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Whether they're simply just normal but random facts, or whether they're really interesting things about you, I thought this could be an interesting thread?

(really sorry if this has been done before or is in the wrong area - I did search, honest! )

I'll start, not that I'm a particularly interesting person..
1. I've only ever broken two bones - but both times it was an elbow (first my left, then my right)
2. I'm trained to do first aid
3. I've learnt french and german and can speak them to a reasonable standard - I could hold a conversation with you, anyway. I love languages and find them really interesting.
4. I love anything cherry flavoured or containing cherries, I've suddenly became a little bit obsessed.
5. I'm at college (generally 16-18 year olds, not what we call university) doing A levels in maths, biology, chemistry and psychology.
6. I'm a bit of a geek and love anything nerdy/geeky/sciencey..etc
7. I love Taylor Swift!
8. I'm rather shy and quiet but if you get to know me you'll realise I do talk
9. I try to keep fit and go jogging reasonably regularly, but I'm not so keen in this wintery weather!
10. Making other people happy makes me happy

There we go.. anyone else?
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Originally Posted by Janee View Post

5. I'm at college (generally 16-18 year olds, not what we call university) doing A levels in maths, biology, chemistry and psychology.

Wow, you must be very clever!

I will think of ten random facts about myself later...I need to make some breakfast first.
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Humph, ok:

1. I want to speak 10 languages well enough to carry on good conversations (preferably fluently). I'm on number 5 right now: English, Spanish, Russian (very rusty though), Japanese (still learning), and American Sign Language (just started).

2. I've never broken a bone.

3. I'm nominated to be a Peace Corps volunteer in a Spanish-speaking country starting next fall.

4. I think a day without tomatoes is not a completely fulfilling day.

5. I tap danced for 14 years, and still do on occasion.

6. I want to live on four different continents (need one more - N. America, Europe, and Asia are done, one more will do me).

7. My first unofficial job was as a dance assistant; my first official one was as an ice cream scooper in my nextdoor neighbor's homemade ice cream shop.

8. I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was 18.

9. I'm allergic to cats.

10. I don't like pears.
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1. I have 7 cats.

2. I have 5 tattoos.

3. I can be very *****y and sarcastic at times.

4. I love carbs, I'm cooking pasta for my breakfast right now.

5. I love horror films.

6. I'm agnostic.

7. I've been vegetarian/vegan for 17 years.

8. I'm a Pisces.

9. I want to live by the sea one day.

10. I really hate the Conservative Party and everything they stand for.
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1. I speak German, Russian and English
2. I lived in 5 different countries and went to 9 different schools (not counting summer and night schools)
3. I graduated high schooll when I was 20 (explanation would be #2, lol)
4. I love metal and rock, concerts and my favorite band is Rammstein
5. Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies, I try to cook at least one new recipe each week
6. I will be a crazy cat lady since I love cats and don't believe in marriage
7. I don't have a driving license and I don't think I ever will
8. I used to be on a gymnastics team (not the national one) when I was 10-11
9. I think of going back to college since I realized that my major was a big mistake
10. I need to move somewhere south since I hate winter for more than a month a year
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1. I have literally been around the world; having gotten on a ship in San Francisco and sailing west until we docked in Norfolk, VA, where we flew back to San Diego.

2. I'm a preacher's kid, although you'd never guess it if you met me.

3. My last name is the German equivalent of Cooper, i.e. a barrel-maker. I was once speaking to an elderly woman of Hungarian extraction, but who'd studied German in Berlin before WWII. After a couple minutes, she asked me to repeat my last name and when I did she said "that's a barrel-maker!" I replied that yes, it is. Then she said that it's actually specific to wine barrels, and I said "now, that I didn't know."

4. Despite being of highly mixed ancestry, I claim to be Irish (even though that isn't in the mix at all).

5. I've suspended twice, and am contemplating doing it a third time for my 50th birthday in a couple years. And no, I'm not into S&M.

6. I briefly met Paul Newman twice when I was a kid.

7. I have never lived anywhere for more than 7 years and six months; most places 3-4 years, sometimes less. Houston is coming close to breaking that record, and I'm annoyed at that.

