from a simple balanced diet. When people's diets are out-of-whack often that leads to them saying "only meat makes me full" because the rest of their diet are empty calories, and instead of "layering" nutrients in their system throughout the day and not having their body cry for what it needs, they seek out the instant gratification of a large block of protein.

He's in denial, and frankly he's not listening to you. When he complains about his intestinal issues, tell him to docxument what he eats in a week and take it to his doctor under the guise that you are concerned about 'food allergies" etc....then he can hear it from a professional and hopefully he will be more open to a change!

Best of luck!
07-16-2009 09:48 AM
J9isyourstar Ok. So. My boyfriend is a HUGE HUGE HUGE carnivore. He has a very high metabolism and claims that he can only get "full" from meat. He has horrible eating/sleep habits- ( goes to bed at 7-8 AM and wakes up at around 4 PM, then makes 2 huge hamburgers on white bread, then eats an entire can of mozzarella cheese stick flavored Pringles at 4 AM. Repeat...)and he has intestinal issues. (Gee, I wonder why.) After a discussion I had with him saying that he needs to incorporate more whole foods in his diet such as veggies, fruits, whole grains, etc., he tells me that he just doesn't like veggies at all. He also says he loves fruit, but that whenever he eats fruit he gets stomach problems. But I'm thinking- he barely ever eats it to begin with, he has stomach problems regardless, and the stories he's told me about where he ate literally 8-9 oranges in one setting and had stomach issues (obviously.), point to that fruit, the only good thing he ever eats, is probably NOT the culprit here! But he still doesn't believe me... it is just hard because we can never make the same meal, and he never wants to try anything I make because he doesn't like veggies, and that is over 75% of what I eat!

I also hate that he blames his problems on the fruit and NOT on the insane amount of meat and processed white flour that he eats. I guess this is more of a rant than anything, but I just feel like he is so blinded.

Thankfully, he is supportive of my vegetarianism and never says anything about it, really. I try to not be in his face constantly about his habits, but its so hard to know that he is ruining his body =[

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