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The "Would You Rather?" Thread, Part II

Skylark's Avatar Skylark
06:26 PM 09-28-2009
The idea of this thread is to pose questions of each other in a "Would you rather do this or that?" Please answer the last unaddressed question before posting one of your own.

So, with that in mind, would you rather be the opening act for the reunion tour of your favorite broken-up band, or be the person responsible for getting them back together however temporarily?
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amaroque's Avatar amaroque
07:03 PM 09-28-2009
Opening act!

Would you rather have a personal chef or be a personal shopper for someone?
Amy SF's Avatar Amy SF
07:16 PM 09-28-2009
Have a personal chef.

Would you rather be able to get free music CDs in the mail every week for a whole year, even if you don't get to choose them, or be given free front row seats at every concert held in your town or city for an entire year?
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Skylark's Avatar Skylark
07:26 PM 09-28-2009
Free concert tickets.

Would you rather keep a diary in cuneiform or braille?
Amy SF's Avatar Amy SF
07:27 PM 09-28-2009

Would you rather keep goats to maintain your lawn, or get your exercise pushing around a manual lawnmower?
Skylark's Avatar Skylark
09:05 PM 09-28-2009
Manual lawnmower. It's a choice between looking Amish/Luddite or looking like a complete hick... and still Amish. I have no particular fascination with goats, and it wouldn't be fair for me to keep goats around to keep the grass low if I really wasn't interested in taking care of them.

Would you rather post only in threads that had five or more pages, or only post in the Intros and Fun & Games forums?
Amy SF's Avatar Amy SF
11:59 PM 09-28-2009
That #2 thingy.

Would you rather inherit a fabulous Victorian mansion in the city or a small wooden shack in the country?
amaroque's Avatar amaroque
12:54 AM 09-29-2009
Wooden shack baby!

Would you rather be born old and get younger or be born young and grow old?
Amy SF's Avatar Amy SF
08:03 AM 09-29-2009
Born old and grow younger. I live in Lotus Land. That's what everyone around here wants anyway.

Would you rather live in a world where nobody ever lies, or live in a world where everyone is expected to lie and simply telling the truth about anything offends people?
Skylark's Avatar Skylark
01:45 PM 09-29-2009
#1. I already live in #2, I believe.

Would you rather show up to work with a massive hangover or the stomach flu, because if you don't go, you will be fired?
AddieB's Avatar AddieB
01:49 PM 09-29-2009
The stomach flu. I would just hope they tell me to go home. I don't know that I could deal with the fluorecent lights and annoying coworkers with a massive hangover...

Would you rather a coworker catch your streaking or one of your parents?
dahlia's Avatar dahlia
03:30 PM 09-29-2009
Originally Posted by Skylark View Post

Would you rather show up to work with a massive hangover or the stomach flu, because if you don't go, you will be fired?

Massive Hangover - because i've done that and it's not TOOOO bad!
Skylark's Avatar Skylark
04:46 PM 09-29-2009
I'd rather a coworker catch me streaking. Most of my coworkers would find it funny, but my parents would most definitely be offended.

Dahlia--you may not be familiar with how this game's played. If someone else has already answered a question, you're supposed to answer the question they pose. And then you pose one yourself.

Would you rather never be able to find a pen that writes or have every telephone call you make or receive be dropped after exactly five minutes?
Amy SF's Avatar Amy SF
05:16 PM 09-29-2009
I'd really rather have that five minute limit on every phone call. Some phone calls I get stuck in go on way too long.

Would you rather live on an Earth colony on another planet and never see the people you love ever again, or work for NASA or some other space agency and be one of the people preparing to send your loved ones to an Earth colony?
Skylark's Avatar Skylark
05:29 PM 09-29-2009
If anyone's going to go to another planet, I want to be among them! Either way I don't get to see my loved ones, so I'd rather be the one having the flippin' amazing experience!

Would you rather buy your groceries online or in a physical store?
Amy SF's Avatar Amy SF
05:34 PM 09-29-2009
Physical store. I can better control what I buy that way, I think.

