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Honestly dental problems are very much inherited.
Biggest habit is to wait at least 20 minutes after eating or drinking anything acidic (I would say eating anything) before brushing. I'm so bad for downing a cup of coffee and brushing right away.
The acid softens the enamel, but temporarily, so if you wait, your saliva will re-harden the enamel.
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Originally Posted by jumpingspider22 View Post
I'm not sure where to put this, so if it needs to be moved I apologize. Has anyone here heard about this diet, or the two people who "run" it--kind of like a dictatorship, named Harley Johnstone and Leanne Ratcliffe, or Durianrider and Freelea? It's called, as I titled the thread, "30BananasADay".
I saw some of their videos on YT and found them to be rather full of themselves and kind of disrespectful to non-vegans. Freelea often uses her sex appeal to "sell" the diet, which is actually the 80/10/10 fruitarian diet. 
Anyway, I saw another video called "Sorting Fact From Fiction on 30BananasADay", and found out about a site called "30BananasADay...sucks!"; curious, I went there and found a very strange community of mostly ex-vegans who adamantly believe that they had to stop being vegan because their health could not take it. I got into some heated debates and decided to leave for my sanity. Not that debates are bad--I actually love debating, when there is a purpose--but some of them are just too much for me. There is so much vegan-bashing and so much talk of the health problems that some of them supposedly ran into on a vegan diet. Often, when I stated my reasons for being vegan--most of them ethical and animal related--I was told, "None of us need a lecture on this; we were once vegans and told ourselves the same things you tell yourself, but we have overcome it and grown in our dietary philosophy," or some such thing.
Any thoughts?
There is nothing wrong with using your sex appeal to sell your diet. However,i am very intutive and get bad vibes from her and especially harley. They are fake and mean imo. I think it's awful how they criticize dan the life regenerator's business and put him down! just awful. he came from not having a lot and deserves to make money where he can. once i looked into both sides and intuited the vibes of all three,i am sorry,but dan is far more genuine then those two. I may not agree with everything he says but he is authentic. Harley is a hater and it's pretty darn obvious he is jealous of dan and that's why he tried to get people to hate him and not watch his videos which is so mean. As for the diet itself,at this time it is not for me. Everytime i try to eat a ton of fruit that's more then average or make those big food smoothies,it takes up like 2 hours or more to drink a smoothie. I don't have time for that. I respect freelee for promoting the vegan message,but i think she is definitely a bit of a fake. She is pretty though and i support her for losing the weight and i agree with some of her views.
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Originally Posted by jumpingspider22 View Post
I absolutely agree with you, wars between vegans are not very productive. However, I do think that it's important to talk about those vegans who shame and belittle others for not being vegan or for not doing it "their way". Harley and Freelea, in my opinion, do some damage to the cause that should be brought out in the open. The fact that Freelea uses her body to sell the 30BaD diet is antithetical to the mission of ending exploitation; exploitation of the feminine and the female body is something that should never be used to promote veganism. I believe that they have become so obsessed with having a following, that they have lost sight of the reason they began promoting a vegan diet and lifestyle. It makes me sad. I have seen them belittle, shame, and say very nasty things to people who try letting them know that they are having a hard time on the 80/10/10 diet, often barring them from the website and from discussion forums. It should not be about 80/10/10, but about veganism as a whole, and if those people who are having trouble are treated like they are not doing it right--or even accused of lying about what they eat--then I believe it is no longer about veganism. 
This is why I started this thread. I have no intention of starting a vegan vs. vegan conflict, but I do think that there are some practices within the vegan community that need to change and the way to do that is to get it out in the open. Some of the ex-vegans on 30BaDsucks are there because Harley and Freelea treated them terribly and kind of tainted veganism in their eyes. I'm not justifying this, because nobody should give up on something entirely because they came in contact with a bad representative of it, but it is a shame that this kind of thing is going on.
I hope I have not offended anyone; I only wanted to see if anyone has thoughts on this topic and perhaps encourage some discussion on the difference between advocating for veganism and exploiting the cause for one's own ends.
And as hard as it is, sometimes we have to offer each other constructive criticism; to see this as taboo is harmful to the cause. Refusing to speak out when we see each other do something that could potentially hurt the cause is itself a detriment, and in no way negates our respect for one another.

