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05-26-2006 12:47 PM
orapunzel Wow! I made that Chana Masala recipe from the link you sent me in your PM. It was AWESOME. I even made a 2nd batch to try the suggestions of reader comments afterwards using coconut milk and garam masala. That was "ok" as that... but so much better when I sprinkled in a little sucanat. (I've got a major sweet tooth.) And that went to the "awesome" category, too! (Sorry, just remembered the no sugar for you... but a couple o' drops of stevia might give that a boost, too. )

I think I'll make it again tomorrow. It was so easy and quick.

Anyway, thanks again.

and can't wait to try some of the other stuff you sent. I think I'll make the bean burgers today.
05-24-2006 10:58 AM
im just curious and i dont mean to be too personal, but is the fermented things aversion an allergy? I've never heard of anything like that so sorry for intruding.

lol, its ok.*takes deep breath*... basically, i started out as an average little kid with one food allergy and an undignosed dairy intollerance, until my wellmeaning (grrr!!!) family doctor saw fit to treat my constant runny noses and headaches and blocked sinuses (from the allergies) with tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of high dose antibiotics, on and off, over about 15 years, from when i was aged 3 onwards. this totally messed up my digestive system, (like antibiotics do- by killing the 'good bacteria' too) and consequently weakened my immune system as well (i can try and explain this link further but not now,- don't want to bore everyone, lol). all this gave me a bunch more food intollerances, some environmental allergies, and a huge candida problem from the confused and pretty much anhilated digestive and immmune system.

i don't know how much you know about candida but its a fungus/yeast, and it feeds on sugar, (imagine making bread- the yeast feeds on the sugar to make it rise and making beer- the yeast feeds on the sugar and ferments). its pretty much that concept, but in your body. the thing about candida, is that if you catch it fast, and treat it properly, and modify your diet to avoid too much of things that encourage it to grow (like sugar and fermented/fermentable things) you can kind of get everything back in balance, and go back to a pretty normal diet (but one thats easy on the junk). if you don't catch it fast, and leave it for a long time undiagnosed (like mine was).... it wanders around your body, messes with everything it comes into contact with, lol, and it becomes pretty [email protected] impossible to get all your natural immune system and 'friendly bacteria' back at 100%, and get them to stay that way, while eating a western diet- one that is high sugar and yeasts and fermented foods. so i have to really stay away from things that feed the lurking candida, like the sugar and fermented things, or i get really sick, lol.

so i'd say i have some allergies, some intollerances, and some special dietary requirements due to a medical condition... lol. its so complicated, lmao. *breathes out*

any questions? lol.
05-24-2006 09:29 AM
sararie I've thought about making a book! esp with all the kids with allergies now. my daughter eats homemade baked goods and fruits and veggies. hubby says she has the healthiest diet around. that happens when there is something you can't have in just about every store-sold/processed food. I too have hit the library. hubby makes fun of me that my hobby is recipe copying. i scour the internet too looking for things. as I told my family, it is much easier to manipulate a recipe changing one ingredient than two or more. i tell them, just check your cabinet and see all the products that contain soybean oil. that is just the start of what she can't have. they still don't get it.
05-23-2006 10:34 PM
porvida im just curious and i dont mean to be too personal, but is the fermented things aversion an allergy? I've never heard of anything like that so sorry for intruding.
05-23-2006 03:52 PM
jeneticallymodified i tend to try and aim for the books that don't have the things i can't have in them to start with, which saves me hassle of trying to switch it- and there are quite a few around now- but it is still pot luck on how good they are. i used to borrow allergy cookery library books and photocopy stuff, cos i'm poor, lol- but i haven't done that for a while.

i have a british book called 'vegetarian cooking without' which i like right now, none of the reciepes in it have any gluten, sugar, yeast, dairy products, meat, fish, or saturated fat- which means i only have to deal with working around stuff i don't like, stuff i can't get hold of, and then additional stuff that i can't eat, like mushrooms, high sugar fruit, and fermented things like vinegar, lol. its all good fun, and feels worth it when after a few months of dabbling you finally master some wheat free, egg free, dairy free, sugar free, almost edible chocolate muffins.... still working on them, lmao. luckily i'm not so picky though, if it doesn't look like a rock and taste like one, (and sometimes if it does) i'll eat it, especially if i made the effort to cook it.

i know that there are some pretty standard rules for switching things, for example there is a wheat flour replacing ratios list somewhere on the net, and similar ones for egg replacing... its just getting them to be spot on in an individual reciepe thats a pain in the bum- its ok when you take the egg out, for example, but if you try and take the egg out and swap it for egg replacer, you gotta try and use the right kind of replacer for the thing you wanna make, and if that works out ok, and you take the wheat out and switch it for another flour combo, it gets fiddly.... and then when you switch the sugar for stevia, then it all turns to crud, lol.

