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Dark Tea

03:06 AM 05-22-2017
Dark tea can inhibit accumulation of fat in the lower abdomen.
When it comes to obesity, people may think of abdominal fat, hopefully dark tea has an obvious effect on inhibiting the increase in belly fat. Dark tea is made from fermented black fungus, as the name suggests is black. In the fermentation process to produce a general ingredient, thus preventing the accumulation of fat role. If you want to lose weight by drinking dark tea, it is best to drink freshly soaked tea. In addition, you should drink a cup before and after meals and maintain the amount of 1.5 liters a day, which need long-term adherence.
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silva's Avatar silva
05:53 AM 05-22-2017
interesting! Pur-erh is just of of a subset of teas known as 'dark tea', which go through a fermentation process. Pur-erh is the only one I've seen in stores and now need to give it a try! Or maybe do some research on the many jars of tea in Asian stores

While there are sites promoting many health claims, it doesn't sound like theres been much research. This site answers the basic questions-

Dark teas are made with microorganisms, so I wonder if those with certain fungal allergies, like Quorn, would have reactions?
Symondezyn's Avatar Symondezyn
03:57 PM 05-23-2017
1.5 litres a day seems like a lot!! ^_^ I drink tea regularly but I don't think I could consume that much and still maintain an effective sleep schedule
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silva's Avatar silva
04:49 PM 05-23-2017
I wonder how much caffeine? From the website I listed I find this-
They’re drunk all day long. They’re often drunk after meals as almost a digestive. I wouldn’t make any health claims on that, but the Chinese swear it and it does taste and feel wonderful.

The dark tea “hei cha” is a great all-day drinking tea. The first steeping of the little cube of tea barely breaks apart the tea leaves. You can re-steep this tea literally five, six, seven, eight times. Just re-steep the same leaves.

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