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How veggie-friendly is your hometown?

LeThieu92's Avatar LeThieu92
10:38 AM 03-10-2015
My hometown in northern Ontario Canada is all about the meat. The only thing in the few restaurants here without meat are the salads, that's if you ask to omit the chicken lol. Thankfully there is a loblaws and Walmart so there are some vegan\vegetarian products. Thankfully soon I'll be in Michigan near a health food store with lots of great products .
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03:56 AM 06-26-2015
I'm from Birmingham Uk, and i'll be honest I found myself struggling at first, but now im swamped with options.

Don't get me wrong there are a decent amount of restaurants which do cater for vegans, and there is a great area in the centre of Birmingham called Digbeth which has a real earth-friendly positive and fair trade atmosphere around it. But unless you know where to go, because of the size of the city and diversity of residents you could be looking around blind.

In honesty, I found the most vegan friendly sources for groups and restaurants on social media. I just whacked "vegan" into facebook and all sorts of great groups pop up. Admittedly there are probably more Birmingham London and Manchester groups due to size of cities. But Its only by talking to people on these pages do you find the best options for local vegan sources.

The groups I joined regularly have meet ups in restaurants and cafe's where the owners know them, and thus cater for them on specific nights - these are the things you wouldn't know by simply going online and searching "vegan restaurants Birmingham"
04:11 PM 06-26-2015
I live in a small town (2000ish people) in rural Portugal. I haven't seen a vegetarian option on any restaurant menu here except a vegetarian pizza at the pizzeria. The closest restaurants I know that have a vegetarian option (just one vegetarian option!) are about an hour away and there is a university city also about an hour away that has a vegan restaurant. When I was vegetarian, most places would cook me an omelette if I asked, but now that I am vegan, my choices for eating out are pretty limited.

The supermarkets are OK for basics though - soy/almond milk, tofu, TVP in various shapes & sizes, loads of beans. Nothing is labelled specifically as vegetarian or vegan so you have to get to know your ingredients pretty quickly and there are no convenience foods/ready meals so everything has to be made from scratch.

And watch out for the chips in France - they can often be cooked in animal fat (duck for instance).
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07:47 AM 06-27-2015
new news! My best friend who manages the local bar (I live in the rural midwest) put a veggie burger on the menu. I am going out there tonight to support her efforts.
frame69's Avatar frame69
08:07 AM 12-16-2015
I live in a town famous for dining but its basically zero vegan.

06:16 PM 12-30-2015
Originally Posted by UrbanHymns98 View Post
How veggie/vegan-friendly is your hometown?

Maidstone is alright, with one excellent vegetarian restaurant and two health food shops, however I really hope that a wider range of vegan-friendly businesses will open up in the future.

I love visiting Brighton, there are so many vegan-friendly shops and restaurants there, it's amazing. I wish all towns had it as easy as they do! I've heard that Glasgow is the best in the UK, but I've never been so can't back that up with experience.

Would be interested to hear what your experiences are with other UK towns and cities.
I'm from Glasgow! Yes we have alot of amazing vegan restaurants here. I still havent managed to visit every one but thats on my to do list! Ones I have been to so far have had so much choice and variety. Edinburgh has slowly been sneaking up behind glasgow for best vegan friendly city so I am hoping to try out others there too!
Eman the Vegan's Avatar Eman the Vegan
03:11 PM 01-06-2016
Right now, I live in Gaborone, Botswana. There are 4 restaurants that have at least one vegetarian option. There are stores that have meat free meat (e.g Fry's Family) sections. Woolworths sells oat milk (my favourite), rice milk, and I think they also sell soy milk. I should mention that they label vegan products as vegan with a "V".Things could be worse. I'm just glad that I find some good meat free meat.
tokyobags's Avatar tokyobags
03:37 PM 01-06-2016
Originally Posted by MozIsMyShepherd View Post
I'm still learning about vegan London but am getting the impression that it's very vegan friendly you just need to know where to go/look. So yeah even though still discovering I'll risk to say very vegan friendly and when it comes to vegetarian I cannot think of a place on earth that would be difficult...vegetarian is super easy anywhere, right?
I have been to London a short trip a year ago and i have to say it is really not difficult at all to find a vegan restaurant or vegan food.

Usually my family will just open google maps searching for vegan / vegetarian and it comes out with great results.

I have to say it is surprisingly easier than i though it would be
01:50 AM 01-12-2017
Birmingham has a vegan shop and some vegetarian restaurants, but needs some vegan restaurants.
Sidhuriel's Avatar Sidhuriel
03:05 AM 01-14-2017
I live in Amersfoort, a town in the Netherlands.

It is a medium sized town with a relatively small shopping centre, there is only about three organic stores. They are mostly oriented on a vegetarian and welfarism oriented public. There are some vegan options but it is only a small margin.

Mainstream supermarkets also offer a small vegan section, so all in all it is manageable and you can find what you need if you know where to go. But indulgences like frozen vegan pizza don't exist.

There are no vegetarian restaurants in my town, and certainly no vegan ones. There are only omni places with vegetarian options, and some asian ones with accidental vegan ones. But you are never sure about how it is prepared so it is better to go to a different town and eat in a true vegan restaurant.
mooncat's Avatar mooncat
02:03 PM 01-19-2017
My hometown is a very small town in Devon. I think a few months ago, a new takeaway opened that does some vegan options, and there's an independent health food shop stocking vegan foods.

I've lived in Nottingham for around 9 years now, and there's been a huge increase in restaurants offering vegan options and completely vegan restaurants and cafes in the last 2 years. I have no problems at all choosing where to eat... if anything there's too much choice!
12:41 PM 01-06-2018
I think most cities are the same , lets not forget how much of a minority us vegans actually are but yeah , i live in stoke on trent and its very much meat based everywhere.Its quite a big city but the only vegan cafe closed recently,i knew the couple that ran it.I guess there was sadly not enough demand.
05:32 AM 01-09-2018
I feel like places like LA blow us out of the water, but considering how small the city I live in is, we still do pretty well over here. We have lots of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, supermarkets generally always have a vegan aisle both for fresh foods and for frozen things and most high street restaurants have a vegan menu or are happy to accommodate. People ask me all the time if I think it's difficult to be vegan and really, it's not. I don't think it limits me in any way really. Our main airport is the only place where I feel let down. They could really use some vegan or even veggie options in their restaurants and cafes. My bf doesn't drink soy milk and just hunting down a coffee shop there that could make him something with some other kind of milk was strangely difficult the last time we travelled through there together.

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