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Alabama Visiting Mobile for Family Reunion- What to expect?

veganladie's Avatar veganladie
12:53 AM 07-13-2008
Hello Everyone-

I am a vegan from Los Angeles and believe I will be entering a no-man's land for my visit. My Husband's family is having a family reunion and know one quite understands what being a vegan is. What are my options for finding organic produce and packaged foods such as rice milk? How do you Mobilians survive?

ANY input is helpful!
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Animosity's Avatar Animosity
12:43 PM 07-19-2008
I cannot really help you because I live in the Birmingham area... However I can say that most Walmarts (as disgusting of a store as they are) sell boxed soy/rice milk as well as a few faux "meats". Vegan soy cheese is not findable unless you come across a decent health food store... Organic produce I would suggest checking out a farmers market... It might not be organic but it will be local. I suggest checking google for local health food stores...
Irish NDN's Avatar Irish NDN
04:17 AM 07-20-2008
In reply to the lady coming from L.A. to Mobile:

I have had good success locating most vegetarian and vegan food items at Virginia's Health Foods, in the PineBrook shopping center on Airport Blvd. They just moved into this (much larger) location earlier this month, and their inventory is quite extensive. They are also adding a lunch area and juice bar. Virginia's has been in Mobile for decades, and is well established. The owner is very friendly and knowlegable regarding the products.

In addition, I regularly purchase both vegan, and vegetarian, foods from Bruno's, SuperWalmart, and Food World grocery store chains here. Bruno's is the more upscale of the three, and has an aisle for such foods. Food World and WalMart have a limited selection of vegetarian/vegan "cheese", veggie "meats" and a few other things, in the produce section. All these stores have veggie "meats" products in the frozen foods section. WalMart has "Amy's" brand frozen dinners, and a few "Annie's" brand boxed products. WalMart and Bruno's carry soy "ice creams". All these stores have organic produce sections, clearly marked as such.

As to restaurants in Mobile, try all the Asian ones, of course: Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese. Also, Cuisine of India (Delhi Palace) on Airport Blvd. is good food. The Purple Onion, and Jerusalem Cafe, might have some vegan friendly stuff. I'd call first, tho. You can also ask the manager/staff at Virginia's for recommendations on eating out vegan here.

Welcome! and no, we aren't totally out of the veggie loop down here in the deep south. In fact, you'd be surprised how many veg-heads live down here! LOL
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ndehiliyadda's Avatar ndehiliyadda
08:00 AM 08-12-2008
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cstadt's Avatar cstadt
10:58 AM 09-15-2008
I grew up in Mobile. Some of the restaurants are veg-friendly. None are strictly veg.

Like others said, most supermarkets carry rice milk and tofu and things. NOT Wal-mart Neighborhood markets. YOu have to go to the big ones for tofu, at least.

Target is okay, too.

On Shillinger, there's a health food store called the Health Hut. It's tiny but it has a bunch of things you might need/want
cstadt's Avatar cstadt
10:59 AM 09-15-2008
Sorry, I just realized how old this thread is
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