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VealPrincess 02-08-2002 11:30 AM

I'm sorry, but I am just can't stand all the ignorance around these parts today.... I thought I'd start this thread so that people like myself could have a space to vent....

Things that piss me off....

Ignorant people that refuse to see both sides of an issue. Also belonging in this catergory are the people who can only see two feet in front of them, because it is this short sightedness that is what gets us ALL in trouble.

People who are racist, sexist, homophobic, mean, nasty and unable to respect others opinions.

The idiots who drop their animals off at the shelter because they "make noise" or "shed".... HELLO PEOPLE.... these are animals, they had hair and noise making capabilities before you bought them!!

People who don't spay or neuter. People who don't take the time to learn how to care for their pets properly.... oh, and the people who buy animals from pet stores (in most cases). Along these same lines I think I should mention the occasional ignorant employee at pet stores who recommends, for example, feeding rabbits hay as "a treat".... ?!?!.... I just want to say "hi, what about proper gut motility?!?!"

People in cars who drive at ridiculously high speeds, or drive drunk, or get mad when you take an extra 10 seconds out of their day because they have to wait for you to WALK cross the street. "Sorry I didn't think to run with the 20 lbs of groceries I've been carrying for 40 minutes, so that you aren't inconvienced."

Bus drivers who speed up right before your stop so that you nearly fall over. People who don't even wash their vegetables before they eat them, and then complain that farmers "are so horrible with all the stuff they spray". The people who are rude to cashiers. People who are mean to children. People who think it's right to use violence to get their way. People who don't even bother to READ Harry Potter and still say it should be banned because it promotes "withcraft". God forbid we as a society promote reading.... heck, reading leads to education and education leads to questioning.... and we wouldn't want that now would we.

Wow.... this is getting really long.... thanks for letting me vent, I actually feel much better....

GhostUser 02-08-2002 01:04 PM

Mostly all other drivers on the road except for moi and a few coice others. Worst ones? The drivers of those HUGE, HUGE, HUGE SUV suburbans/excursions/expeditions who think they own the road while blabbing away on their cell phones totally oblivious to the fact that they could squash my little car like a bug if they aren't careful. Catch a clue people, if your vehicle beeps like a bulldozer when you put it in reverse, perhaps that vehicle is too big for ANYONE!

Hmmm, this is fun what else can I think of......?

GhostUser 02-08-2002 01:26 PM

Litter Buggers.

Litter really pisses me off. I confront people in the street sometimes.

On holiday in Malta, I saw a local council sign that I loved.

"DO NOT LITTER HERE - if caught, your car will be impounded, and you will have your driving licence suspended for one year"

Yes yes yes

kerouac 02-08-2002 06:06 PM

people irritate me.


so much so, that i try not to be around them for long periods of time.

and radio static so bad that you hear just enough of the song that it gets stuck in your head and then the station dies on you.

LadyFaile 02-08-2002 06:12 PM

people in general

especially customers. like the ones who...

-stop me as i'm walking by with a huge tray of dirty dishes in my hands to ask me a question or better yet, ask for a drink refill and then try to hand me their cup. hello? hands fullllllllll

-yell excuse me and get mad when i ignore them because i'm walking by showing another customer to a table. does me carrying menus with people following close behind not give them an idea i might be busy?

-complain that their bill is wrong, which it is... so i go fix it and double check it to make sure it's right and they still say they're being overcharged. so i check it again with a calculator, then show them how it is right and offer to let them use the calculator to check it themselves.. they say no it's ok and then leave in a huff, leaving me 60 cents tip only because they're too impatient to wait for change otherwise they'd leave nothing i'm sure. (this happened today by the way)

-also from tonight, a table of 6 kids, all 9 year old boys, and 2 adults come in for a birthday party. they bring a bunch of their own stuff from home, paper plates, chips, and oh yes, noisemakers. they order 2 pizzas, take about 1 hour and half to eat them, because the kids keep getting up to run all over the restaurant. the parents do nothing as the kids run around the other tables screaming at the top of their lungs, and then getting into a near fistfight a foot away from another table while the poor customers sitting there can do nothing about it. at one point i had to jump in front of them to block their way and yell at them to stop running and screaming, they then ran screaming back to their table. and the adults left me $4 tip. $4!! oh gee, mister that just makes it all worthwhile *rolls eyes*

also people stand in your way as you're carrying something heavy, ie: my boss. he complains i'm too slow all the time but then stands in front of me as i'm hurrying by with dirty dishes or better yet, food to bring out to a customer. oy!!

Michael 02-08-2002 06:33 PM

People in general tend to piss me off. I find them to be more trouble than they're worth.

People who pick up trash sometimes piss me off. What kind of message does that send? Let the people who throw trash around have to look at it, quit picking up after them, and maybe they'd quit doing it. Probably not but whatever.

