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Naturebound 08-29-2013 04:27 AM

Just wondering if anyone is planning to participate in this walk?  I am signed up, doing some fundraising, and psyched to do the walk on September 7th!  This is my first event of this sort so I am both excited and nervous.  I rarely go to Minneapolis but I am planning to try out Hard Times Café while I am there and spending the night in the Twin Cities with my husband.  Although he is an omnivore, he is coming with me on the walk.  I would love to meet some veggie board members there!

Naturebound 08-29-2013 04:28 AM

Forgot to share my fundraising page in case anyone is interested!


Also, if anyone anywhere has done this walk in any city I would love to hear your experience.  Thanks!

Naturebound 09-08-2013 08:01 AM

Just wanted to share I did the walk yesterday!!!  And I was able to do my first ever leafleting and handed out over 20 Farm Sanctuary and Veganism brochures!  Not bad for a one hour 3.3 mile walk and my first time.  Most people were kind and took one, but a few refused.  A few people showed an interest and wanted to know more and they listened while I explained.  This was my first major activist event and I was scared to death (I am also an extreme introvert and very shy) but after an initial push by another member who showed me  how to leaflet I forced myself to walk up to every single person who walked by, regardless of age, gender, culture, etc and ask them if they were interested in some literature about Farm Sanctuary and veganism.   I did this until I gave every single brochure I had away.  and I continued to smile and say hi while people read the vegan shirt I wore (in my user pic).  Other walkers asked me afterwards what I thought of the negative comments directed my way after giving out leaflets but honestly I tuned them out and didn't even hear them because I was so focused on getting the information out there and how to do it effectively and the negativity and obnoxious comments would have just distracted and discouraged me if I let it get to me (after all I wasn't doing this for myself and my own feelings) so I chose to ignore them and keep going.  It was an effective strategy I found to cope with so far but I think I have a lot to learn but it was my first time and hopefully it will make a difference in at least one of those people.  Over 90 people showed up for the walk and a lot of people carried signs and we had a great time!  We raised $5000 for Farm Sanctuary and the animals there and for more activism for the unfortunate animals still being abused and used as food commodities with no thought for their well being.  The food was great too and I loved getting to meet the huge variety of vegans and vegetarians.  Some were long term vegans + ten years and some were new but everyone was compassionate about the cause.  We worked hard too!   And even non vegetarian family members helped support the cause, including my husband!  I encourage everyone to check out Walk for Farm Animals website and find a city near you that is doing this walk.  Most major cities in the U.S. are doing it through November.  It is a great opportunity to leaflet and get the word out there.  I am pumped to do more now and want to start something up here where I live (while juggling school and work).  Overall the event was a success.  BTW Hard Times Café was great too!  I had the falafel sandwich and my husband had the biscuits and gravy.

Werewolf Girl 09-08-2013 04:32 PM

That's awesome! Thank you for walking for the animals. smiley.gif

Naturebound 09-08-2013 05:37 PM

Originally Posted by Werewolf Girl View Post

That's awesome! Thank you for walking for the animals. smiley.gif


Thanks for the support!  :)

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