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Animal friendly Cigarettes??

Glow Fly's Avatar Glow Fly
07:54 AM 08-22-2008

I need a bit of help...

Does anyone know any animal friendly (e.g. non animal - tested)

Cigarettes sold in the UK?

I know for a fact that the Cigarette brand "American Spirit"

Have been applauded by Peta for there Animal friendly policy

But of course there not sold in the UK, and ordering in from

Over-seas would not be suitable for me

I know full-well the risks of smoking and that Im being very stupid

But I would like to do so without supporting any form of animal

Testing please I know of the terrible tests carried out in

The name of cigarette companies and I do not wish to be part of this

I have no plans to smoke once I have a family that

Depend on me but for now, while Im young and stupid

I intend to do so

I would be very thankful for any help with this xxx
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Porffor's Avatar Porffor
08:34 AM 08-22-2008
If your young and stupid - then well done on choosing to be veggie - but err extend that to your own health and quit smoking... having watched my Mother in law die of emphysemia and my mother die of smoking related cancer .. don't seek ethical fags.. quit 'em!

Normally functioning lungs are elastic, efficiently expanding and recoiling as air passes freely through the bronchus to the alveoli, where oxygen is moved into the blood and carbon dioxide is filtered out. When a person inhales cigarette smoke or certain other irritants, his or her immune system responds by releasing substances that are meant to defend the lungs against the smoke. These substances can also attack the cells of the lungs, but the body normally inhibits such action with the release of other substances. In smokers and those with the inherited defect, however, no such prevention occurs and the lung tissue is damaged in such a way that it loses its elasticity. The small passageways (bronchioles) leading to the alveoli collapse, trapping air within the alveoli. The alveoli, unable to recoil efficiently and move the air out, over expand and rupture. As the disease progresses, coughing and shortness of breath occur. In the later stages, the lungs cannot supply enough oxygen to the blood. Emphysema often occurs with other respiratory diseases, particularly chronic bronchitis. These two diseases are often referred to as one disorder called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Emphysema is most common among people aged 50 and older. Those with inherited emphysema may experience the onset as early as their thirties or forties. Men are more likely than women to develop emphysema, but female cases are increasing as the number of female smokers rises.

Alicia Avocado's Avatar Alicia Avocado
10:07 AM 08-22-2008
Quit smoking, seriously.

I did, and I feel a lot better for it. Smoking cigarettes (health wise) is worse than eating meat. I know it is tough, but the money you will save, and your health, will thank you for it.

You can do it!
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10:44 AM 08-22-2008
While not cigarettes, I smoke the occasional Cuban cigar. The tobacco leaves are hand selected and rolled into cigars by hand with no additives. The manufacturers do not test on animals. Even the cigar label is sealed with nothing more than flour and water.

So forget about the boring ciggies and enjoy a proper Habano.
thalestral's Avatar thalestral
12:35 PM 08-22-2008
Since 1995 no animals have been used to test tobacco or tobacco products in the UK, apparently. But companies can still test abroad, they just can't do so in the UK itself.

I don't know anything about cigarette brands myself, but judging from trying to find other animal friendly products, I'd say you'd probably have to look up each brand individually to find out if they are okay.

This might help
Loki's Avatar Loki
03:47 PM 08-22-2008
Get yourself some rizlas and some tobacco! It's cheaper, and it's probably a bit more animal friendly.

But what do I know? Well, even if it isn't any more animal friendly, it's still cheaper!
Tablaqueen's Avatar Tablaqueen
12:42 AM 08-26-2008
It's better for the environment if you quit, because tobacco is being grown in a lot of places where it would be better if they grew food, and litter from cigarettes (not to mention all the trees used for the paper!) is a big problem only getting worse. Better if you smoke a pipe than fags but still not very environmental.

Just thought I'd mention that.

