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#1 Old 06-24-2013, 11:05 AM
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The further I go in my education and the more focused it is on animal welfare and animal law, the more I find myself hating omnis. Particularly omnis who knowingly and willfully continue to use products tested on animals, visit circuses, and marine parks. I tried to do the whole "its a personal choice, I am not a pushy vegan," but every day I find that to be utter bull****. Even if people want to remain woefully ignorant on the abuses to animals in agriculture, they cannot deny the plain cruelty to animal testing or circuses and it makes me angry.

Now, I live in an extremely vegan friendly community (more so every day) and I would never act rude to someone, it does get increasingly difficult to keep my mouth shut when I see someone with a shopping cart full of cruel cosmetics. I find I can't have friends who are omnis, or (especially) date them, which is find as my SO is vegan, but still. The more I know and the more I understand the system from a technical legal perspective, the less I find able to "deal" with omnis on a day to day basis.

It sounds like it absorbs my mind, but it doesn't generally. Right now I am doing research, so it's freshly ignited in my brain and I am not an unhappy person (I have many activities which delight and fill my time that don't involve hating omnis), but I really don't get them.

And before anyone replies "Well, you were an omni once." Yes I was. However, I have never in my life, even as a small child, knowingly used animal tested products or visited cruel circuses/marine parks (especially marine parks).

Does anyone after years and years of being vegan occasionally get omni rage?

"You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit.”
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That's me right there. Some days my spite is worse than others towards omnis.


As I have said numerous times before on this forum, it boggles my mind how people continue to be so cruel, heartless, and moralless, when you show them that they have the opportunity to change. I wanted to change right away as soon as I started learning about animals rights, and it's hard for me to understand how people aren't motivated to do the right thing. Here I am showing them exactly how they could do it (no one ever did that for me, I had to learn onine) and yet they still continue to do the wrong thing. I feel like they are a waste of space on this earth =/


The ones that really get my panties in a bunch are the "Buddhists that eat meat"'s me more than the people that say they love animals yet still eat them.


Anyway, yes. I feel you =/ Some people are just going to drag their meat eating lifestyle to the grave because they can't admit they are wrong, and that everyone whom they had trusted and cared about had lied to them. 


You know....a sorta funny story. When I was little and first saw on the back of a product "Not tested on animals" I had no idea what it meant, and had assumed that it meant "don't use this on your pet." lol....of course a kid could never imagine what it really meant because it's too horrific.

"Why should man expect his prayer for mercy to be heard by What is above him when he shows no mercy to what is under him?" ~Pierre Troubetzkoy
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#3 Old 06-27-2013, 12:06 PM
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I think this right here is the reason why a lot of people don't become vegan. The second you open your mind up and actually allow yourself to think about just one way animals are used in a cruel way, without being dismissive and pushing it to one side because its too hard to think about, you then quite quickly realise the scale of which animals are abused every day. Well, every second, even. And that's hard to deal with. I'm guessing most if not all people wish to be happy and going vegan is seen as making life difficult for oneself- not just with finding vegan food, clothes, etc. but I think people are more scared of the upset and the emotional issues they'd have to face that they just don't as an omni. That's my theory anyway! I do wish people wouldn't take the easy way out. :/

I guess just try and remember all of the things that you do share with others. (humans, I mean) I haven't practised meditation in a while but I used to do this one called 'Kindly Awareness', which basically gets you to think about how we all breathe the same air, walk on the same Earth under the same sky, we all have our challenges in life, our good times, bad times, our own strengths, weaknesses, and insecurities etc. not sure if I'm explaining this very well, so might be worth a Google!

I think it's a bit harsh to say that omnis are a waste of space on this Earth- that means you were until you were vegan. (Assuming you weren't born vegan) Now you are spreading the word, and showing others how you can live your life without harming animals, and contributing to change. I wouldn't call your time as an omni as a waste of space therefore because that time led you to where you are now.

All that being said, yes, I do have days which where it is much more difficult to deal with omnis than others. All of my family and friends eat meat, and when one of them starts talking about how they 'don't fancy eating the rest of their chicken' and they 'think they're going to throw it away' or whatever, it's all I can manage to make a small remark as opposed to bursting into tears and screaming in rage at them! >sad.gif
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I think what you are doing is amazing- furthering your education and making a difference with your future pursuits. I admire it. smiley.gif


Sometimes I am numb to it, but sometimes I am super sensitive to it. I just moved to the most vegan friendly city in America, and it bugs my eyes out just how compassionate the general community is here. Full of passionate activists, it seems everybody is like minded and the amount of vegan food here is staggering. I imagine that after some time here I will feel the same as you, after integrating myself deep within the vegan world here- making vegan friends and going only vegan places- it will seem shocking that people still use animal products from time to time. I come from a very vegan-unfriendly city- Buffalo, NY and it must have numbed me to be surrounded by meat and cognitive dissonance. I think I got used to it over time. I had a shrugged shoulders, "meh" attitude. Its made me somewhat cloudy myself, I mentioned in an earlier post.


I think who you surround yourself with can change you, and your perception of the rest of the world. Maybe some direct activism or visit to a farm sanctuary can help renew your sense of compassion in others, and remember that everybody is capable of it, just not awakened yet. It is super frustrating, I get it. I also wish the world would just wake up already. It seems such a slow moving process. I know we are making headway and plant based diets are on the rise, but why aren't we 100% yet?? To live in a totally vegan world would be amazing. It is discouraging that we may never see it in our lifetime.

Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward.
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My periods of feeling like this come and go. At the minute I'm pretty low and will cry about things which is awkward as I'm a guy who plays a lot of sport with ahem 'manly men' but then the other periods I'm very positive and these are the times I get the most done. One of the best things I do to help my moods is visiting the local dog shelter, those guys in there make me realise that I do nothing by being either angry or moping around because they need me to entertain them and give them the attention that they have been starved of and deserve.
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