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natty6 09-25-2013 10:13 PM

Recently there was a taste testing for a lab grown meat hamburger. Initially I thought "Yes. This is great, there will eventually be no more need to harm animals." However, each cell can only produce so many pounds of meat. In an idealistic world animal sanctuaries such as the Gentle Barn would painlessly harvest a few cells during vet checks from their animals and donate them to the lab (while blood is already being drawn, a little extra won't hurt). Realistically, I don't see this happening. I see horrendous factory farming on a much smaller scale. I think that whenever animals mix with profit, animals almost always suffer. I think that when most people must chose between what is profitable and what makes the animal happy, they chose to make more money. And I think people could more easily ignore the plight of these animals because unlike regular meat, no animal needs to suffer for the product.
It is clear to me that lab meat is a wonderful idea in that people who will not give up meat can consume meat and immensely reduce the suffering caused, or possibly eradicate it completely. For me; however, I would hesitate to consume it for more reason than just the gross factor and health reasons.
What are your thoughts? Would you feel ethically opposed to buying synthetic meat for yourself? Does synthetic meat still enforce speciesism and encourage people to see animals as food sources?

Tatsuhiro Satou 09-26-2013 08:50 PM

Interesting question. Besides the unhealthy and gross factors, I still would not eat it either, I don't think any vegan would. I think that it would encourage people to still look at animals as food because in the end, they're still eating flesh. I bet a lot of meat eaters wouldn't touch lab meat because they'd say its weird, and on top of that, people do not like change, even if its not that big of a deal. This can still enforce specieism because there would most likely be animals confined for their DNA, its not nearly as bad as a slaughterhouse, but its still slavery. The meat eaters would find us even more crazy if we opposed lab meat because even if some of them understand that taking lives is cruel and such, most of them may not understand that the animals should be completely free.


All of this being said, if lab meat was made purchasable in stores, I don't think that people will care either way, and they'll just buy whatever is cheaper, assuming they're ignorant of all of the affects normal meat and dairy has on everything and everyone. This is all only one perspective though and it does not speak for every person obviously. I bet a good amount of people would buy the lab meat. So lab meat would be much better than normal meat, but isn't necessarily vegan since you're using the animals as objects for their DNA for something that is unnecessary.

silva 09-27-2013 09:13 PM

I absolutely agree with both posts.

I also believe it would place real meat on the black market.

We need to change peoples opinions so they understand how demented we are now for our double standards we have towards our own kind. Without any need for the meat we used to hunt like the other animals in the wild, we now convienently enslave, breed, and kill for profit. The thought of growing it from cells takes the horror to a new level. If animals besides human are still looked at as profitable commodities, how can they be also be respected for their own lives?


It really scares me. It's like taking the disconnect people already have of where food comes from and just detouring it rather than making people think about eating an animal.

Being vegan is absolutely attainable and should be made easier for people, starting with labeling food as containing animal products.


This lab meat could however be grown as animal food for companion animals. Cats are domestic animals that aren't going away and their being carnivorous makes this a need rather than a want. Maybe the use of lab grown meat seen as cat food could help people change their connection to meat?

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