8. I dislike sports, particularly pro sports.

9. I've been arrested in a fur protest.

10. I'm ochlophobic (afraid of crowds). I won't be going into any department stores for the next month.

I just have one of those faces. People come up to me and say, "What's wrong?" Nothing. "Well, it takes more energy to frown than it does to smile." Yeah, you know it takes more energy to point that out than it does to leave me alone? -Bill Hicks
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1.) I actually went to Space Camp as a kid. (Yes, there really is such a place...and was before the movie was made!)

2.) I speak French but my parents don't.

3.) I lived in England from 2001-2007.

4.) I grew up in Texas but didn't try Mexican food until I was in high school.

5.) Again, grew up in Texas but was raised in a neighborhood known as an "eruv" that was mostly Orthodox Jewish...but we were raised Catholic.

6.) I have a crippling fear of flying.

7.) I'm probably the only white person in America who doesn't claim Irish heritage.

8.) I am a teetotaler and have been for many years.

9.) I have never eaten the Southern food staples of white gravy or grits.

10.) I re-wired my garage for electricity myself. And it works!
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1. I have eleven toes. Not my own, I've removed them from various American tourists over the years.
2. I have a telepathic link to Bo, the Obamas' dog. I use the link to spy on the US government for the Russians.
3. I use the nice salary I get from that spying job to film a drama series about troubled gang youth, called It's a Reptile's Life, where I am the sole human actor and all the other roles are played by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figurines.
4. I have phobiawwwlegeinophobia, the fear of talking about my phobias on the Inter.. ****! Noooooooooooooooooooooo!! help meeeee
5. My middle name is Danger. So that makes the whole name Dilbert Danger Nerdling.
6. My former occupations have been an aspiring fashion model, a really desperate fashion model, an aspiring fashion model escorted from the premises by security, an aspiring fashion model getting a restraining order against anyone working in the fashion industry, an aspiring fashion model going to jail for breaking the restraining order, and a fashion model displaying the newest trends in prisonwear.
7. I don't believe in horoscopes. Why can't the doctor just put his ear against my chest instead of using that cold weird-looking instrument?
8. I've been the best man in at least four weddings, and only three of them with the real best man tied in the trunk of my car.
1. I can't count very far.
2. I, sorry to say, have a criminal record. But it's a short one. My 1968 Robbin' Banks and Assaultin' Innocent People - Big Band Swing to Make You Tap Your Feet only has 8 songs.

"and I stand

upon a mountain

made of weak and useless men"

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Sevenseas- I love you.

1. I am a twin
2. My dad immigrated from Algeria
3. I speak French well enough
4. I skipped a grade
5. I am a high school junior (grade 11)
6. I want to major in biology
7. I am on psych meds
8. Most of my clothes come from the Salvation Army store
9. I want to eventually become vegan, I'm vegetarian now
10. I am allergic to hamsters

ÂIf man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat.  Mark Twain
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Originally Posted by smob View Post

7.) I'm probably the only white person in America who doesn't claim Irish heritage.

No, you're not.
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1. I'm SO righthanded, I often turn on the directional on in my car by reaching through the steering wheel with my right hand, rather than using my left hand which is right there already.

2. I've been proposed to three times.*

3. I've only ever owned one bumper sticker in my whole life. It said "Eight Inch Fury."

4. When I'd get lollipops at the bank, I was ONLY happy if it was a messed up lollipop that had more than one color in it. That's right - I only liked the mistakes. I thought they were prettier.

5. To this day, I still hesitate when asked what my father's middle name is. He used to alter it as a joke when speaking about it, and I can never remember which version is real.

6. When I came out of surgery when I was 8, my parents fondly recall that the first thing they saw was me waving to them from the hospital bed. They both mention how encouraging it was to see that, despite the anesthesia, the oxygen mask, my heavily bandaged neck, and the pain, I was still happy to see them and how good it made them feel to see me waving. The truth is, and I've never told them this, I wasn't waving to them. I was really raising my hand to stare at the IV tubes coming out of it. That interested me, not my parents being there.

7. I really hate bowling. I will watch if I have to, but if you try to get me to participate, I will poke your eyes out with rusty forks.