Would you rather learn how to grow flowers that are so amazingly beautiful that they make people cry and inspire poets and musicians, or learn how to grow food plants that will nourish and sustain all the people of the earth?
Skylark's Avatar Skylark
07:12 PM 09-29-2009
I think we are more in need of nourishing food for all people than we are in need of inspirational flowers, so I'll go for the food.

Would you rather never again be able to eat anything salty or anything sweet?
Amy SF's Avatar Amy SF
07:44 PM 09-29-2009
I can do w/o the sweet, the salty I need.

Would you rather battle prehistoric robot dinosaurs in a parallel world to win the love of the worthiest person in the universe, or create the comic book, make a million bucks, and then sell the movie rights to Universal Studios and watch the movie be the biggest flop of the year?
Skylark's Avatar Skylark
07:58 PM 09-29-2009
Would I rather do something stupid and get love, or do something stupid and get a lot of money? That's easy--I'd rather do something stupid and get a lot of money. I'd rather have love for doing something smart.

Would you rather have a liquid diet for the next week or get your only fluids through the foods you eat for the next week?
Amy SF's Avatar Amy SF
08:11 PM 09-29-2009
Liquid diet.

Would you rather marry into a family that thinks that alcoholic beverages are tools of the Devil, or marry into a family that you think drinks a little too much?
Skylark's Avatar Skylark
08:23 PM 09-29-2009
I'm more likely to have other things in common with people who drink a little more than I'm fully comfortable with than I am with people who seriously use phrases like "tool of the Devil" to describe alcohol. I'll go with the drinkers.

Would you rather dress like an Amish person every day, or like a runway model every day?
Amy SF's Avatar Amy SF
10:05 PM 09-29-2009
Runway model, duh.

Would you rather have an agreement with the local bookstore that your book group can meet at the store any time you want and stay until closing, but if you sit at a cafe table, you have to buy something from the cafe every time, or have an agreement with the local public library to have your book group meet there, but you'd couldn't bring food in and you'd be limited to certain days and times which may not be convenient for everyone in the book group?
Skylark's Avatar Skylark
10:43 PM 09-29-2009
The second. If we really want food or drinks and not book discussion, we can do that elsewhere.

Would you rather have massive amounts of pet hair and dander floating around you at all times, or wood dust/shavings floating around you at all times?
Amy SF's Avatar Amy SF
04:17 PM 09-30-2009
The first choice. I have three cats and it's my current living status anyway, so I may as well keep it that way.

Would you rather make your own Halloween costume, even though it may not be terribly creative, or spend the money at a costume shop on something more interesting?
AddieB's Avatar AddieB
11:09 AM 10-02-2009
I'd rather make my own costume. That'd be more fun

Would you rather take a few mini vacations during the year or one giant vacation?
Amy SF's Avatar Amy SF
11:19 AM 10-02-2009
I had to think about that for a minute, but I decided I'd rather take one giant vacation. I think it would be too stressful constantly leaving and returning and getting back into a normal life and then remembering that I'm going away again, etc. etc. With one giant vacation, it would take me a few days to destress from my regular life anyway, and then I can just enjoy myself for a while without worrying about getting back to my life in a couple of days.

Would you rather have a personal chef who makes you fabulous gourmet vegan meals every day, or be a personal chef to the stars and have the opportunity to cook for all kinds of celebrities and educate them about the vegan diet?
Skylark's Avatar Skylark
10:42 AM 10-04-2009
I'd rather be the personal chef. I'm much happier with myself when I'm cooking regularly, and if I were cooking for others, I would certainly eat the food myself.

Would you rather have a drippy nose or a sore throat?
Amy SF's Avatar Amy SF
12:09 PM 10-04-2009
Drippy nose.

You've gotten a summer job at the local zoo, and you'll be assisting one of the animal curators. Would you rather help with the primates or with the reptiles?
Skylark's Avatar Skylark
12:13 PM 10-04-2009

Would you rather find half a worm in your apple, or half a fly in your soup?
Amy SF's Avatar Amy SF
12:22 PM 10-04-2009
Neither. Well, if you insist, worm.

Would you rather be struck by lightning or accidentally touch a live wire?

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