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Hello vegans smiley.gif

I'd like to know why eating eggs is harmful from both a health and ethical perspective

Please provide nutritious alternatives

I am bodybuilding so the eggs are helpful but I'd like to stay vegan.

Thank you
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As far as nutrition goes, eggs contain both cholesterol and saturated fat, while being fairly unimpressive in vitamins. They do contain protein.

As far cruelty goes, there's really nothing worse than eggs. Egg-laying chickens have some of the worst lives of any of the factory-farmed animals. They are confined their entire lives to the point that they can hardly move (they certainly can't stretch out their wings), they are psychologically tortured and unable to perform any of the normal behaviors chickens crave, they are crippled by a lifetime of living in cages, they receive no veterinary care for injuries or sickness, and they are slaughtered at 18 months, 10 1/2 years short of a normal life-spam. Most lose nearly all of their feather due to stress and have skin sores because of all of the ammonia in the air because they live in filth. Female chicks have their tender beaks seared off so they cannot peck. Male chicks have it even worse - they are thrown fully conscious into grinders when they are one or two days old because the egg industry has not use for male chicks. Its a horrible business.

To get the 6 grams of protein, try substituting 3/4 cup of soy milk, 1/2 serving of peanut butter on whole wheat toast or a cup of oatmeal. You'll feel so much better because you're eating cruelty free!

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Welcome!!!!  :hi:


What Poppy said.  :wayne:


Plus this:  http://<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


That video did it for me....literally.  :spew:


VEGANIST by Kathy Fruston has a great description on why eggs should not be eaten.  Plus The China Study, and the VEGUCATED, GLASS WALLS, and FORKS OVER KNIVES videos.


Worried about being a vegan athlete?  Ask this guy about what it's like.....


All animals should be respected & should have the ability to lead a natural & enjoyable life. This means not eating them, or abusing them in any way.
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Plant/Fungi based.
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Check this out (caution graphic!) don't worry it's not all graphic.

Plus as a body builder you don't need as much protein as they say(at least I've seen bodybuilders use far less than the norm). But for good sources of protein you can use beans, rice, oats, broccoli, nuts and seeds just to name a few. If you use mock meat try to use less processed alternatives like tofu, tempeh, and seitan. There's plenty of successful vegan body builders. Even raw vegan ones.


Check this (non graphic)

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That site has a forum where people share what works for them and is worth checking out.  They also have a magazine called "Vegan Health and Fitness" which has some great articles about fueling on a plant based diet.  As others have said, eggs really only provide 6 grams of protein per egg on average (less if you use factory farmed eggs as those chickens are fed a very unhealthy diet and those eggs tend to have far less nutrient value).  You can easily get that amount of protein eating a cup of oatmeal, or a 1/2 cup of beans, or a 1/3 cup of pumpkin seeds with shell on or a handful of almonds, or even a few cups of broccoli.  And with those choices you also get fiber, calcium, and a whole host of other nutrients and no cholesterol or major saturated fat as you would with the egg.  


From an ethical perspective, eggs are harmful not only because of the conditions that hens are kept in on factory farms and "free range" farms (where thousands of them are crammed in warehouses but allowed to roam free not in cages), but hens are often forced to lay more eggs than they are able to do in a healthy way in order for the farmer to profit from the eggs.  This is true even on organic smaller scale farms.  They aren't going to keep the hens around long after they naturally stop laying eggs.  It doesn't make sense from a finanical perspective because the hen still requires food, vet care, and shelter but no longer puts out.  more than likely then, her life will be cut short and she will become food for someone else.  The methods used to slaughter hens, whether done at a slaughterhouse (not all local farmers kill their own hens) or on a farm are not so pleasant either.  There are techniques used to cause hens to produce more eggs than they naturally would (such as controlling temperature, housing, lighting, food intake etc) and this in turn causes health issues for the hen due to the stress of laying eggs, such as greater calcium loss.  


Even backyard chickens kept as pets and allowed to live out their lives causes issues.  A lot of them end up abandoned when their inexperienced but enthusiastic owners discover how much work it really is to keep chickens around.  They still need vet care to prevent disease and infections etc, decent food and shelter, protection from predators, and laws and regulations need to be followed as far as where and how they are kept.  They also use their own eggs for their sustenance.  The shells provide calcium for chickens. Consider this.  If more and more people decide that it is ok to eat eggs from small farms or backyard chickens from neighbors etc that just lay eggs naturally and live out their lives and are allowed to do what chickens do and live in a social order etc...imagine that the demand for those eggs is going to increase.  One of two things are going to have to happen.  Either more eggs will have to be produced to keep up with increased demand, therefore compromising the health of the hen and putting her under more stress, or...people will have to stop relying on those eggs for their health and instead choose alternatives because their just aren't going to be enough to go around.  Or of course continue on present course and buy cheap eggs from factory farmed or large scale so called free range organic farms where ethics go out the window altogether.


Personally, I do not view animals as commodities and do not feel they should be subjected to giving up parts of themselves to feed humans (or entertain them etc) on a continual basis.  Eggs are not necessary in the human diet.   A food that is unnecessary for survival + the fact that producing that food causes undue hardship for a living being to produce = a good reason not to consume it.

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