8. I have eight piercings. I want more, but I feel like I should be an adult now and knock it off.

9. For a long stretch of time, I wanted to have a kid and name him D’Artagnan. Thank goodness I've decided against having children because that's not a name - it's a punishment.

10. For some reason, and I have NO idea why, about half the time I say "salsa" out loud, I purposely alter it to be "slatsa."

EDIT so people realize that, while I absolutely AM insane, I am not insane enough to regularly lead men on to the point where they feel we should get married: Twice I was stopped in the street by men I didn't know. Once, well, we were young and he was drunk and it seemed like a natural stopping point for a destructive relationship.
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Originally Posted by Clarita Osita View Post

No, you're not.

Good to know! Feels that way sometimes.
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1. While hitchhiking out of Portland, Oregon once, my ride got arrested for not paying child support. The cop was so confused because there were four other hitchhikers with me and he just assumed we all knew the lady who got arrested. Well, we didn't. We ended up driving the lady's car back to her home in Eugene and giving her dogs to her mother, who told us to never have kids.

2. I absolutely hate when my family has a reunion during holidays and people turn on the fricking football game. Family's more important than football, but sadly some people have a hard time relating to their own family without the telly being a go-between.

3. I am a conscientious objector to both smart phones and i-pods. I think these devices support the worst in our culture, and allow people to ignore the world around them and become increasingly self-centered and egotistic. I hate it when I'm traveling with someone and try to make conversation, but they got their earphones in or their head buried in their phone. I also like to talk to people when I get on a bus or train; but people always have their dang i-pods going.

4. I am also a pacifist. Along with this I hate walking into a church and seeing an American flag next to the alter. Such things smacks of idolatry, to me; like Super Bowl Sunday.

5. I don't have any piercings or tattoos. Not that I'm opposed to them or anything. Haven't got around to them yet. I want to get a tattoo of the "ahimsa" symbol someday.

6. I'm a teetotaler.

7. Telly commercials bother me to no end. Its almost not worth watching television anymore because for every five minutes of actual tv show you get seven minutes of commercials. Thankfully when the networks switched to digital, I didn't bother getting a converter; and now I only use my tv for movies and use the internets to catch up on my favorite tx shows, commercial-free.

8. Before I became veggie I spent some time in Tanzania. A Tanzanian friend slaughtered a sheep to celebrate my time there, and I ate almost ever part of that sheep except the brain and two big white balls with blue veins in them. I knew what those were, and despite my friend assuring me that if I ate them I would have many children, I wasn't gonna touch them. This episode influenced my decision to become veggie more than anything.

9. I'm conversant in Swahili. Also I could talk your pants off about any subject under the theological sun. Favorite theologies: liberation theologies of Latin America and narrative theologies of the Neo-Anabaptist flavor.

10. I haven't had a real job since the summer of 2006. Sometimes I think I'm to cynical, and paradoxically, hopeful, to ever become white collar.

I also never got a license and probably never will.

"It is far better to be happy than to have your bodies act as graveyards for animals. Accordingly, the apostle Matthew partook of seeds, nuts and vegetables, without flesh"- Clement of Alexandria
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1. I knit and crochet.
2. I am snake-phobic. I'm sure there is a word for this, but I'm too lazy to look it up.
3. I love to bake.
4. I can speak Spanish.
5. I have trouble falling asleep without some sort of noise, such as the radio or a fan.
6. I sing at weddings.
7. I love sports, especially baseball, football and hockey.
8. Scrabble is my favorite board game.
9. I'm a Star Wars geek (the original trilogy only).
10. I missed out on the math gene.
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1) Lou Reed saved my life. Many years ago I got caught up in a Vicious Circle and could have been lost forever. It was the gift from a dear friend/employer of a Lou cd that brought me around. I had seen Lou live in NY in 1974 and loved his leather clad eyeliner'd performance but it wasn't until that ugly time in my life that I realized he had somehow been in my shoes all along.

2) I literally haven't looked for a job in over 20 years. I have been fortunate to have a good reputation in private hospice and new families come to me.

3) I have a weakness for big doggies. I've had Irish Wolfhounds, Salukis, Greyhounds, Danes, Labs. Theres just something about a huge head and giant paws.

