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  1. Mr. H.
    06-17-2018 05:37 PM - permalink
    Mr. H.
    Good discussion on cheese on a different forum
  2. rylielovessoftball
    06-10-2018 06:23 PM - permalink
    Hmm...I never tried frozen grapes. I'll have to try them. Next weekend, We head south toward San Diego for a tourney, so...I'll have to take some frozen grapes with me.

    I've froze pineapple before and like it for smoothie fodder. I've never had papaya before. I absolutely love bananas. I love them just as they've changed from green to yellow. I use the ones that turn brown for banana bread. I also like to keep banana chips in my bag but would like to make my own.
  3. Mr. H.
    06-10-2018 03:31 PM - permalink
    Mr. H.
    My favorite frozen fruit is grapes. Not only can the be eaten frozen or thawed. but if you keep them in the cooler they help keep everything else cold. Just stick them in the freezer overnight. Easy, no mess, no clean up.

    Whenever I buy a pineapple or papaya i freeze about half of it for smoothies later. and when every i have a brown banana i peel it and stick it in the freezer. that way you never run out of fruit in the middle of a smoothie.
  4. rylielovessoftball
    06-10-2018 11:45 AM - permalink
    That sucks when you run out of fruit for a smooothie, lol. I was in the middle of making a smoothie with watermelon, kale and a few other things and ran out of watermelon. I was disappointed. I did what you were saying about and put some almond milk in and it was pretty good too. Also frozen watermelon is one of my favorite things for when I am playing softball in the summer when we're out in Palm Springs or somewhere hot to stay hydrated.

    I did see that play on TV. It was a great double play. I am a UCLA fan and was to a few of their games this season.
  5. Mr. H.
    06-08-2018 10:44 PM - permalink
    Mr. H.
    I have been having fruit smoothies almost every afternoon. Yesterday I ran out of Mango. and then today I only had a half a cup of pineapple juice and a banana. So I added a half of a cup of soy milk. And it was surprisingly good. Like a pina colada but without the coconut and rum.

    Hey, did you see this double play