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06-13-2009 09:48 AM
Mrazmitaz I usually eat steel cut oats, but if I make regular oatmeal, I toast the oats in a dry pan first. It gives it a really nice flavor.
06-13-2009 03:59 AM
ibanana I have to make oatmeal bars. Eating it any other way is a no go with me.
06-12-2009 02:27 PM
GingerFoxx I love all kinds of hot grain cereals, whether it be oatmeal, or grits, or cream of wheat/rice or multigrain cereals. I experiment with any number of fruits, nuts/nut butters, spices etc... whatever strikes my fancy. I love them all. Steel-cut oats are fabulous though, I agree.

In the case of grits, I have been known to try savory options using "butter", soy cheese, veggie sausage... I just love to experiment with my hot cereals, adding whatever I have on-hand.
06-12-2009 02:21 PM
Originally Posted by Digger View Post

Can you put oatmeal into a smoothie? I wonder what that would be like.

I have done that before and it turned out fine, thick of course. I made a peanut butter banana milkshake and added oats.
04-26-2009 04:18 PM
AquariaLion Try a tablespoonful of flaxseed oil. Any sort of dried fruits do well, too, like cranberries, mango, papaya, and pineapple. Keep in mind that soymilk is not the only nondairy milk, and you will want to try each nondairy milk first, ecause they do taste differently.
04-26-2009 06:47 AM
GhostUser Just started making a "new version" (new to me) for oats. The night before I mix some fresh strawberries with a little water, lemon juice, and a tiny bit of sucanat. Then the next morning I mush them all up and mix them with the hot oatmeal (I cook them with it at the end so that it's all hot) then I slice bananas on top. YUM-E
04-25-2009 08:18 AM
ReaganNC I'm enjoying a yummy bowl now with a little bit of earth balance and agave nectar. I also like it with maple syrup. Oooh and fruit, nuts, raisins. So many ways to enjoy! I am loving the suggestion of bananas, PB, and agave. maybe that will be on the menu some time this week!
04-25-2009 01:00 AM
Star*Shine cocoa powder (someone on here suggested that thanks!) and sliced strawberries!
04-24-2009 09:20 AM
GhostUser Banana, peanut butter and agave.
04-23-2009 04:51 PM
Earthly Delight hey, i clicked on page five--SD, thanks for the info on how to cook in a crockpot--I was (and am) gonna do it tonight for the first time and happened to stumble on that. excellent: I wasnt 100% sure how much.
04-22-2009 01:11 PM
P2501 Here's a page with a bunch of really delicious looking vegan oatmeal recipes:
04-22-2009 09:15 AM
Nickle00 Splenda and sliced strawberries, blueberries or (my personal favorite) raspberries. Delicous!!
04-22-2009 07:52 AM
zygote Ah, this thread reminded me how I haven't eaten oatmeal in forever!

What I like to do is to use soy or almond milk instead of water to boil it, and then I'll add some frozen blueberries, mash in a banana and and put ground flax seed in the mix too. I do all this while the oats are cooking so I find it more leisurely to use slow cooking oats as opposed to quick oats.

My favourite part of this is that the oatmeal comes out blue!
04-21-2009 06:46 PM
justlissy Just came back to this thread. I'm digging all the ideas. I now have 2 kinds of oatmeal in my cabinets at all times. Funny how I didn't think I liked it a few months ago! Thanks all!
04-15-2009 08:48 PM
Originally Posted by cstadt View Post

There's some kind of no-bake cookies that you can make with chocolate, peanut butter, and raw oats. I'm sure there's some more ingredients but nope, you don't have to cook oats. But I like them cooked.

NO BAKE COOKIES!!!!! My beloved Gram used to make these, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

If anyone wants, I'll dig out the recipe... I miss my Gram.
04-15-2009 08:34 PM
Veg Mommy Mmmm.... I am actually eating steel cut oatmeal right now.

I top my steel cut oatmeal with:

spoonful of crunchy peanut butter



I don't think I can ever go back to the other oatmeal. Steel cut is the best to me!
04-12-2009 12:22 PM
Chucknorrify If you don't like oatmeal, don't eat it! There's plenty of other things to eat that have the same benefits! (If nutrition is what you're after)
03-30-2009 07:33 PM
Originally Posted by fogueira View Post

Okay, so today is my first day of giving up sugar...I thought I'd try Scots oatmeal. I made a batch of the stuff (the tiny pellet slow cook kind, Bob's Red Mill) beforehand with flax and pea protein and let it get the consistency of spackle in the fridge. Then I sliced off some and mixed it with soymilk (Silk enhanced with DHA) and some butter flavor I got from a company which was supposed to be vegan, zapped it for 4 minutes in the microwave, and added salt and black pepper.