I hate people who sleep at work all night every night and don't ever get in trouble for it.

People who don't use their turn signal piss me off. To me it's the most basic form of courtesy. They can't even make the effort to move their hand three inches to let you know that they're turning. Makes me just make me want to ram into the back of their car and knock them through the winshield. My name is Michael, I have road rage.

I hate when people I want to talk to are on VeggieBoards but not on instant messenger.

GhostUser 02-08-2002 08:12 PM

parents piss me off.

GhostUser 02-08-2002 08:22 PM

i totally agree with the turn signal thing, it's a particular problem in the midwest.

how about people who muti task in thier car, like reading, learning french, lighting a cig, and talking on the phone while changing lanes....

i'm sorry to say but people over 65 need to have thier license taken away, they are a danger to themselves and us.

waiting in lines....

long talkers....

people talking just to fill airspace....

ungrateful people...

people who leave thier pets in the car. window open a crack.

period. if you can't take care of an animal DONT HAVE ONE.

ohh venting goood....

LadyFaile 02-08-2002 08:46 PM

oh it seems mine were all about work. coincidence?... well of course there are others

i don't drive, so all drivers piss me off. i can't even count the number of times i've almost been hit by cars while walking. usually it's while crossing a pedestrian crosswalk, where i have right of way. and i hate when people pull out of a driveway waiting to turn, and completely block the sidewalk in the process. especially on a busy street when you just know it'll take 5 minutes at least for the traffic to clear so they can turn. and if you go around them and walk a little too close to the car they give you dirty looks.

my bf was actually dinged by a car while he was on a crosswalk, the driver was watching traffic on one side and not paying attention to anything else, and when my bf was crossing in front of the car the driver hit the gas just long enough that my bf put some nice big fist-shaped dents in the hood of the car to get the driver's attention. and boy did it! lol

BigWaxJesus 02-08-2002 10:01 PM

-almost getting smashed into, head on, by ******* drivers. yep, that happened today.

-people that drive and talk on the phone.

-and worse yet, people who hold a cigarette in one hand and the phone in the other and drive, leaving little attention to the most important thing they're doing at the moment, the driving!

-and even worse than that, the one thing that litereally sends me over the edge - watching as that ******* flicks their cigarette butt out onto the road

i know our neighborhoods don't look bad enough, lets litter them some more. what i feel like doing to all of them.

-and most other drivers that don't even fit the above *****ings

Avalon 02-08-2002 10:52 PM

Especially all the restaurant crap. Which is why I am trying to never work in one again.

Hey LF, ever have a woman actually spit food into your hand? yeah... that pissed me off.

Ever have a group of drunken, horny, ugly men grab you by each limb and hoist you onto the lap of their inebriated bachelor party friend with the big boner, 15 minutes after one of them tried to grab your boobs, in a family restaurant??

Ever have your ******* boss, the dick from France, throw a hot cappucino at you, cause where he comes from its an acceptable form of catharsis, even though the mistake was HIS?

Also, a regional piss off: People in MTL who speak both ENglish and French but refuse to speak to other people in any language but their own native tongue, even though the person they're talking to struggles to try to accomodate THEM by speaking in their second language, for the first person's sake.

kerouac 02-09-2002 12:18 PM

hey mike, was that a hint?

GhostUser 02-09-2002 01:13 PM

school lunches piss me off.

everything they serve is meat-dairy-egg covered nuclear waste.

people bother me when I sit there and drink my tea, "are you a vayjen?" "why don't you eat eggs? it doesn't kill the chickens" "why don't you drink milk? it doesn't kill the cows"

LadyFaile 02-09-2002 01:42 PM

avalon lol nope but close, i had a little boy spit something out on the table, then the mother called me over to say "my son found this in his pizza, what IS IT???" looking horrified. i picked it up with a napkin and told her "umm.. it's a green olive" and walked away. it's a pizza place, the odds of another topping getting mixed with the toppings you ordered are very high. deal with it!

never had a guy try to grab me or make me sit on his lap though, we don't sell much in the way of booze so we don't get parties like that. we mostly get children's birthday parties (yay for me)

though i do get the occassional flirty customer. which usually turns out to be a good tip opportunity so i play along. like one day these two guys came in waiting for a friend to pick them up. they had like 3 hours to spare so they ordered one pizza, inhaled it, and then kept ordering beer after beer while they waited. the one guy had like 8, brought the bill up pretty high and i was about to cut him off when their ride showed up. he kept chatting with me whenever i walked by and asked if i had a boyfriend, and said aww too bad if you were single i'd ask you out.. and then left me $12 tip. as long as it's harmless like that i don't mind, but if a guy creeps me out i won't just stand by and take it

like at my old job this 60 something year old guy used to sit by my booth and star at me through my entire shift, and he'd come up every hour or so and buy something and talk to me and attempt to flirt. one night he stuck around til after i was closed and tried to "offer" me a ride home. i said no thanks my boyfriend is picking me up, and ran away, though i actually had to take a bus home anyway he really started to creep me out so i told my boss and she said the next time he bothers me call security, but thankfully i didn't have to do that, i got fired shortly after lol. though it did go on for like 2 months

GhostUser 02-09-2002 02:06 PM

people with the same name as me. most of em are the exact opposite of me or what I dread and worry I am. including the one here, bethy. werd.

