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New Hampshire Activist Groups Near Manch-vegas

Desira's Avatar Desira
02:26 PM 02-16-2009
Does anyone know of any activist groups in Manchester? I'm interested in joining some when I get a chance, but I don't know of any, but I have heard of them. Like the group that keeps picketing PetLand in the Hannaford Plaza, I just don't know any group names/where they meet/all that jazz.
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GingerFoxx's Avatar GingerFoxx
11:20 AM 02-17-2009
I live in good ol' Manch-Vegas as well, and I am not familiar with any veg*n or animal rights groups. If you hear of any, let me know. It would be nice to gain some local veggie friends...

*says with the innocence of a 5 year old* Wanna be my friend? ^_-
Desira's Avatar Desira
04:57 AM 02-18-2009
Of course ^^ I'm known as the teenager who rides a horse down Candia Road everyday, if you drive on that road around 3-5pm you've probably seen me -nods-
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