Besides those Spirit fags are actually owned now by big business, they are not an independent company anymore.
kat's Avatar kat
02:47 AM 08-26-2008
Another one for giving up the smoking. But if you really don't want to give up, maybe have a look at Holland and Barrat, I think they have some sort of herbal tobacco, which may be slightly healthier.
go_vegan's Avatar go_vegan
03:27 PM 08-26-2008
I agree with the others, I know a young girl who is now an orphan becuase both her parents died within 3years of each other from cancer both brought

on by smoking.

A funny story about the Holland & Barret cigarrets that happend to me, I was doing a stall once with a friend who smoked. I went to H&B to get us some snacks , my friend smoked and I bought him some of the herbal ciggs sold in H&B.

He opened the pack in a pub we went to after the stall, and proceeded to lite it. The smell was quite strong and very "herbal!!"

Within a minutes we had security surrounding us ,who themselves seemed quite unsure of what do to and shocked that somebody would be openly smoking what they thought to be illegal drugs.

The police had also been called, and we too could smell the cigarrets and were ourselves shocked. The staff seemed nice enough and I, in a rather confused state explained and showed the receipt that I boght the cigarrets earlier that day in H&B.

My friend put out the cigarret,and the police were called off.

Luckily we were in the clear and well, we were the laughing stock of absoloulty everybody in the pub, it was sooo funny . So maybe not a good idea to try the herbal cigarrets from Holland and Barret unless you are going to sit in a empty field miles from anyone lol.
IamJen's Avatar IamJen
03:41 PM 08-26-2008
You can buy American Spirits at all sorts of UK-based online shops, and I've seen their logo in a couple of brick and mortar places as well.

That said, I think you summed it up well when you said that you were being stupid for smoking in the first place.
Pirate Ferret's Avatar Pirate Ferret
03:57 PM 08-26-2008
There's definately a veggie cig brand. I don't know what one though, sorry! I just remember a woman's cigs being sold out and she was offered another brand and said "oh no i cant have that one its not vegetarian" and i laughed.
05:01 PM 08-26-2008
Originally Posted by MrFalafel View Post

The tobacco leaves are hand selected and rolled into cigars by hand.

On nubile thighs, I believe.
11:10 AM 08-27-2008
Originally Posted by Bof View Post

On nubile thighs, I believe.

I've actually toured a cigar factory in Havana and most of the rollers were guys and no thighs were involved (thankfully)
Cloudygirl's Avatar Cloudygirl
12:47 PM 09-07-2008
Holland and Barratt ciggies smell nothing like weed.
Jessa Solarya
12:43 AM 01-22-2018
Read: vapingdailyDOTcomSLASHsupportSLASHanimals-and-ethical-testing

In Case someone is quitting by reducing and does no longer want to fincance those who do Test.....but still smokes....or needs more Time, i heard the Brand Nat Shermann was not testing.

So its that or smoke natural home grown tobacco from indian reservations or organic small brands, idk which one those are in usa, in europe we got pueblo…..however in long run stop bc this:

Most Cigarettes are tested on Animals in horrible, cruel Experimens, and their Companies are also financing Wars/Opression, like the one against Palastine, Syria etc. and Child Labour!!

Please if you can not stop, at least try limit your use and smoke only organic and cruelty free Brands like Pueblo, Manitou; or Cuban Cigars or home grown Brands, try anyway to stop in the Long run, or smoke just some pure Weed
David3's Avatar David3
12:56 PM 01-22-2018
According to PETA, the Lorillard Tobacco Company (makers of "Newport" brand cigarettes) no longer does animal testing of its tobacco products:

PETA also says that American Spirit cigarettes are not tested on animals: https://peoplefortheethicaltreatment...erican-spirit/

Pueblo cigarettes are made by Poeschl Tabak, a German company: According to PETA, smoking experiments on animals have been banned in Belgium, German, and the UK: https://peoplefortheethicaltreatment...erican-spirit/

If you are a vegan, and you do smoke, it would be best not to proclaim your veganism when you start coughing up a lung. People will assume that you're dying from veganism, rather than from tobacco smoke inhallation.

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