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Vegan Pamphlets

A lot of the time I will come home and find that some local take-out place or other business has put a flier on my screen door or in my mailbox. I also get a lot of Jehovah's Witnesses ringing my bell and giving me literature. Also, where I work, the janitor who comes in once a week is a Jehovah's Witness and he has given me a tract as well. This inspired me to print out this pamphlet today and give him one. He was reading it and seemed to like it. That was such a positive experience that I decided to put one in each of the mailboxes in the business park where I work. Here is the pamphlet in case anyone else wants to do this. Also, please post any other good pamphlets you know of. The picture below shows how to fold it.

Click image for larger version

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I have seen that pamphlet on the vegan abolitionist site. There are a ton of different leaflets/pamphlets out there to print. I like this one from The Humane Myth: (see the trifold one at the bottom).

I used to leaflet for Vegan Outreach. I joined their Adopt a college program and group and because I was a regular leafleter for a while (you report where, when, and how many you leafleted etc to the group and it is recorded in a database so future leafleters have a reference point), I received thousands of leaflets free, including shipping. I still have over 500 right now I need to get rid of. It might be for a future event with my local Vegan Meetup group. At any rate, I leafleted seven local colleges and high schools. I also tabled a private college, and leafleted a Christmas parade downtown, as well as downtown during rush hour. This was all while I was in college and working part time. Now I work full time and do not have the flexibility to leaflet during school times or busy hours.

I also gave copies of leaflets to the Humane Society, a few progressive stores, and left some at local laundromats. However, I always asked permission first. Leaving a lot of unasked for material on someone's private property (whether a business or house) can sometimes backfire and cause people to become more hostile toward the group that left the materials. It's always best to make sure what you are doing is legal and within your rights and doesn't violate someone else's rights. Only the library and a few grocery stores said no. I even contacted the police before leafleting on city streets to make sure it was ok, and it was as long as it was so many feet away from a business entrance. Some public colleges and one high school I did not ask permission but armed myself with parts of the First Amendment having to do with freedom of speech (actual government documents on this are provided on the Vegan Outreach Adopt a College site) just in case. I never had a problem. I asked one high school about leafleting, and they were not comfortable with that, but they were interested in my cause and allowed me to bring the leaflets to the school office and leave them at the front with the receptionist. She agreed to make an announcement every morning on the intercom during morning announcements that they were there for students to take for free. Over 200 students took one. This was only shortly after the book "Eat and Run" by Scott Jurek, famous vegan ultramarathoner, came out and the school was Proctor high school, his alma matter, which had been mentioned in his book. I think that may have played a part in their interest and willingness to allow me to bring the leaflets and share them there!

There are so many online leaflets you can print out it is dizzying.

Here are a few others:

I think it is great that you are taking an active part in doing something for the animals!

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It's good that you both, and so many others, give so many leaflets out.

I have been considering doing it myself, but so far only gave out about 5 I found in a vegan shop to some people I know.

I did try and join the main Animal Rights organization in Chile, but they never replied to me, even after I emailed 3 separate contacts and also ignored my messave on their facebook page. I even tried going to their office in person and they were very friendly but just asked for my details and I never heard back from them. Maybe they figured my Spanish wasn't good enough to discuss veganism with people on the streets. Or maybe they're just useless. Anyway, I had to take the hint and eventually give up.

However, all of their events would be at least an hour away. It might be better if I promote veganism/vegetarianism/animal rights in my home town instead. I am interested in the idea of leafleting but I didn't find a Spanish leaflet online yet. At some point I might find one, or make one. Vegan Outreach, although they have a Spanish one, it's US-focused and quite long to be handing out in the street.
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#4 Old 04-08-2017, 09:32 PM
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After volunteering to leaflet at a local event (some Christian conference I'm not affiliated with) for Christian Veg Association, I was excited to receive my box of pamphlets.

The security staff at the venue the event was held said they were fine with me handing out pamphlets in the lobby. Also one member of the staff of the Christian organization said it was OK as long as I stayed out front in the lobby. I politely offered leaflets to about 20-30 people before being asked to leave by one of the organizers of the conference because the material I was handing out wasn't made by them.

So when I left I stuck a handful of pamphlets in two empty "free paper" dispensers in downtown LA. I also left a few in the metro station (various groups hang out in front of metro stations or leaflet something on the train) and on empty seats in the subway car I was riding in.

One man saw me so knew I was the leafleter, and apparently was a Christian who took issue with CVA quoting Corinthians saying that the body is a temple of the Holy spirit. ..which didn't make any sense, the pamphlet makes it clear that it's targeted towards Christians and his argument was "well if non Christians pick this up they'll think the Holy spirit is in them and it's not because they're not Christians." I was like lolwut??? I told him it was a moot point because a non believer wouldn't believe in the Holy spirit to begin with, and that in fact it was a difference of opinion and he was entitled to his own, thanks and good night...he wouldn't stop droning on about it, how I should take responsibility for what my pamphlets communicate. I wonder if he also argues with Mormons this way???

Unfortunately this lengthy conversation tipped off a new rider that I was the source of the pamphlets, and she was an extremely aggressive atheist. First she huffingly gathered a few up and left them in a pile on one seat. Fine OK whatever. But then when the pedantic Christian man exited the train, she grabbed up the pile and tried to hand them back to me, really aggressively saying are these yours, you're killing trees. I smiled and responded that she was free to recycle them if she liked, and snarkily pointed out that there was also a piece of notebook paper on the floor she might also wish to recycle. She said no they're not mine they're yours...I said well you don't have to read it. I was as neutral as possible and SHE WOULD NOT STOP...I finally said I'm sorry you're so angry but thus obviously isn't about paper or pamphlets and I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience with the church but you don't have to read the pamphlets or you can take the ones you had and recycle them, your choice. Of course people like that don't like being called out on their bull****, so she wouldn't shut up about it.

I learned from the experience that I will never leaflet in a subway train car again. Looks like a real easy way to get mugged, lol.

I might take the rest to school, I see Mercy for Animals and Jehovahs Witnesses leaflet there sometimes. Maybe at an environmental event with my eco club.

"Thinkers may prepare revolutions, but bandits must carry them out"~
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#5 Old 04-08-2017, 11:00 PM
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Oh and my vegetarian roommate just pointed out that I could have stood my ground at the Christian event because I had permission from the theater to stand in the lobby and legally I had a right to leaflet, whether the prosperity gospel corporate evangelicals liked it or not...because she's right, it was conservative big money evangelicals and the entire point of my being there was to target an audience who is notoriously difficult to reach through PETA or Mercy for Animals (the entire reason I was so excited about CVA leafleting)...and she basically bullied me, knowing as a Christian I would walk away (where as an atheist or Satanist protester would have just ignored her).

I think next time something like that happens I will respectfully stand my ground with free speech laws, I just have so little experience doing this I didn't want to make CVA look bad in front of the 25 or so people who actually accepted my pamphlets.

"Thinkers may prepare revolutions, but bandits must carry them out"~
Ingrid Newkirk
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