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ashleywatson 11-18-2008 04:05 PM

We are a group of vegan activists that work to creatively better the lives of animals. We have vegan potlucks/meetings you can learn more here:

Some of our members are also helping another local group SOAR to pass an anti-chaining ordinance in Lexington for dogs. If you are interested in helping them here is their info:

Next SOAR meeting:

Nov. 23, Sunday

2-3pm, Good Foods community room

Review of chaining ban by LFUCG Services Committee

Dec. 2, 1pm

200 E. Main St.

Main council chamber -- open to public

This is the first and most important big test of the proposed chaining ban. The Services Committee is made up of several council members who will rigorously evaluate the issue before deciding whether to send it on to the entire council to vote on. Please attend this meeting. Even if you don't want to make any comments to the committee, we desperately need bodies in the audience to show support for the chaining ban. SOAR will make a presentation to the committee. We also have t-shirts available to wear to show our solidarity at this event. Contact Tracy at [email protected] if you're interested in a t-shirt. And please tell your friends, neighbors and strangers in the street about this important event.

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