GhostUser 02-09-2002 04:32 PM

adding to the turn signals--yes, I live in a college town and there was a newspaper article the other day about how there are more pedestrian/car accidents during the school year, so it must be the students fault! Yes! All of us just wait by the edge of the road for the perfect moment to jump out into oncomming traffic


wait...we only do that after spending a month and a half reading essays of criticism about Shakespeare's the Tempest. Another thing that annoys me.

Boyfriends who don't return phone calls!

okay, that's it for now...


GhostUser 02-09-2002 05:47 PM

Finding a big sore patch on my head and deciding I've got a brain tumour cos my neck glands are swollen too. Four hours later remembering I'd fallen asleep wearing my hair up in combs...

majake 02-09-2002 05:56 PM

haha, sorry Teri but picturing that is just too funny. Hope you didnt get to worried over it. lol

GhostUser 02-09-2002 06:01 PM

no. I'm pretty philosophical about my impending death

One time I went into the office, and got worried. I was limping quite badly, and I have an old war injury on one leg anyway, well, late morning someone pointed out to me that I was wearing odd shoes- one heel was an half an inch higher than the other one.

majake 02-09-2002 06:03 PM


GhostUser 02-09-2002 06:12 PM

no way

GhostUser 02-09-2002 06:18 PM

it gets worse. A month later I was leaning over the reception desk having a gossip, as you do, and a secretary came up behind me and said " are your boots supposed to have laces on one boot and nothing on the other one?"

Knee high black boots, one with cute lacing all the way up the back, and one plain. Sh!t.

LadyFaile 02-09-2002 06:28 PM

omg and i thought it was funny that my brother's girlfriend always wears nonmatching socks. lol

Michael 02-09-2002 06:59 PM

It really pisses me off when people who don't even know me judge me and make me feel like ****.

So I went from feeling better than I've felt in months to feeling like **** in the course of 20 minutes. Thanks.

Tame 02-09-2002 07:55 PM

Michale - anything I can do to help? Please, please let me loose on 'em...

BigWaxJesus 02-09-2002 11:01 PM

Originally posted by VealPrincess

People who don't even bother to READ Harry Potter and still say it should be banned because it promotes "withcraft". God forbid we as a society promote reading.... heck, reading leads to education and education leads to questioning.... and we wouldn't want that now would we.

yeah really, i read about a church that was actually holding a book burning for potter books!

that's going way too far. thankfully, a lot of the church's members were against it.

"Wherever they burn books, they will also, in the end, burn people." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

majake 02-09-2002 11:19 PM

Im trying to not get pissed off at anything anymore and just accept that people are *******s.

LadyFaile 02-09-2002 11:43 PM

i hate when people get in my face about veg*n-ness

the people at work are always trying to start arguements about it and telling me it's wrong and we were born to eat meat etc. even my boss said it to me one day as i was eating my vegan pizza. so, since he was eating his meat pizza, i commented on the fact that it's funny how it's wrong for me to eat veggies but fine for him to eat rotting carcass covered in puss and he put down his slice of pizza and just stared out into space for a while looking kinda green

nobody ever gets that grossed out over the idea of veggies

in fact half of my coworkers now refer to me by the name 'vegan' rather than my name. but it's ok i usually come up with good names for them in return one of the guys who jokes with me is ok, i know he respects it really, he just likes to make fun of me, and it doesn't bother me from him somehow. but when the other guys joke about stuff like "i'm gonna slip meat into your food while you're not looking" it's just like, oh please do, cause i just need one good reason to kick your ass!!

BigWaxJesus 02-10-2002 01:25 AM

getting automatically logged out of this site!

how long can you stay idle before this happens? all night i've been logged out automatically after being idle while reading or responding to posts. this gets especially annoying when i've spent quite a bit of time writing out a post and then clicking send, only to have it go to the login page and losing my response.

GhostUser 02-10-2002 01:34 AM

That used to drive me mad as well, but it isn't this site, it's my ISP.

I found a way to stop it. I load up Outlook Express at the same time, and I've made it's settings check for new mail every 5 minutes, so the ISP thinks I'm 'active' and now only cuts me off every 2 hours, or 1 and a half in peak times...

If you're writing a long post, do it in Word and cut and paste it, or copy it before you send it as insurance. I should take my own advice on that one, I lost pages in Hotmail, which likes to crash and disconnect at the very point I send the message. GRRR

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