4)I'm no fan of any organized religion. I find the majority are money grubbing and evil at their core. I'm what I call a Loose Leaf Pagan. My Gods have never once asked me for money.

5)I love chile and try to have some in one form or another every day.

6)I'm addicted to Wii tennis.

7)I worked 10 straight years with no vacation time at all. Now I've chosen to take this last year off. Lazy is good.

8)I've smoked pot since 1974 (I was 10) but haven't smoked in 3 months. Trying a new approach to see if sober is all they claim it is. So far, no.

9)I get the greatest joy from rolling down the highway behind Tom on our big blue Harley. Feel that wind!!!

10)My girls have somehow overlooked the less than stellar parenting I did and spend as much time with me as they can. Amazing how children have such capacity to forgive.
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1. I once had Jimmy Stewart's autograph.
2. I once shook Vincent Price's hand.
3. I worked crowd control at WDW, so Julie Andrews could tape a TV special.
4. I was on the cover of Life Magazine, with about 1000 other people.
5. I was homeless about 10-years, because of a debilitating illness.
6. I was arrested while hitchhiking, because a guy who gave me a ride was driving a stolen car.
7. I was convicted of a felony, which I didn't commit, when a judge threatened me with jail time and denied me access to a lawyer. There is no longer a record of the conviction in my home country (USA) or with INTERPOL, but Canada still has it on record, so I'm forbidden forever from entering Canada.
8. I've had a broken thumb.
9.I was married for three years, but have been divorced since 1974.
10. I've been in every state of the Union, except Hawaii and Alaska.

"There is more wisdom in the song of a bird, than in the speech of a philosopher...." -Oahspe
"The thing is, you cannot judge a race. Any man who judges by the group is a pea-wit. You take men one at a time." -Buster Kilrain, The Killer Angels -Michael Shaara
"Anyone who doesn't believe in miracles isn't a realist." -Billy Wilder
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Originally Posted by Capstan View Post

2. I once shook Vincent Price's hand.

Oh I bow before your greatness. He is one of my idols. I have the cookbook he and Mary wrote and I covet it like gold. My girls argue about who will get it when I die.
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1. I'm a Hare Krishna.
2. I won a competition run by the 100 Black Men of London for Black History Month, but am white.
3. My grandfather was Polish.
4. I'm one of the few people in this country who can train and drive ox teams.
5. As of October I am a brahmacarini, which translates to "nun".
6. I hate hummus and falafel but like chickpeas.
7. I have a degree in animal behaviour.
8. I'm a type 1 diabetic. It is not caused by being fat or eating too much sugar.
9. I've never been in a relationship with someone I was in love with.
10. I took my maths GCSE two years early and got a B. I took it the next year and got a B. I took it the year I should have taken it and got a B again. I failed to improve in three years.
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haha these are interesting

1. I have a huge fear of space shuttles and astronauts =S
2. I'm on my 4th major in college and I'm still not 100% satisfied.
3. I can do the splits and my fingers are double-jointed.
4. I speak fluent Spanish and don't care for learning another language haha.
5. I never learned how to ride a bike, snap my fingers, or drive *sigh*
6. I haven't gone to the doctor since I was in elementary school and I needed my physical.
7. I used to be smart once upon a time [although I'm still good at math ]
8. I haven't visited my grandma in Mexico since 2008 *sigh*
9. I never leave my house without make-up or contacts.
10. I've gained weight since I've gone vegan

