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Valley Vegfest in Northampton March 29

Valley Vegfest's Avatar Valley Vegfest
08:19 AM 01-18-2014

Please join us for the very first Valley Vegfest, featuring passionate speakers, vegan food vendors, veg-friendly products and services, and non-profit organizations dedicated to animal welfare, healthy living, and environmental advocacy. Come discover joyful, compassionate, and delicious veg living in the beautiful Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts!


Saturday, March 29, 2014 from 10AM-4PM at the JFK Middle School in Northampton, MA.

We are thrilled to be featuring these great speakers:

  • Jenny Brown, co-founder of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
  • Neal Hornish, of the Compassionate Living Project
  • Dr. Kumara Sidhartha, MD, physician and nutrition expert
  • Hannah Kaminsky, vegan pastry chef and cookbook author

See all the details at

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LedBoots's Avatar LedBoots
09:05 AM 01-18-2014
Good luck with the fest! Our looks like great fun! smiley.gif
drsmokey's Avatar drsmokey
08:55 AM 02-05-2014

Awesome!  I will be there.  I look forward to the food vendors :D

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drsmokey's Avatar drsmokey
10:59 AM 02-26-2014

bump :D


I'm not sure if the OP even visits here, but if you do, is there an update for the food vendors yet?  That is my favorite part of veggie fest.  I really don't care about the talks that much.  They would be preaching to a member of the choir.  


Except Ms Kaminsky might be interesting.  It always comes back to food for me :P

Valley Vegfest's Avatar Valley Vegfest
07:36 PM 03-04-2014

We are also happy to announce the addition of Q&A sessions--
small group discussions throughout the day on a variety of topics:

Effective Activism - with Pattrice Jones of VINE sanctuary
Interacting with Non-veg Family Members – with Casey Taft, Ph.D.
Raising Vegan Children – with Maribeth Abrams, M.S
Your Favorite Dishes Turned Vegan – with Nicole Graziano, M.Ed.
GMO Food and Agrochemical Concerns – with Ed Stockman, M.S.

drsmokey's Avatar drsmokey
11:52 AM 03-21-2014

I was discussing this with friends yesterday and this question came up: "Will the event be dog friendly?"

Valley Vegfest's Avatar Valley Vegfest
07:10 PM 03-27-2014

This is a public school, so only registered guide dogs are allowed.

Valley Vegfest's Avatar Valley Vegfest
12:11 PM 03-28-2014

Valley Vegfest 2104 Schedule


10:30 AM
Discussion Room
Q&A: Raising Vegan Children
Maribeth Abrams, M.S. -- Nutrition Consultant

11:00 AM
Community Room
Neil Hornish, Compassionate Living Project

11:15 AM
Demonstration: Introduction to Sprouts

David Lovler
11:30 AM
Discussion Room
Q&A: Your Favorite Dishes Turned Vegan

Nicole Graziano, M.Ed.
12:15 PM
Community Room
Jenny Brown, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

12:30 PM
Discussion Room
Q&A: Interacting with Non-Veg Family Members
Casey Taft, Ph.D. -- co-founder, Vegan Publishers

1:30 PM
Discussion Room
Q&A: Effective Activism
Pattrice Jones -- VINE Sanctuary

1:45 PM
Community Room
Dr. Kumara Sidhartha, Physician and Nutritionist

2:15 PM
Demonstration: Advanced Sprouts
David Lovler

2:30 PM
Discussion Room
Q&A: GMO Food and Agrochemical Concerns
Ed Stockman, M.S. -- Massachusetts Right to Know GMOs

3:00 PM
Community Room
Hannah Kaminsky, Author and Pastry Chef

3:30 PM
Discussion Room
Q&A: Raising Healthy Vegan Dogs and Cats



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