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MagdalenaACat 06-20-2019 09:52 AM

Legal work-hobby with vegans/vegetarians
My object is to write about the possibility to work in the legal field as a lawyer.
This forum is dedicated to hobbies but my aim is that my work is my hobby and it should be vegan/vegetarian: my colleagues should be vegan/vegetarian.
I have been looking for interesting work as a lawyer. I come from Poland, but I can train myself in English, American, or French law (these are my main interests).
Possibly I can train myself in other national laws.
But I must have some work right now. I can’t wait for it for years.
I am interested in contract law and I am already a real expert in antitrust law (but I will not continue working in antitrust). I can do other stuff as well, especially labor law, but I am not going to go into criminal or administrative law.
I have an international CV.
Do you know where I can find such a job?
Do you have colleagues with whom you could talk about it?
That would be definitely what I am looking for: a job-hobby pursued with vegatarians/vegans.

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