You call me sweet like I'm some kinda of cheese....vegan cheese 0.0
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1. I have a tea addiction but have never owned a tea kettle.
2. I'm extremely frugal and cheap. My sneakers are currently being held together with superglue.
3. I pee a ridiculous amount of times a day (I'm sure my tea consumption contributes a lot to this).
4. My 80 yr grandma makes me uncomfortable when she talks about her "bloomers" yet I find it hiliarious when she talks about sex, pubes, and penises.
5. I have successfully avoided going to weddings I've been invited to with the exception of one.
6. My hands/knuckles/fingers have multiple burn scars because I get too lazy to pull out one of the 3 oven mitts I have.
7. I have no interest in the newest electronic gadets, wouldn't know how to use them if I tried, and don't feel the need to ever own any.
8. I have a business degree but have never put it to use or cared to.
9. I am scared of bees/hornets/wasps and rats
10. I am a violent puker to the point where I suffocate and I fear that'll be how I die which I think is really sucky, lame and embarassing since I don't want to be known as "the girl who died from dry heaving". Puking also leaves my whole body in pain for several days afterwards.
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1) I am terrified of any type of bees (I've never been stung, have no clue if I'm allergic, nor do I care to find out).
2) I am an avid reader.
3) I hate the sound of Velcro and joints popping.
4) I gag so easily, that even the "no-gag" stuff the orthodontist put on my tongue, made me gag.
5) I'm ambidextrous.
6) I prefer to be barefoot, even in the dead of winter
7) I am ticklish (and no, I'm *not* responsible for where my feet land when you tickle me).
8) I hate nuts, but love peanut butter.
9) I don't like red pasta sauces.
10) I have a Kindle, and even working in a library, I still see all the good points of a Kindle.

Did you write the book of love, and do you have faith in God above,
If the Bible tells you so? Do you believe in rock Ân roll,
Can music save your mortal soul, And can you teach me how to dance real slow?
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1. I'm a college student (university for brits, although my school is an undergraduate only liberal arts college so we're not technically a university). I'm currently planning to major in either linguistics or cognitive science.
2. I've played saxophone for about 8 years now. I'm probably not quite as good as one might expect me to be after playing for that long because I'm a bit lax about practicing regularly and rigorously but I love it anyways.
3. I like old things. I have 3 saxophones: one from the 20s, one from the 30s, and one from the 60s. (Buescher alto, Conn tenor, and Selmer bari respectively if anyone's interested. )
4. While we're talking old things, I also have two vintage schwinn road bikes, a canary yellow varsity and a grey le tour.
5. I have two bikes because I split my time between my home in Michigan and my college in California.
6. I started learning arabic this year. I hope to eventually become fluent. I studied latin for several years in high school but while I have a very good handle on its grammatical structures I never learned enough vocabulary to translate much without a dictionary.
7. At home I live with a springer spaniel mix named Georgia.
8. As an extremely liberal college student, I'm pretty much the stereotypical vegan. I am a straight man, however.
9. I dress simply but accessorize well. I tend to wear t-shirts I've picked up for free and thrift store jeans but I have snazzy red glasses and good taste (I think) in shoes. I also have a trench coat I wear when the weather gets colder. I am extremely covetous of the purple combat boots vegetarian shoes makes but I can't really justify a $150+ pair of shoes.
10. I love bread. I could eat good pita or a nice crispy baguette all day. I've finished a baguette in one sitting before. I also love baking and desserts. In the last couple of days I've made chocolate pecan pie, pumpkin bread pudding, no bake cookies, and baklava.

don't take my life away, don't take my life away.
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1) My favorite home town restaurant is the local German Restaurant because of their extensive salad bar
2) I love to read and I usually have at least three things going at the same time
3) I recently discovered that I love to write
4) I am addicted to candy
5) I walk as much as humanly possible
6) I am left handed
7) I hold two college degrees in music
8) I love mantras and self help
9) I adore the color purple almost to the point of obsession
10) I consider chocolate a food group
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1 - I am nearsighted in one eye, farsighted in the other
2 - I am extremely afraid of trains... their whistle makes me cringe, and the dinging red lights at crossings freak me out and make me grip the wheel of my car 'til my knuckles turn white. I have accidentally screamed in front of strangers when a train drove by unexpectedly. haha
3 - I have nearly drowned twice (to the point of needing CPR). Once, I was trapped under a dock at summer camp. The second time, my "friend" tried to drown me by sitting on me in the swimming pool. Yet I'm afraid of trains and not water??
4 - I was a member of Vancouver Island Psychic School, I can read tarot cards, and I also work in a haunted building.
5 - I am procrastinating my lesson planning right now. As usual.
6 - I've never really thought being pregnant was beautiful. To me it seems alien and kind of weirds me out.
7 - I've lost 146 lbs... just by eating right and exercising for a few years.
8 - I've seen Pearl Jam live 5 times... and I met Eddie Vedder in 2008
9 - Growing up, my cat Dusty was older than I was. She was born a month before me, and passed away on my 13th birthday. She was an amazing kitty
10 - My boyfriend is a musician. As I type this, there is live jazz guitar happening in my living room.
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1. I'm an Atheist.
2. I collect shiny rocks.
3. I have a fear of heights.
4. I love craft beer. I hate mass produced American adjunct lagers.
5. My father discouraged me from being a cartoonist. I often wonder what life would be like if I pursued that path.
6. I've won one trophy in my entire life. It was an academic trophy, not athletic.
7. I was the Treasurer of the Boston Vegetarian Society for four years.
8. It's Sunday evening and I'm on my 4th beer.
9. I love playing computer and video games, and I'm old enough to be your father.
10. The only two topics I have completely no interest in are birds and flowers.
11. In my early 20's, I was in to medicinal herbology.
12. I am unable to count to 10 properly.