I came to this pretty much to suggest trying oatmeal pretty much this way. It's called savory oatmeal and instead of making it all sugary and sweet it's just enhancing the oat flavor. A little olive oil, some fresh ground black pepper and sea salt. Mmmmmm

I'll make mine that way and sometimes have it with an egg or scrambled tofu. Yumtastic. And since there's no sugar it's less likely to cause a crash later. At least that's been my experience with it.
03-28-2009 08:23 PM
Wishuponastar whenever i hear the word oatmeal i always remember how my gram would prepare it for me when i was younger. plain oatmeal with a hole in the middle(like mashed potatoes) filled with brown sugar or honey mmmm

now i might add soy or rice milk to top it off also...
03-25-2009 11:46 AM
Originally Posted by Shamandura View Post

I didnt see if anyone mentioned this, but added rolled oats to homemade veggie burgers is good too.

i did that once with a mushroom 'burger' i made and it came out awesome.
03-25-2009 09:55 AM
Shamandura I didnt see if anyone mentioned this, but added rolled oats to homemade veggie burgers is good too.
03-22-2009 07:37 PM
ShantiTree try just adding some rolled oats into your regular pancake recipe. Just add a little less flour or a little more liquid, measuring is for the birds. My favorite grain combo for pancakes is whole wheat flour, corn meal, oats, and quinoa flour......mmmmmmm

Oh and yeah, instant oatmeal sucks, and you can cook the real stuff just as fast. Just put the oats and water in the pan, 1 part oats to 2 parts water, put your flame on HIGH, don't go too far away, stir often so it doesn't burn. I cook mine until it's thicker than I like, add just a little turbinado sugar at the end (you could add some butter or vegan margarine now too if you want that buttery taste) then add some soy or rice milk to thin it back down to the consistency that you like.
03-20-2009 07:45 AM
soilman You might prefer Barbara's - they're called "oat something" - like shredded wheat, but oats, and much better.

You can also try using oat flour as an ingredient in bread, or muffins, cakes. Oats have more protein per gram than any other grain, and are actually the tastiest grain that I know of. Even raw oats, right off the oat grass, is tastier than raw rye, or raw wheat. And sweet. But you're not going to find that unless you grow your own.

Of course, rolled oats are not really oatmeal - they are rolled oats. Oats are steam-rolled. Means they are precooked. To make instant oats, 1-minute oats, the steam-rolled pieces are broken into smaller pieces. This means when cooking them they will loose more starch, and be "slimyer". Thus "old-fashioned" rolled oats - they are also called "5-minute steamed oats" tend to have a better texture.

My favorite oat porridge, however, are stone-split oats. Whole oats are cracked into 2 to 4 pieces between stones. They take about 20 to 30 minutes to cook. Slightly less if you soak them for 8 to 12 hours first. I like these better than steel-cut oats. Which take about the same time to cook.

When making 5-minute rolled oats, use slightly less water than the package says, and cook covered, under very low heat, not uncovered, as the package says. And cook them for about 6 minutes, not 5. Let sit for 5 minutes after they are finished cooking. It is a bit of a challenge to get the right amount of water absorption and the right texture. You need to experiment a bit with times, and water amounts, and heat levels, vis a vis your particular stove and your particular altitude. These taste very good with nothing but a touch of salt added. Oats are really delicious. You can also put the maple syrup in to replace some of the water. And cook with pecans, that have been cooked for a minute before adding the oats to the water. Also, oats benefit from a couple of teaspoons per serving of untoasted sesame oil, light olive oil, or canola oil, added to the water.
03-19-2009 01:05 PM
printemps I'm a huuuuge fan of oatmeal and all kinds of porridges. Oat is still the best. Oatmeal with soya milk or soya yoghurt and raisins or any berries! Pure love. I also love rye porridge. In Finland we have a huge selection of different kinds of porridge flakes.
03-19-2009 12:58 AM
Frederic I love oatmeal. I eat it a number of ways, but I like it the best topped with with date molasses/paste, soy milk, cinnamon and pumpkin seeds. The date molasses is very sweet so I don't add other fruits.

Another way which is more of a special treat for me (only occasionally!) is to cook it on the stove with water and chopped peaches (tinned or fresh) and mix in a big spoonful of cashew butter just before taking it off the stove. Then I top it with soy milk, maple syrup, and float a piece of margarine on top. Delicious
03-19-2009 12:31 AM
VeganPower! you could do what i do...

add some sugar...not too much

and half a banana...

the other half you can munch on while you eat the oatmeal.

oh and raising...spread liberaly
03-16-2009 01:50 AM
brazilnut I'll have to try the not cooked one. I like brown sugar and nuts in mine. Peaches would be good, or blueberry and peach!
03-15-2009 06:23 PM
Originally Posted by 3LittleBirds View Post

Do you eat it like muesli? I've been wanting to try that.

Also, this is the vegetarian section. Not everyone here is vegan.

Oooposs! I didn't realize what section I was in. I've never had muesli.
03-15-2009 05:27 PM
Originally Posted by veganwayne View Post

I think oatmeal tastes better uncooked. Honey's not vegan.

Do you eat it like muesli? I've been wanting to try that.

Also, this is the vegetarian section. Not everyone here is vegan.
03-15-2009 05:25 PM
GhostUser I think oatmeal tastes better uncooked. Honey's not vegan.
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