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!Noizyvegan! 04-12-2017 11:43 AM

reaching out to non vegans
Hello people,

I made a video on my channel about encouraging other non vegans to become vegans... take a look,it's an amazing vid and anyone watching it will be able to get people to go vegan within seconds!!! I jest.... it might take a couple of minutes actually.. anyways have a look and give me some tips please (monetary ones because all the info is already in the vid) :)

PS i don't really want your money just your likes and subscriptions... oh, and your vegan love obvsly :)

pps boo hoo ...... im not able to post a link to my vid... im called the noizyvegan on youtube and it's my latest vid. If anyone manages to make it there and clicks like or subscribe you will be rewarded with a great big pot of gold (or maybe not.... ) anyway head on over, watch the vid, like and subscribe and see what happens.. :)

Thalassa 04-14-2017 05:31 PM

Thanks for sharing. However even without watching it I can pretty much tell you that there's no one correct way. PETA has changed laws and regulations with their extreme shock tactics, Gary Yourofsky became a global vegan sensation with his misanthropic style, and Freelee created many new vegans with her obnoxious fruitarian diet. Others suggest that you be as nice, polite and "normal" as possible, while still others stick to impersonal leafleting, or recipe blogs.

I think there's only a few wrong things to do: 1) say nothing at all 2) sell veganism as a diet without an ethical component and/or 3) spend all your time on YouTube attacking Gary Yourofsky, PETA, and people who have a more pacifist or militant style than your own.

I'll check you out though.

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