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emmab 01-27-2016 09:21 PM

Feeling isolated and segregated
As a vegetarian for 17 years I never advocated for animals. Since going vegan for the past 2 years I felt I needed to start speaking up for them, so I do. Sometimes its lonely and I get upset when people clearly don't care. I wonder if I even want to have these people in my social circle but like minded ones seem so far and in between. Sometimes it feels like when they disrespect animals they disrespect me and I feel like cutting them off. I just wondered if anyone else felt the same and how to manage this isolation in the most positive way

Werewolf Girl 01-27-2016 10:47 PM

I know how you feel! It can be really frustrating when no one you know in real life seems to be on the same page, online communities like this can help a lot just to have other vegans to talk to.

One thing I've learned is that change happens very slowly so it's important to never give up hope! Even if it seems like people around you aren't "getting it" they might have that lightbulb moment and make the change days, months or even years from now, or they might just slowly change their eating/shopping habits over time because of your influence. Even people who outright make fun of you and say what you're doing is dumb could end up being passionate vegans at some point down the road, I've heard many stories from people here about how they used to tease all their vegetarian friends before becoming on themselves. Just by leading by example as a vegan you are having more of a positive effect than you realize. :)

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