Happiness is not the result of a mathematical equation comparing the good times and bad times someone has had. It is a state of mind.
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  1. I have a valuable stamp collection that I really should sell - because who needs so many stamps, anyway.
  2. I'm terrified before flying days before my departure. Odd that I choose a university that requires it to access...
  3. I've played guitar for about 10 years now - my guitar is the first thing I'd bring out of a burning house. No question.
  4. I collect old Russian cameras and am mega into photography.
  5. Prefers second-hand rather than new books.
  6. Could listen to Steve Reich's "Music for 18 Musicians" on repeat for the rest of my life and not get annoyed.
  7. I went to school with Ellen Page.
  8. I have an unhealthy relationship with typography.
  9. I have three passports (Ireland, U.K. and Canada)
  10. My love for cats isn't sacrificed by my allergy to them.
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Originally Posted by theLaika View Post

  1. I went to school with Ellen Page.

That's cool. Same class, or just same school?

Did you write the book of love, and do you have faith in God above,
If the Bible tells you so? Do you believe in rock Ân roll,
Can music save your mortal soul, And can you teach me how to dance real slow?
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Lol, these are fun to read!

1. I'm abidextrous, but only kinda. I can only write with my right, but I eat, paint, and draw with both.

2. I've cuddled with a lion cub! He was coarse and fuzzy and sleepy and adorable!

3. Some days I read and count better in Spanish than in English.

4. I have an obsession: Kimchi. I LOVE Kimchi.

5. I scare people with how spicy my cooking gets. My sister has proclaimed, " OH MY GOD! THATS LIKE MAKING OUT WITH HELL!" sissy! Can't take a cpuple habaneros in her soup.....

6. I credit living in Florida to my obsession with spicy, Latin influenced food.

7. I have a bottle of fish sauce in my pantry, thats 99% full, I used it once. Of course I can't eat it, and my family doesn't like SE. Asian food, but I cant bring myself to throw it away.

8. I HATE, and I mean hate with everything my soul has, eggplant. I despise it. I ABHOR it. I would rather drink the sun fermented salted anchovy and squid juice I previously mentioned than eat eggplant.

9. I regularly swim in the lake we live on, despite seeing alligators frequently.

10. I will fry anything. Seriously, if you can eat it, I'll fry it.

Misstress of Fabulousness and Fashion! - *AHIMSA*
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1. I'm a college senior, majoring in Russian Language and Literature and minoring in History.
2. I've studied abroad twice. My first was a professor-led history trip around Greece and Crete; my second was four months in Saint Petersburg studying the language.
3. My favorite food is still macaroni and cheese.
4. I've never broken any bones.
5. I DJ'd for my university's radio station for three semesters.
6. I am a Star Wars nerd.
7. I'm currently writing a novel.
8. I do not like Chinese food.
9. I make lots of lists for myself. I make a to-do list each day on my dry-erase board, and I just finished making a calendar charting out everything I have to do for the last three weeks of class.
10. I subscribe to The Economist, The New Yorker, National Geographic, Poets and Writers, and Vegetarian Times. My preferred online news source is the New York Times or the BBC.
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