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Dark Chocolate Banana!!

10:01 PM 03-22-2015
Sun Warrior® Warrior Blend chocolate protein powder, 100% Cocoa, Bananas, Açaí Sorbet

One of the best smoothies I have ever had at Smoothie King in San Antonio, TX.
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Naturebound's Avatar Naturebound
03:46 AM 03-23-2015
That sounds yummy!

Unfortunately, last night I tried a sample packet of Sun Warrior Vanilla blend protein powder for the first time in a smoothie and had immediate nausea from it. So bad I had to go lay down for a few hours. Still feeling it this morning. I have not had this trouble with other protein powders. Very strange. To be fair, the spinach I added (that was organic) did seem a little stiff for spinach and "off" so it could have been from that.
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