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sleepydvdr 04-19-2012 06:55 PM

On vacation at Carolina Beach, I ate at both Pita Delights today (a few hours apart). They only have locations in North Carolina, so I thought this thread would fit in the North Carolina section. The first one visited was in Wilmington (College St). Well call that PD-W. The one in Carolina Beach (Carolina Beach Rd), well call PD-CB. There are 2 more locations, but they are nowhere near here.

PD-W was far more busy than PD-CB. But thats not surprising because that area is busier. The atmosphere at PD-W was lit brighter and seemed more inviting. However, the staff at PD-CB was friendlier, engaging in conversation more. Thats probably because PD-W was too busy to talk much.

At both places, I ordered the same thing: a falafel wrap with side salad. They have their own name brand of Lebanese Fajita Sauce that they also sell bottles of (of which I bought one). Well come back to that. The menu lists a standalone side salad as not having any cheese on it. Therefore, I assumed the side salad option with your meal would be fine. Nope, if you get one with your meal, it comes with feta. At the second location, I ordered that meal without the feta. Their house dressing is merely oil, vinegar and some spices. You also could get the Fajita Sauce as a dressing of choice.

So, how was the food, you ask? It was consistently good at both locations. They even had it down to the same toppings perfectly (one Kalama olive, one green olive, a Peperoncini pepper and a pickle spear on top. Both wraps tasted identical, which is good for consistency. The wraps cost $6.99, which is a bit high for what you get (about a Big Mac sized sandwich). But at least its healthy and vegan (if you remember the salad thing).

The Fajita Sauce is vegan. I emailed them this morning and got a response very quickly. I bought 2 bottles of it and will send one to a friend. As it happens, they were coincidentally running a buy 1 get 1 free special. That sauce runs $4.99 a bottle. I am a little confused about the name Lebanese Fajita Sauce. It contains lemon juice and tahini mostly. It has nothing to do with fajita type spices. I think they probably thought Fajita Sauce sounded more exciting that Tahini Sauce. Or less scary to people who dont know what tahini is.

To conclude, I had good experiences at both locations. The staff was friendly and the food tasted great. They have other veg-friendly stuff like a veggie wrap with cheese, a hummus wrap, a plate with falafel and hummus, etc. Ok, so its not a huge variety for vegetarians. But at least they are trying. Better than most restaurants out there.

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