lemme know if you do make a book, us allergic types could use any help thats available, i might buy it, lol!
05-23-2006 03:27 PM
sararie do your cookbooks help with being able to swap for the no soy/dairy/egg and other allergens? I have yet to find any that really do. Your recipes do sound yummy. I just keep hunting for things, since my daughter has all these allergies and I will be on a similar diet once #2 comes so I can BF also. vegweb does have some good stuff..i just sometimes think it might be a little easier to just whip out my own book. I've been copying down things that I find. thanks!
05-23-2006 10:00 AM
jeneticallymodified its ok, lol, glad i could do something for somebody else .

and i know how it feels to be thinking 'what the he!! am i supposed to eeeaaaaaatttt????' lol, so i can relate to how you must have felt when you first posted.

i still do it all the time, lol.. and i've got years of experience in not being able to eat certain stuff and learning how to swap it around with stuff i can eat, i have some cookery books and reciepes, and i've got plenty of time on my hands, so i've not got much of an excuse for it these days, lol.

ps: happy anniversary!
05-22-2006 08:58 PM
orapunzel Thanks a TON!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to try all this stuff. In fact, I think I'll make the one that uses the chana masala recipe to which you gave me the link as part of... on thursday since DH and I couldn't get a sitter. (It's our wedding anniversary.)

Again, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to write all this out for me. It has helped me a great deal!!!
05-21-2006 04:46 PM
jeneticallymodified ok, so it turned into 4 messages, cos you're only allowed 5000 letters per message or something, and i waffled on a lot. i do that a lot. if you can, i'd cut and paste them into a word doc or similar, then cut out the waffle bits as required lol.

hope it helps.and lemme know if i did it right!... i'm off to try and make some wheat free sugar free weird vegan ginger cookies now, lmao.... wish me luck, i'll be needing it!
05-21-2006 04:24 PM
orapunzel Sure! Go ahead and PM.

Can't wait to get 'em and try them out!

Thanks a bunch!!!
05-21-2006 01:43 PM
jeneticallymodified glad to have helped i have typed the receipes up for you. is it ok if i PM them to you instead of posting them here?

i think i'm supposed to request a reciepe form or something to post reciepes to the reciepe forum on this site or something, and i'm a 'quite-newbie' here, lol, and it sounds a bit technical and like a hassle to do that if it's just for you, when i could just PM them to ya, instead of posting a big pile of recipes to a thread and possibly getting told off for it.
05-21-2006 07:21 AM
orapunzel Wow! I'm impressed - what great ideas you have written up!!

I love the soy-sauce replacement idea. Can't wait to try that.

One question - what's the lowdown on oats? Some say gluten-free and some not. One person told me that it depended on the field in which their grown and whether or not the farmer rotates their crop with wheat (and thus potential for the contamination). Just curious?

Bean burgers! I forgot all about these. (See what a little memory jog does?) What's your fav recipe? I have one for garbanzo bean and oat burgers. It's good but not great.

I know that brand of rice pasta you suggested, and I buy them frequently. Yes, much less problem with mush.

I'll look up the shepherdless pie. (Think I saw a reference to someone saying it's posted here somewhere.)

I'm definitely game for any recipes you'd lilke to post. I've not done much with Indian-style cooking... so that would be new for me. And even though I've had a lot of garbanzo beans, I'm still curious about something with tomato sauce.

I do have a recipe for a rice spring roll that I forgot all about.

Oh and those British patties you mentioned sound great. Would love that recipe, too. And while you're at it - the Eggplant too? Please?

Thanks again for your post... I feel like I've got choices again!
05-20-2006 12:12 PM
jeneticallymodified ok... i sympathise, amongst other things i'm fermented things free, sugar free, gluten free, and wheat free, etc, lol. its a pain in the @ss and sometimes you just go completely blank on what to eat.

off the top of my head, i'm thinking......

stir fried veggies with rice or rice noodles, you could do a few varients on this before it gets boring, adding fruits like pineapple and all sorts of different veggies. i hear you saying 'no soy sauce tho!!!' aparently you can make a pretty decent substitute by mixing: 240ml/8fl.oz Molasses with 90ml/3fl.oz. Balsamic Vinegar, and adding sugar to taste.

I'd also try making a few soups- if you can find a stock without soy, great, if not, you can use loads of herbs, or even watered down veggie juices of the V8 style, and spice mixes to add flavour. i make big vat loads of soups and freeze them in serving sized pots, its really handy when you're pushed for time and energy. also, you can make little corn breads and basic savory scones- substitute rice flour for the wheat flour in a reciepe (goes well with soup) and freeze them too.

