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i'm trying to come up with a gluten free, soy light vegan meal plan to help me work around some of the food issues that ryan seems to be having these days.

he's on an elimination diet. so, he's also staying clear of tree nuts and fruit for the elimination portion of the diet. this includes avocado, but coconut is fine on the list.

of course, i have a lot of recipes from my vegan days, but i figure that you all might have some ideas if you are gluten and/or soy sensitive.

breakfasts have been polenta in various ways and rice "puddings" in various ways. lunches have been salads (usually with bean and ancient grain of some kind); and dinners have been dip and veggies, soup, some sort of other veggie (salad or steamed with a light dressing).

he states that he's always hungry--even though he will eat left overs in between--two breakfast, two lunch, and two dinner. he's also gone back to eating meat twice a day (morning and lunch).

i use plenty of olive oil, and he takes hemp seed oil and one other kind of oil blend currently as well.

just looking for "filling" vegan meals that are high calorie but also free of jsut about everything. LOL
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right, so i noted that what we are avoiding might be confusing:

dairy and eggs

anything with gluten

fruit, including avocados

nuts, excluding coconuts as those are fine

and soy
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um... is lemonjuice out? some candida type diets allow it cos its not exactly sugar-riffic.

what about zuchinni? i'm never sure if thats a fruit or not?

you could do potato and kale/cabbage/onion/whatever patties for breakfast (i posted a bubble and squeak recipe years ago, i think) or carrot and/or zuchinni, onion and potato rostis (basically grated potato fried or baked) or hash browns... chuck in some mushrooms if they're ok... with some kinda dip (hummus would be good if lemonjuice is in, some kinda mexican style blackbean one maybe if its not?)

you could have millet, quinoa or rice and rice/another milk like you would have oatmeal... rice pudding can be done with half rice, half coconut milk if you've not tried that already- and it is delish- bit of nutmeg... some xylitol, stevia or agave if you're allowing those...

you could make chickpea flour and riceflour scones or pancakes too/instead, like so:

savoury scones:

3/4 cup + 2 tablespoons rice flour (brown or white)

3/4 cup + 2 tablespoons chickpea/gram flour

1/4 cup margarine (i bet coconut oil would work if earthbalance is out)

1 tablespoon baking powder + 1 teaspoon baking powder

1 heaped teaspoon of basil,

1 teaspoon oregano,

pinch salt and pepper

1 teaspoon dried mustard,

3/4 cup rice milk

poppyseeds if you wanna sprinkle them on top

*you can leave out herbs if you want, they just kinda mask the nutty chickpea flour taste if you're not used to it

chuck all the dried things into a bowl and mix them up (seiving helps avoid loads of chickpea flour lumps),

rub in the margarine to a sorta breadcrumby texture,

add the 'milk'- stir it in... you'll get a very weird yellow foamy batter. thats ok.

pour/ladle/blob the weird batter onto a greased baking tray (i just use greaseproof paper)

attempt to make it kinda vaguely round looking, and lightly score wedge indentations into it (you don't really have to)

bake in preheated oven at 400'f/200'c for about 15 minutes, or until its puffed up a smidge and looks golden brown and if you poke a sqewer in, it doesn't come out all icky.

cool on a wire tray, cut up, serve warm, use really quick, or put in the freezer (gluten free stuff tends to turn to rock quite fast- although you can use the stale bread 'damp cloth in warm oven' trick on it).

mini pancakes:

1/2 cup rice flour (as fine textured as you can get it)

1/2 cup chickpea flour

1 and 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder

3/4 cup ricemilk

1 tablespoon coconut/canola oil (+ extra to cook in the pan)

mix flours and baking powder (sieving is good) milk milk and oil, pour them into flours and stir to mix.

heat a heavy skillet and put on medium high heat. when its hot, put about a tablespoon of batter into the pan to make a diddy pancake. repeat till you have more. cook till they're just a bit goldeny brown on the bottom and there are bubbles popping on the top, then flip them over carefully. they tend to stick if you don't very lightly grease the pan, and use a decent spatula, but they're good once you get the knack. i have no idea what you'd serve with them though. agave syrup? can use the pancake batter to make sweetcorn or shredded zuchinni fritters too- add a bit of spice to make them more interesting, and make a dip or something to drizzle on them (onion relish? i dunno).

you could do onion bhajis too- they're just onion, chickpea flour, spices and a bit of water... i bet they'd pan fry ok if they were kinda flat, or oven bake.

you can also make rather small wraps by toasting chickpea flour (just shaking it about in a dry frying pan over heat until it smells a bit nutty, turns very slightly darker, and doesn't taste raw if you put a tiny dab on your tongue) and adding water to it to make a sorta basic batter- like a crepe really. they're not bad for scooping up a vegetable curry with.

do you have veitnamese rice wraps? you could do summer rolls... probably some kinda sushi rolls too if you adapted things a bit (i doubt you're letting vinegar stay in).

you can get gluten free pastas- quinoa, rice or corn based- some of them aint half bad... i quite like them without tomato sauce but with beans, oil, salt and pepper... some parsely... diced bell peppers (i think they're a fruit actually? crap!) etc. you could always make a sauce if you wanted- lentil bolognase... onion and garlic based...with carrot and beets instead of tomato... loads of oregano, mushrooms, etc.

and ricenoodles could make a decent stirfry- bit of bok choy... water chestnuts, beansprouts... different stuff. if you put 5 spice powder, hot radishes or something else really taste-intense in it, you don't notice the lack of braggs/tamari.

you can do rice and beans quite a few different ways before you go insane.. i can, anyway.

potatoes too: this is really tasty: ... last time i did it with cauliflower and french green beans for a change... a food for life brown rice tortilla (just one cos they aint cheap!).... some indian cabbage and peas (i posted that ages ago too).

oh- and soups! there are loadsa different soups- with a scone they'll fill you up easily.

chestnuts?.... could probably do something with them... like a veggie/rice loaf? they're not really nuts cos they're mainly carbs.

ohhh! falafels and that garlic dip they make from garlic and oil whizzed up so its creamy.

good luck!
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#4 Old 04-29-2010, 10:53 PM
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we are doing polenta and rice things for breakfast. and we make a lot of bean with millet or quinoa and make those into salads.

thanks for those ideas.

and keep them coming if others are reading. ;D
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