what's wrong with exploiting the body? How does she exploit her body and why shouldn't it be exploited to promote veganism? I completely disagree. There is no connection to using your body where you can and veganism. Using your body that way is power and sex sells. Good for her. I actually think it's wrong to bash someone for showing their body.
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I was very interested in the vegan raw food lifestyle about 6 or 7 years ago and I actually joined the 30bananasaday community (in fact, just tried to log in now and my login still works). I didn't find either of them that obnoxious or arrogant at the time and it was actually a pretty active supportive community. I never got into the vegan high carb raw diet, though. The whole raw diet thing was just way too challenging for me. I have too many food issues to be able to go raw, but I admire people who can and stick with it.

As for the other website the OP mentioned, it reminds me of a blog post that Gina Messina (The Vegan RD) had a short while ago that talked about ex-vegans and how one of the problems is that many people who go vegan only see it as a diet and therefore they take what is considered even in the vegan community as a restrictive diet (like the no-fat/no-oil diets of Barnard and McDougall and the raw food diet). Their motives are not taking in the whole reason for going vegan (which includes not only healthier eating but also animal welfare and environmental issues) so they fail and blame the diet for being to "restrictive". Maybe if these people who are complaining about the high carb raw vegan diet would have taken a less drastic approach (as I see the raw food diet as a bit drastic), they would have succeeded as vegans.

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Freelee is hot! So what is she is not good at dealing with people who are skeptical of her. I totally wish she would take of more of her clothes in those videos.

Caring about our health is caring about our very state of being and future which is a very good thing to be seriously concerned about making the most of.



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Freelee deserves all the hate for being fake

Originally Posted by azerea_02 View Post
Kristy Swannie, I don't understand how you can hate people you have never met so much. Your posts are really negative, to the point where it seems there are underlying issues. There is absolutely no reason to go full-on attack mode regarding Freelee's hair or eyelashes. Why do you care about her eyelashes? The point is, Freelee is reaching a gigantic amount of people with her videos. She is spreading the message of veganism to countless more people than you probably ever will, based on the impression you've made of yourself so far. As a veg*n yourself, don't you want to see the vegan message spread far and wide? So why don't you just focus your energy on something more constructive than bashing the crap out of people you don't know through unsupported insults regurgitated straight out of 30badsucks, hmm?
I want the vegan message spread far and wide, who wouldn't. But I think Freelee has lost her way in the pursuit of personal fame, and in our cut the tall poppy down culture this makes it very easy to instantly dislike her.
Do you think it's loving of Freelee to attack anyone who starts eating cheese, puts on 5 kilos, sells products they don't like, does excercise they think is crap, promotes a diet she doesn't agree with? etc etc etc?

It is really easy to hate someone who lies to you straight faced while saying: I would never lie to you...... all that stuff about the Thailand Fruit Festival, Freelee is taking everyone for idiots.

She's just lost the plot and being taken to the Supreme Court by Kayla Itsines is her punishment. Suffer in your jocks Freelee.
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30BananasADay and 30BaDsucks

lol I love this! I don't know who these people are but i love some of the responses here. very YouTube like
Originally Posted by bananandy View Post

She's just lost the plot and being taken to the Supreme Court by Kayla Itsines is her punishment. Suffer in your jocks Freelee.
Originally Posted by Enthios View Post
Freelee is hot! So what is she is not good at dealing with people who are skeptical of her. I totally wish she would take of more of her clothes in those videos.

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Freelee and Durianrider are really their own special breed. They are offensive, abrasive and probably chase more people off than they do anything else. When I was converting to raw vegan, I was watching a lot of the 'raw guru' videos on youtube, but I couldn't stand theirs. Not because they didn't have some good bits of information in their videos, rather they were ALWAYS insulting someone and seemed utterly incapable of talking instead of shouting. I couldn't figure out if it was all the coconut sugar they dumped on everything or what, but something was definitely 'off' there. They should have just kept to promoting their diet instead of picking fights with everyone they possibly could and they wouldn't be in this position.

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