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prismcolour 07-03-2013 07:41 AM



I was on a meat based diet for 29 years.  Gave up dairy/eggs/meat 2 months ago.  99% vegan, the 1% is honey.  Went 70% raw, 30% cooked 2 weeks ago.  I felt fine up until 2 days ago.  Now I feel dizzy, nauseous,  and cloudy headed...even as I type this.  It feels like I'm on a boat and I'm experiencing sea-sickness.


I am getting B12 from nutritional yeast.  I ordered some Vitamin K2 yesterday.  I get some Vitamin D from almond milk.  The rest of my nutrition comes from from my plan which looks like this:


Kale smoothie shake with 1/2 banana, hemp protein

1 bowl miso soup with lots of seaweed

some type of salad for lunch 

2 tofu smoothies mixed with fruit in the afternoon

another salad for dinner

& Drinking water throughout the day (probably not enough because I only drink when thirsty)


The only change is I sprouted lentils and have been eating raw sprouted lentils in my salads.


Don't know if it's the lentils... I thought you could eat those raw as long as they were sprouted. 


Thanks if anyone can shed some light as to why I was feeling high-energy/great 2 days ago and now I feel so sick.  I don't think it's a "Detox period" because before I transitioned to 99% vegan, I already went veg.

'IckenNoodleSoup 07-03-2013 07:52 AM

You may have caught a virus?

prismcolour 07-03-2013 07:59 AM

I don't think it's the stomach virus.  It feels like food poisoning, maybe from the lentils but I was feeling fine yesterday after eating my raw salad.  I felt okay this morning too.  Then 1 hour ago, the bout of nausea I am experiencing now.  :(

luvourmother 07-03-2013 08:09 AM

That doesn't look like enough daily calories. Light head and dizzy can be associated with not eating enough.

'IckenNoodleSoup 07-03-2013 08:10 AM

There was a food scare with bought sprouts in the UK a while back. I didn't know that they could be a source of food poisoning (never had any problems at home myself) but apparently even home sprouts *can* cause food poisoning. This page says to cook them:

prismcolour 07-04-2013 03:25 PM

Thanks everyone for the replies!  It was definitely the sprouts. 

@Icken - I checked out the link. 


"Are homegrown sprouts safer? Not necessarily. If just a few harmful bacteria are present in or on the seed, the bacteria can grow to high levels during sprouting, even under sanitary conditions at home."  


Good to know because as much as other sources advocate home sprouting...they don't necessarily go into the dangers/risks associated with it.  I'm feeling better now... I ended up cooking the remaining sprouts and there was no food sickness this time around.   However, the next batch of home sprouts, I will be adding citric acid to the soak and the rinsing water.  This is something most of the websites that give recipes for home sprouting do not mention as an important if not necessary component for home sprouting.

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