You can make your own bean based burgers, loads of different ones, using oat or millet flakes or instant mashed potato flakes to bind them- use pumpkin and sunflower seeds instead of nuts if you need a crunch factor- i often do this to use up left over lentil based chill and spagetti bolognase sauces, adding canned beans and grated veggies, etc.

on the subject- there is chilli- use canned brown lentils instead of soy or mince, and don't over cook it or the lentils turn to mush, same with spagetti bolognase- use a rice pasta with this- if you can get it, 'tinkiyada' is the best rice pasta ever- not mushy or slimy, but its canadian, i don't know if you can get it where you are. there is 'shepherdless pie', made with lentils, veggies, tomato sauce, and the fake soy sauce mix to add depth of flavour, topped with mashed potato.

also, i really love a lot of indian veggie based dishes, and things like shredded cabbage with frozen peas thrown in, sweated in a little oil with cumin seeds, and a pinch of cayenne, and tumeric, cooked in a pot with a lid till soft with garam masala sprinkled on the top, or cooked chopped potatoes pan fried in a ginger and garlic spiced mix, that go crunchy and spicy with a fluffy centre, or chick peas in a spicy tomato sauce with broccoli florets on the top (i have the reciepes for all of these somewhere if you're interested i could try and type them up!) but you're sick of chickpeas so maybe try other beans.

you could even make veggie samosas and spring rolls using rice wrappers, and try popadums- you can buy them in the indian section of the supermarket and just microwave em. also there is the classic 'bubble and squeak' - its a british thing, its shredded cooked cabbage and onions, mixed with roughly mashed potatoes, salt and pepper, made into patties, and shallow fried till crispy on the outside- tastes lush with ketchup and fills a big hole for breakfast or any meal- especially with canned baked beans.

you can make roasted italian style veggies and potatoes- throw a mix of veggies and baby tomatoes into the oven with garlic and rosemary and cover in foil till theyre done.... stuffed eggplant halves -scoop out the middle and fry it a little, then mix with fried onion, canned lentils, tomato paste, spices, cooked chopped carrot, and any beans you fancy, and then bake.... etc etc etc. loads of rice based salads, and veggie and seed salads, with different vinigarette based dressings. try and use loads of different fruits and veggies, and spices and herbs for variety.

i'm a member of some allergy cookery groups on yahoo, they're not vegan, but they're really good at inventing their own substitutions for things if you ask them, (like the soy sauce!) and if you google 'wholeapproach' for their website, they have some boards with lots of wheat and soy free muffin and cookie reciepes, etc, (its a candida reciepe site, so while most of them eat meat, they're avoiding soy and dairy and wheat and sugar too).

i'd also try and take a trip round my local supermarket and pick out fruits and veggies i've never tried before, and give them a shot, just for fun.

also, try looking on at their tonnes of reciepes, and edit stuff- don't be afraid to switch it around and replace stuff you can't have, with stuff you can!

hope this helps, let me know if you need more suggestions, lol, i'm on a roll today!
05-20-2006 10:35 AM
orapunzel I have all these flours. Problem is, most of my regular dishes don't use flour. And if they's in an item that's pre-made. I love to cook but I really don't want to get intensive. (Like making rice floured ravioli isn't my cup of tea. ykwim?)

Thanks anyway.

Anyone else?
05-20-2006 01:52 AM
Neta558 If you can find flour from rice or corn, it can vary your meals a little. there's also cheakpeas flour which is great for a lot of recipes. I don't have any recipe in my mind at the moment, but I've used these flours to replace regular flour in a lot of dishes and most of them came out fine.
05-19-2006 10:17 PM
orapunzel I'm nursing a baby who has not only gotten real sensitive to soy and nuts but also now to wheat and quite possibly gluten.

If I want to get sleep, it's best that I avoid these things. Yes, there have been times when I've been willing to forego the decent night's sleep in order to quence a flavor need.

But for the most part lately, I've avoided these things altogether... but it's getting real hard to find some tasty recipes.

Yeah, I know, with such avoidances, it's putting in a tall order to find help... but I figured if anyone could help you it's the folks here.

I know the dishes will be vegetable and/or fruit heavy as there's not much else left (few "grains" from which to choose). That's fine. It's just that I've eaten way too many chickpea dishes, veggie quesadillas (organic corn tortillas in case you were wondering) and curry thai dishes the last 3 weeks. I love all this stuff but... I need some variety. And I'm hitting the proverbial wall for creativity.

Can you help?

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