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IamJen 11-20-2007 01:41 PM

received in my email today:


Thanksgiving in the UK

A few years ago, an American and a British journalist were discussing Thanksgiving on a British radio program. The American asked if Thanksgiving was celebrated in the UK.

"Yes," the British journalist replied, "but we celebrate it on the 6th of September."

"Why then?"

"That's when you chaps left."

Received from Thomas Ellsworth.

Amy SF 11-20-2007 05:50 PM

In case anybody doesn't get it, that's the date The Mayflower left England in 1620. Although: According to Wikipedia, the date was actually September 16th per the Old Style Julian Calendar, which was still in use in England at the time. But I thought that when they switched over to the Gregorian calendar, ten days were LOST, not gained. So I think the guy should have said September 26th (per the Gregorian calendar).

Any other history nerds wanna help me out?

IamJen 11-21-2007 03:02 AM

Well, the Gregorian calendar has 10 days less than the Julian version, but whether you go forward or back would be hard to decide. Also, since all the years before that were using the Julian calendar, then wouldn't the date be really off anyway?

Sweet Moses, more than you'd ever want to know about the Gregorian calendar:

LionSpirit 11-21-2007 08:52 AM

Originally Posted by IamJen View Post

Sweet Moses, more than you'd ever want to know about the Gregorian calendar:

Moses wasn't that sweet. He ordered killing and rapes.

IamJen 11-21-2007 09:30 AM

Ooh, now there's a thread.

isowish 11-21-2007 12:26 PM

hey Jen, I'm curious (and derailing your thread, obviously)... are you going to be celebrating Thanksgiving this year? In the UK? With your Norwegian love?

That would be weird. I do know a couple of American couples/families who live in the UK and celebrate thanksgiving, but I don't know any Americans who are the only American in their household so I'm just wondering.

GhostUser 11-21-2007 12:43 PM

x__Jasper 11-21-2007 01:13 PM


kat 11-21-2007 01:48 PM

I recently got back from Ethiopia, they've just celebrated the millennium. I think they use the old style calender.

Spidergrrl 11-24-2007 03:26 AM

We didn't do thanksgiving--we went to a meeting for the historical society instead. Every year my grandmother still can't understand that Thanksgiving is not a worldwide holiday. She says "it sure is queer where you are. Do you have Christmas or is that just us too?" sigh....

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