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Vegan Thanksgiving Potluck - Las Vegas

ElaineV's Avatar ElaineV
10:31 AM 10-23-2012

Vegas Veg presents...


ThanksLiving Dinner!


A vegan Thanksgiving dinner & vegan bake sale open to the public!


Please join us for a very pheasant event celebrating birds. It will be the best Thanksgiving meal you've feather had and you'll have nothing to grouse about. Best of all you can help Vegas Veg raise money for Farm Sanctuary's fantastic Adopt a Turkey project.


When: Saturday, November 17th 2012 at 2:30pm

Where: Buena Vista Clubhouse at 7646 Allano Way, Las Vegas, NV

Cost*: $5 for dinner; $2 per baked good.

Ages: All ages. There will be a special "kid's corner" with toys and books for the little ones.



Please RSVP at meetup here:

or RSVP at facebook here:!/events/562025903827083/



*Cost of dinner only applies to attendees who do not bring a vegan potluck dish to share. If you would like to bring a vegan potluck dish please ensure that it serves at least 5 people and is 100% vegan. Please bring the recipe to share as well as any utensils needed to serve the dish.

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Poppy's Avatar Poppy
11:20 AM 10-23-2012
Wish I could be there!!! I'd bring my tart apple, "sausage" and leek stuffing with mushroom gravy. I'll bet it will be a wonderful event! thumbsup.gif
ElaineV's Avatar ElaineV
05:21 AM 11-30-2012

Event Recap:


About 40 people attended and there was a fantastic spread of vegan food. We were able to cover our event costs by asking for donations from anyone who didn't bring a potluck dish to share and through the bake sale. We were even able to donate the surplus $107 to Farm Sanctuary.


We asked people if they were vegetarian, vegan, or neither when they checked in at the event. Out of 40 attendees, 13 were not vegan. Next year we will try to reach out more to the public and try to get more nonvegans to attend.


When they checked in they received a "Happy Tofurky Day" pin and a printout of Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's Prayer for Humans on Behalf of Animals.


There were about 7 children in attendence and they all seemed to have a good time. The age range went all the way up to about 80-something.


All in all it was a good event and I think most people enjoyed themselves.

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