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3 HomeMade Vegan Ice Cream Recipes for Omnivores!!

BiteSizeVegan's Avatar BiteSizeVegan
10:04 AM 07-31-2015

I wanted to share with you three simple recipes for homemade vegan ice cream that even omnivores will enjoy! They are raw vegan but satisfy people of all dietary inclinations and have the bonus of being rather healthy. Ice cream doesn’t have to come at the expense of your health or others’ lives. Enjoy your dessert double guilt-free!
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02:08 AM 06-23-2016
Yummy! Totally agree with you. Ice cream doesn't have to be packed with sugar! :-) And you don't need dairy either. I just found a great recipe for vegan oreo ice cream the other day. It's in a roundup of vegan summer recipes. The other recipes look great too but this ice cream really got me. Gonna try yours soon too! Haha! I see lots of vegan ice cream in my future.
silva's Avatar silva
05:24 PM 06-23-2016
Emily used molasses not maple syrup!
I've always been amazed how many here go nuts over bananas and not sorbets.
(not a banana fan,but love sorbets)
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Lucia Lacušková
03:41 AM 07-19-2016
Ice-cream is the best I also have a recipe for banana vanilla ice-cream and rasberry ice-cream with chocolate topping. Healthy and so delicious.
Here is a link: https://lucyskitchen.sendlane.com/view/lucy-s-kitchen
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