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  1. Hrodrik
    05-15-2019 09:12 AM - permalink
    Hello! I've seen one post of your about having problems with Crohn's, and I'd like to ask you about if it got any progress.

    I am having hard digestive problems as well for more then 3 years, and it's been very very hard to eat in any diet. Specially vegan.

    Untill now all the doctors insisted only with IBS, stress management and so on. But recently I found a new doctor that prescribed me so many exams: breath test for SIBO, blood tests, endoscopy (tomorrow) and colonoscopy (one month forward).

    I'm afraid I might have colitis or chron's. And I always see people saying that you have to give up all grains, starch, beans, seeds and some fruits. And I am feeling very lost e worried.