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Florida So we've got South and Central, how about North?

04:30 AM 10-06-2009
gainesville rocks. i iive 6 miles out of town on 6 acres. so nice to enjoy all the benefits of rural living, and be so close to a decent sized city. not to mention that you're in the middle of the state, in easy striking range to either coast.
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04:35 AM 10-06-2009
Originally Posted by cathiasplace View Post

Well, there are people there working (construction) and a sign saying "Coming Soon Whole Foods". So, I'm hoping it'll be a reality soon.

I have to say that's the worse thing about Jacksonville being so spread out. I am really excited about having a WF though. I like Native Sun for some stuff, but I really like WF.

i didn't care for the road system in jax. from gainesville, i just hop on 75. got a house in clearwater too, and they've redone the interstate going through tampa. it's really nice, i think. all in all, i don't deal with too much congestion on the roads. in jax, at least when i was there, it was terrible.
jerect's Avatar jerect
02:00 PM 01-31-2010
I actually live in GA but I'm on 20 minutes north of J-vill.. Not a lot of vegans or vegetarians in my town.. however my Publix is pretty good about stocking vegan and vegetarian products.. usually I go down to Native Sun or Whole Foods twice a year and stock up on my bulk foods..

If any one in my area would like to meet up. give me a holla.. I would love some veggie friends
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AaronInFlorida's Avatar AaronInFlorida
12:54 AM 12-30-2012

Ocala. GF used to live in Jacksonville and talked about the farmer's market under the bridge? Hope to visit and check that out soon.

Shadowlock's Avatar Shadowlock
10:44 AM 01-18-2013

I'm in Belleview and there is nothing here veg related. I wish we lived closer to a bigger city like Gainesville or Jacksonville.

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