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sparrow48161 06-18-2008 01:49 PM

Do these words sound familiar to you... alternative, green, recyclable, vegan, energy star, eco-friendly, naturopathic, re-usable, herbal, bio-friendly, smart, energy efficient, vegetarian, natural, solar, etc?????

Come join the Green Track!!!

First Green Geek Meeting Subject : Bring on the Brain Storms

Date: June 22, 2008

Time: 4pm

Location: Monroe, MI Email for Address and Directions

*If you can't make this meeting, but you are interested in helping, giving input, or just have a great idea you need to share, please email me*

This year, I'm heading the invention of a brand new track. We're calling this the Green Track, not to be confused with the Green Room. Penguicon 7.0 will most likely have it's usual Green Room for Special Guests, however, that has nothing to do with the Green Track. The Green Track will be making sure we're moving closer to being a "leave no trace" convention, making the earth a little friendlier for the next con. Now, I'm not saying we're all turning into tree hugging hippies, but for those of us interested in hugging the trees, we'll be welcome to do so

As the first order of business, we're trying to tackle the food issue right away. We want to know what you want to eat, some of you are happy with pounds and pounds of muenster cheese, but some of us need a little variety. Let us know if you have food preferences, allergies, sensitivities, or favorites. We're working with the guys in hospitality to make it happen. Also, if you're somehow affiliated with any local, southeast Michigan restaurants, or food distributors that would be interested in sponsoring a meal or donating snacks, get in contact with us now.



[email protected]

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